SIRIUS Video initiative is 'well under way'

Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 10:40 AM

Sirius Video coming soon?
In today's conference call, SIRIUS Satellite Radio CEO Mel Karmazin provided some color on the much discussed mobile video initiative. SIRIUS has talked about providing video to automobiles for quite some time now, as far back as Jan 2004 where they promised video by mid-2005.

"We are close to signing deals to offer the best video programming for kids as part of our OEM offering in the second half of the year," said Mel Karmazin at the conference call.

This is a more aggressive timeline than previously indicated back in April 2006, when SIRIUS' Senior VP Bob Law stated that SIRIUS will unveil the satellite video technology at January's CES and launch shortly afterwards.



This old gag? And of course they will demonstrate video at CES, who doesn't?

How is Sirius going to implement this technology when the company is already at a crunch with bandwidth? They can't even figure out compression on their music channels by themselves. Take away a huge chunk for video and you have AM sounding satellite radio.

Why don't these companies figure out the core business model and make a profit before embarking on crusades like these?

With all that said, it ain't happening. Nice publicity for Sirius. This is the 4th or 5th time we have gotten word like this. I don't know which has been more fun to watch: stories about video or the portable unit that keeps looking glimmer and glimmer.

Its like their promise on a "portable" unit, right Rougue?

They could do cached video. Drop 15 channels at night, and send video that can be played the next day...

Still a waste of money, IMO.

-Lord Westfall

Mel: "Do not pay attention to that man behind the curtain."

Smoke and mirrors.

There are a number of ways it could be done. The truth of the matter is whether parents want their children watching TV EVERY time they get in the car. It's one thing to have a DVD player for longer drives/trips. But most who have that don't put the DVD player on for a trip to the store. Remember, there will be a subscription for that service as well. With the price of gas these days, there is less and less disposable income around.

If they haven't already signed the deals, it could be years before we see it installed in the OEMs. My impression is that they are trying to get the OEMs to sign on first before they develop it. I see no signs that they have tested HM with their satellites.

As usual, the remark is subject to interpretation.

Looks like they'll be SIGNING deals in 2H06. You're not likely to see any video for a couple years after that.

Just like everything else XM has done, I predict XM will be the first to bring video to the consumer. And of course Sirius will bring video a year behind.

You XM sluts think Sirius Video is going to come out last and that it'll take away a lot of bandwidth. Guess what? You haven't read the Hierarchial Modulation news, which'll increase bandwidth 10-fold. So both SQ and Video will get in. And by the way, Rogue, if XM is going to launch video don't you think your music channels will drop that much SQ as well? HM is slowly being tested and with the fourth satellite being launched into geostationary orbit, I'm sure you'll have a tough time making up more lies and excuses to make yourselves look worse.

realwx....the one key word in your whole post was this "slowly".
How many geo stationary sat.'s does Sirius have anyways? isn't all 4 XM(including one launching later this year) sat.'s geostationary?

You actually think that HM is only being tested within Sirius? They have been talking about it for years anyways so this slowly has been taking at least 1-3 years as it is.

>> You actually think that HM is only being tested within Sirius?

The sound quality has been increasing; there is great stereo seperation and compared to last year, I'd say that they're still working on it at this very minute.

ahigee, please do some more research before trying to sound smart! right now xm has 3 birds in orbit. the 2 old birds are along side each other working at 50%. the new bird flies by herself working 100%. when the 4th bird is launched, it will replace the 2 old birds. the old birds will remain in outerspace as spares. they are in no condition to be full time sats anymore. after the 4th bird is launched, xm will only have 2 sats covering the us and canada. sirius will have 4 by 4q 2008. 3 geosynchronis (with 2 on over the US at anytime while the 3rd is recharging) and 1 geostationary. they will also have sirius 4 on the ground as a spare.

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