SIRIUS Unveils Four New Universal Plug & Play Radios

Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 4:48 PM

SIRIUS Satellite Radio unveiled the Starmate4, Starmate3, Sportster3 and SIRIUS Stratus. Each radio can fit into a universal home dock, car dock and boombox - all using the same connector configuration as the SIRIUS Sportster4.

The new Sportster3 features a slim design and the same easy-to-use rotary tuning knob and large buttons known for the Sporster series. Essentially the Sportster3 is a stripped down version of the Sportster4, but without the Replay functionality. The package includes a vehicle power adapter, remote, vehicle antenna, vehicle dock and suction cup mount. The Sportster3 is expected to be available in September, and MSRP at $119.99.

The Starmate4 has been designed with an ultra-slim form-factor while maintaining a large wide-screen display that provides the ability to view longer artist names and song titles with up to five lines of text. The Starmate4, like the Sportster4, also replays up to 44 minutes of content and can pause, rewind and fast-forward. The Starmate4 package includes the receiver, vehicle power adapter, remote, vehicle antenna, vehicle dock, and vehicle mounts. The Starmate4 will be available in October at an MSRP of $119.99.

The Starmate3 provides a less expensive way to experience the Starmate. Expected to hit retail in October, the Starmate3 has all of the features of the Starmate4 except for the 44 minute replay capability. The radio, at an MSRP of $99.99, will be available at select stores, and includes the receiver, vehicle power adapter, remote, vehicle antenna, vehicle dock and vehicle mounts.

All three units will feature SIRIUS' GameZone, GameAlert, One-touch Jump, S-Seek, and other features we're used to from newer SIRIUS plug-and-play receivers.

The SIRIUS Stratus, expected to be available in October at an MSRP of $59.99, is the affordable receiver option that still features the new SIRIUS universal docking capability. Features include: 10 button presets, direct entry tuning, a three line display and large buttons - as well as push button controls, One-touch Jump, 10 presets, direct channel access, parental controls, a 100 channel built-in wireless FM transmitter, FM frequency shortcut button, and a real time clock. The package includes the receiver, vehicle power adapter, magnetic antenna, and dash and vent mounts.





slacker... :)

There were some press release photos of the Starmate 3 and Sportster 3 on this site a couple of weeks back...

Nobody has picks. Gizmondo or SBS. Shucks. Not like i care but still.

Getsiriusinfo has pics.

GetSiriusInfo doesn't have pics either, they're showing the Brix models (Streamer GT3 & Streamer 3). From their site: "Note the photos shown are of the Brix units look for the Directed SIRIUS units photos soon."

There a few pics of some of the new Sirius hardware over at:

Not great pics but better than nothing.

How well can XM be expected to do this Xmas season with an onslaught of cool Sirius radios, Stern selling for them, Nascar coming, and XM units on hold.

Whaaaa Whaaaa... I don't want my XM stock anymore.

Other than the universal connector, they don't really have anything new. I think I'll stick with my first gen Streamer Replay.

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