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Halloween programming on Sirius XM Radio

Halloween music on Sirius XMA lot of people have been asking about the Halloween programming lineup for both Sirius and XM, well here it is...

Sirius XM Radio Inc. will be dedicating two uninterrupted channel, Sirius Scream (ch 113) and XM Gore (ch 134) devoted to all things Halloween for a total of six consecutive days of ghoulish goodness.

Sirius is also putting together the Alfred Hitchcock Radio channel (on Sirius channel 119), which - for three straight days - which will play vintage radio dramas such as The Birds and Shadow of a Doubt, movie versions of which were made famous by Hitchcock.

Sirius Scream and XM Gore will run from October 26th to October 31st, with the 24 hours of blood-curdling Halloween sound effects on the 31st only.

There's also a slew of additional Halloween programming, but we'll get into all that and a ton of other spooky programming after the jump.

First, Sirius Scream 113 and XM Gore 134 - while you'll get the kid-friendly spooky sounds and atmospheric effects on Halloween (for 24 hours) - you'll also get favorite Halloween stories from Sirius personalities like Martha Stewart, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, Deepak Chopra, Jay Thomas, Judith Regan and Cousin Brucie, as well as Halloween-themed interviews and features

More Halloween programming...

Alfred Hitchcock Radio
(Sirius channel 119)
October 29th @ 6am ET to November 1st @ 6am ET
For three straight days, the channel will play vintage radio dramas such as The Birds and Shadow of a Doubt, movie versions of which were made famous by Hitchcock.

RadioClassics (Sirius channel 118)
October 27 @ 6am ET to November 1 @ 6am ET
RadioClassics presents "The Halloween Spooktacular" with a special spooky lineup featuring some of the biggest names in horror starring in the most frightful classic radio programs and dramas of all time.

There's also a special broadcast of War of the Worlds during its original 1938 date and timeslot, October 30th at 8pm ET and 8pm PT.

Hey XMers, don't get spooked out by this Sirius stuff, because XM Gore isn't all that you're getting...

Cinemagic (XM channel 27)
XM listeners will hear uninterrupted Halloween programming with its Halloween Horror Festival. Listeners will be scared into submission with seven days of Halloween movie segments, interviews, music from horror films and other frightening events starting October 24th at 4pm ET.

XM Kids (XM channel 116)
Your official soundtrack for trick-or-treating. XM Kids' sixth annual Pumpkin Jam will air Halloween day from 3pm ET until midnight. The entire family can enjoy music and spooky stories on everything Halloween. Hosts Robbie, Kenny and Mindy will also share some frightening stories of their own.

XM Radio Classics (XM channel 164)
Radio Classics is creeping up to Friday's holiday with Halloween themed specials every night at 10pm ET, beginning October 27th The eight hours of spine-chilling programming will then replay throughout Halloween Night beginning at 6:00 pm ET.

There's a ton more spooky stuff across the dial, so for Sirius' Halloween programming schedule, go here - and for more of XM's Halloween programming, go here.


XM Gore? I resemble that remark.


XM Gore? I'd love to see that channel's logo. Was Igor busy packing the forclosed castle or crypt?

Egads a quarter? I'm broke.....stone cold broke

Cinemagic has the best Halloween themed programming. If you enjoy the season, you should definitely check it out. It will be what I'll miss the most about XM if Sirius axes Cinemagic. If XM is going out, this is a very cool send off.

Perhaps the logo should be an XM pink slip signed my Melvin Alan Karmazin.

Before we had Igor, now we have sound effects.

I'm not happy.

I do, however like the picture.

FYI - XM Gore and Sirius Scream will be playing the exact same content.

I've got a perfect idea for one of the XM channels for Halloween (although they probably won't do it), air the audio of old Scooby Doo TV episodes and movies. I say this because up until a few years ago Cartoon Network and Boomerang aired marathons of Scooby Doo episodes pretty much every week in October, as a long time Scooby fan I thought that was pretty cool, I guess this year since Cartoon Network or Boomerang won't be doing any marathons i'll have to settle for watching my Scooby DVD's. Anyway back to XM's Halloween programming, I wish one of the XM channels would do what I mentioned although they probably won't do it.

Seven More Days Till Halloween

Seven More Days Till Halloween
Silver Shamrock

XM Gore: An Inconvenient Channel.

(Deepak Chopra ghost stories. I mean, come on!!!)

10 more days until we elect Barack Obama our next President!!!