Sirius Stiletto to Debut Later This Summer

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 9:21 AM

Sirius StilettoSIRIUS Satellite Radio is expected to debut the new "personal live satellite radio product" (aka the Sirius Stiletto) later this summer.

"Our personal live satellite radio product, Stiletto, is great," Mel Karamazin, chief executive officer of Sirius, said on a conference call. "We have been beta testing it for a few weeks and we will have it available to consumers by the end of the summer."

In the meteorological sense, "summer" ends at the end of August. In the astronomical sense, "summer" ends in late September (I think September 21st or the 22nd). Which one was Mel referring to? Hard to say, but the astronomical definition is usually the one referred to the most.

UPDATE: Ignore all that. It was clearly stated at the conference call that the Sirius Stiletto will be available "later this month." 




Well, with the way Sirius has given speculated dates for a "portable" unit in the past, summer could mean 2008.

Joe Clayton specifically mentioned that we would see it by the end of the month after Mel's speech. Mel is a terrible speaker, stammering and obviously reading off a sheet, he pronouces the periods.

during todays call they said clearly at one place this month it will launch

I am betting he means summer in the southern hemisphere.

going to be a nice christmas

Wasn't the ReGo supposed to be out next month as well?

When I hold a true live portable Sirius radio in my hands, I will believe it.

Is sirius going to start having those ipod like commercials now, with the fucking shadows dancing and shit? I spent so much damn money on the s50, so i'll wait at least until next summer to get a portable. maybe they can have them priced much lower by then.

"...i'll wait at least until next summer to get a portable. maybe they can have them priced much lower by then."

As will I. I see no reason to blow that much cash on 1st generation technology.

On an unrelated note... I just got back from vacation, was Sticker Boy Ramone finally banned while I was away? What was the final straw that did it?

Just curious...

Just wanted to say that I might go take a walk later with my inno and listen to some live programming. Just like I did with my Airware. Three words, Duke-Nukem'-Forever.

MikeHunt, I believe the final straw was, same shit different day. And no XM fans liked him either.

I think he is still posting though. possibly tussel :) just more toned down.

I'm not familiar with you duke mukem sayings history guy, what is that? You lucky bastards and your portables.

Ryan finally banned him after a few more requests. i think he still lingers because a few posts have been 'toned down' ramone like blurbs.

To answer your question FaFaFluFly; let me explain Duke Nukem' Forever briefly. D.N.F. is the long antispated sequel to the Duke Nukem'PC game. The company that announced the title kept telling everyone that is was "just around the corner" or "Soon to be released". Now it has been about a decade with no game. As it turned out, even though the gamers were dying for it, it would have made tons of money, and the buzz the company maintained with their "leaking"; it never happened.
The way that Sirius has lied about the real portable's release date and their refusal to release any details about the unit; it reminds me of D.N.F.

I see. i guess i was the one always playing outside and not anticipating my next video game purchase.

I, for one, am eagerly anticipating DNF's XMas 2006 release. Oh, ye of little faith.

Either way, I'll wait for Generation 2 of any Sirius portable. Or any hardware, for that matter.

D.N.K. and O&A being #1 have something in common.

neither one wont be comming out soon

D.N.K. and O&A being #1 have something in common.

neither one wont be comming out soon

That is a double-negative, Mr. Sternfan. So by saying it this way, you're basically saying that it will happen soon. While O&A aren't number 1 yet, they're certainly not doing very bad for only being on for a few months. You don't like them and that's fine. But the numbers do not lie. Besides, why would you even care about O&A when your boy is on the air creating compelling radio that you aparently can't get enough of? oh that's right, on Friday's he's not on, he's in the Hamptons. Hoo Hoo.

Chris, why may I ask that YOU are so concerned with the friday show, howards vacation, etc. Based on most of the posts on this site XM fans are the ones who complain about it and not the sirius fans.

Seems pathetic to me. I for one don't care. I paid for the service and not howard. Friday gives me the chance to listen to the entire service.

oh yeah o&a are a hit! just look at all the subs they brought in during the 2nd qtr for xm.

getting people to listen for free is not difficult. however, if you can get people to pay to listen to your show, then you know you're a rock star.

o&a have yet to prove they can add subscribers. hugh said that people signing up for xm citing o&a doubled in the qtr. the 2nd qtr was embarrising to say the least for XM. even with mlb, a sport xm paid 650mm for, they still lost in the sub race.

oh wait i forgot, it was due to a lack of inventory :Rolls eyes:
i have yet to walk into a retailer and see them out of stock. even a quick check on large retailer websites shows there are planty of xm radios in stock accross the board.

if you want to hear a great show, tune into channel 104 Raw Dog monday-friday from 4-6. Jim Breuer's unleashed is the best radio show on radio.

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