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Sirius Stiletto 2 heads into extinction

Sirius Stiletto 2
There's been no official word from Sirius XM Radio Inc., but sources have told Orbitcast that the Sirius Stiletto 2 is being phased out.

Retailer stock of the Stiletto 2 is definitely dwindling, though TSS Radio and Amazon still have the receiver itself available.

Additionally, accessories are getting extremely hard to find - TSS is showing Stiletto 2 Car Kits as being out of stock, while Amazon has only a few left. The availability of Home Kits are even more bleak: it too is out of stock on TSS, and Amazon is showing 2-4 weeks shipping. UPDATE: TSS tells us that they'll have the Car Kits in stock in the next week or so, and Home Kits are coming in the next month or so.
We also know that Sirius XM is upgrading certain units with the latest PowerConnect FM transmitter technology. The fact that the new XMP3i was the only portable unveiled at CES 2010 with PowerConnect, and not the Stiletto 2, shows how support has shifted in XM's direction. (It should be noted that the Stratus 6 is actually the only Sirius radio, right now, that has PowerConnect available - hopefully that will change soon.)

Either way, all signs are pointing to the Stiletto 2 being phased out.

It's unfortunate, because I absolutely love my Stiletto 2. I think it packs some of the best features of any satellite radio out there, despite being on the market for over 2 years.

The Stiletto 2 a great unit, and it'll be sad to see it go.


If the XMP3i had wifi I would have bought it. My wife's car has XM and my car has Sirius (on trial), I might renew the Travel Link only when it is due but I use my Stiletto all the time. Oh well I think I still have a warranty on it so if it breaks they owe me something.

"The fact that the new XMP3i was the only portable unveiled at CES 2010 with PowerConnect, and not the Stiletto 2, shows how support has shifted in XM's direction."

Now we can only hope that the channel playlists do so as well - let's get back to the old XM variety!!

I can't agree more; my car kit is falling apart, but the radio is great. Nothing else compares.

Ryan, I don't get it. I need a new portable Sirius radio but I don't want to switch to an XM device. My wife's car has a Sirius radio, and I believe they still bill XM and Sirius separately, right? In other words, you don't get the multi-radio discount if one is XM and one is Sirius? I loved my first Stiletto 100, especially since it had Wifi. Should I track down a Stiletto2 before it's sold out, or do you think Sirius has something new coming soon? I really want something with PowerConnect support.

personally i think the sl2 would be a great radio if all of its features actually worked.

even the new xm sky dock is sold out?????????????????? ----------- I wanted to get one for my sister. go siri girl go!!!!!!!!!!!!!Boom Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have had Sirius for years. Had a clarion, a sportster, a S50 and just got the wife the Stiletto 2. Incredible product, she didn't want it in her car and now she can't live without it. Wish Sirius marketed this product better.

I've had my SL100 for over three years and love it, mainly for the time shifting capability. When it finally dies, I guess I'll have to get an XMP3i.

XM radios are better quality than the ones Sirius makes. Plus they come with the home kits.

No wifi, No Dice. What's wrong with sirxm?

Very obvious that the future of mobile sat radio is in cellphones.

3 Keys to sat radio disribution -

1. cars

2. internet

3. cellphones.

With these 3 you get sat radio absolutely everywhere you can go. You can literally listen 24 hours a day.

Everybody together with me now say BLACKBERRY!

This is a waste. When will SiriusXM release some nice tuners for Sirius? I am still using a Sirius Starmate 1 (which is starting to have problems).

If Sirius can't come up with a few new devices, and my Starmate fails, I will probably cancel the service. There is nothing on XM that I want to listen to. NASCAR, Howard Stern, and most of the good channels are on Sirius. I refuse to pay for a "Best Of" package so XM is out. I don't have XM now because really, Oprah? PGA Tour? Virus? I don't think so.

What SiriusXM needs to do is merge the channel lineups for XM and Sirius, get all of their channels on the Internet feed, have one device purchase for both services called SIRIUSXM, and become an actual unified company without all of the complex, and expensive, payment plans.

SiriusXM Blackberry App is released !!

Works for Sirius or XM premium online. I installed already and it is an awesome app. I do not have an Iphone, so this is the first I have seen of this...

@Jason: my advice would be to get the Stiletto 2 before it's gone.

It's "on the go" capabilities aren't as good as the XMP3 (unless you have a strong terrestrial signal), but all of its other features are absolutely incredible. For a radio that has been around for 2+ years, it's still one of the most capable ones out there.

If you don't want to get XM, then the Stiletto 2 is the way to go.

...or you could Jailbreak your iPhone and just get Pocket fine for me...then you can get both tons of others...

Something tells me this is their slow process of merging things.

The big problem is you have two different sets of sats with some incompatibilites. You have to keep both sets running until radios can be fully replaced. There's no way to complete merge those two things.

What I believe might be happening is, they might be phasing out the Sirius birds because they seem to be behind the times compared to XM. They won't do this for autos but they will gradually move people over to the XM transmitters, then retire the other birds say, five more years down the line.

Yes, isn't variety great. I love listening to Milli Vanilli and Salt 'N Pepa on the 80's channel and Snoop Dog and the Backstreet Boys on the 90's channel now, thanks the the great "variety" of XM. Does anyone listening to these channels actually want to hear these songs?

I was very very close to buying one of these when I saw the recent price drop. But from what I read (due to reception issues) it's less of a radio more like an Ipod.

This is a shame that i saw this page two weeks after buying a stiletto 2. I am new to sat. radio and this looked like the best bang for the buck. They had it on display at Bestbuy with it in the car kit. Bought it took it home and got it activated only to find out i can't find a car kit for it anywhere. All the ones only are refurbished ones and the people at best buy don't have a clue what i am talking about. This sucks!

You can still get Stilleto 2 car kits from little more expensive but they are available.

I have an original Stiletto 100, and love it. And when I bought it 3 years ago..I bought the lifetime subscription -- what's going to happen now?

I have warranty coverage for my stiletto 2, and now that it is broken, there isn't a Best Buy from philadelphia to NYC that has one to replace mine. Of course there is also no one has any idea of a new device coming out to replace the stiletto 2. Once again, great job sirius! I pray everyday Stern leaves sirius so I can dump them.

I'm sorry but since the merger the focus has been on XM. I have a theory why. Howard is EXCLUSIVE to Sirius and therefore if an XM subscriber wants him they must pay extra. SO Sirius/XM has focused their efforts on creating cutting edge products for the XM line which will generate more income for the company in the long run.

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