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Sirius XM iPhone App now available... with no Howard Stern?

Sirius XM iPhone App

The official Sirius XM iPhone App went live at midnight Eastern time today, but it's missing one of the top reasons why people have signed up to satellite radio - Howard Stern.

Opie & Anthony's The Virus channel is available, as is many of Sirius XM's music, talk, entertainment channels. Live sports are limited to a handful of channels, but there is sportstalk channels like MLB Home Plate, NFL Radio and NHL Home Ice.

But... no Howard Stern.
On the FAQ, the company explains why certain channels may be missing:

SIRIUS & XM offer all of the channels for which we have mobile performance rights. For that reason, certain channels which may be available on your satellite radio or online radio service may not be available on a mobile device like the iPhone.
So does Sirius XM Radio Inc. not have mobile performance rights to distribute Howard Stern's content? Seems... odd.

Additionally, the Sirius XM iPhone App only works with the iPhone/iTouch firmware version 2.0 or greater. You'll have to upgrade if you don't have 2.0.

Check out a virtual demo of the app, or download it direct from the iTunes Store.

So now that the much anticipated iPhone App is available, what's your initial thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

Sirius XM iPhone App


Wasn't the lack of Stern addressed in one of SXM's quarterly earnings reports? I thought this was to be expected.

Howard is not the top reason people signed up for satellite radio.
Regular radio SUCKS.

If you read the FAQs it says that Sirius XM offered all the channels for which they had "Mobile Rights". One can only assume that Howard wouldn't grant them. A detail the Stern-jobs will likely miss, but why would he do that? Every other online channel is on this thing - EVEN WITHOUT HIM IT'S AWESOME!

Also - I'm listening on my iPod touch 1st gen and it works just fine so I'm not sure what you are talking about? You have to turn the onscreen volume on i settings because of the lack of hard keys but other than that, it works fine...

Are you kidding me! What a dissappointment. Sirius drags us along for almost a year, squashing apps that DID broadcast all the channels, only to release a version that doesn't include Howard Stern? Whether you like Howard or not, he is the reason Sirius is a viable force that terestrial radio fears. Very dissappointing.

So are the Stilletos and the xmp3 not mobile devices??? WTF Sirius.

Without Howard, sirius doesn't exist. How dare they release an app and leave off what I pay for.

Download pocket tunes, it ports howard right over without any issues whatsoever.

Great now I can listen to O&A on my iPhone. Why does Sirius continue to think people only want Stern? I never wanted him on Sirius! Henie why theybwere on the verge of bankruptcy.

The app also won't run on 1stGen iPod touches. Why?? I see no physical limitation in the 1stGen's that make them unable to run it.

Wow. Just downloaded it this morning to my phone. Love it. It does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

Not sure why Howard Stern isn't available. Kinda sucks for his fans, but I'm not one of them.

Finally, SiriusXM does something right.

So the new Sirius Xm app is out and you cant get Howard because they dont have mobile rights, that's a BS excuse! They stream him over the internet, if the device the internet goes into is mobile or not, how can they be responsible?Just another greedy ###### being a greedy ######.

If I have XMRO, but not the premium package, can I still listen to this?

If not, maybe Pocket Tunes is the better buy?

This is great for for the company, but even though the iPhone is great, I think there should be an app for the Blackberry. These are the top 2 cell phones out there. What better way to promote. Hope there is an app for the BB soon.

What a Bunch of dumb asses!! Canceling my Best of Sirius NOW!!

This is another smack in the face for subscribers estimated 60% of subscribers are there for Stern why on earth else would you be tethered to that clunky technology?

This is not fun, and NOT funny.

You can listen to all the channels on ooTunes. App costs $3.99

You can listen to all the channels on ooTunes. App costs $3.99

i heard stern will be on the iphone app as soon as SXM figures out how to charge users $100 million for it.

So retarded.

This is the biggest debacle. It's not just Stern, it's the fact that ALL the content is not available.

I would gladly give sirius more of my money for a full lineup on my iphone, but the fact is, this is pretty much B.S and makes me want to stop paying them anything.

Hoo Hoo, pay another 100 million dollars and i will let you stream YOUR show online.

It CAN run on 1stGen touches ...with some modifications:

I have it running on have to turn on the onscreen volume, though.

I am so bummed out to finally have this app only to find no Stern channels.

Seems like Sirius is trying to waterboard it's stock-holders now, the backlash from this is going to totally overshadow what a nice little app this actually is.

Overall, I would give the app's performance a 5 star rating, but with no Stern I give it a zero-point-zero. dumb move, guys.

Great app! Its about time, its a little choppy with the audio quality and no way to force the higher bit rate. I'm also finding that its crashing my phone every so often.

Sirius and XM were here long before Howard and will be there after him. Howard stinks, he is overpaid for his self indulgent content. Not one person on his show disagrees with him, and its all about him.

Not available in Canada... wtf?!!?!?!!?!?

No mobile rights, eh? Horse Hockey. They've had more than a year to develop the app and work out any legal issues. I don't buy it.
No Howard 100/101.
No 1G iPod Touch.

No Thanks.
Sirius, fix it. Don't turn a customer into a pirate.
Shoutcast Radio.

No Howard = no use. Sorry, it's a great idea, but missing the main reason I wanted the app. They're missing thousands of users riding on busses or trains commuting in the AM that can't listen in the car on their sat radio.

Without Howard, this app will fall to my back page with other apps that are missing the point like Pandora.

Without Stern this app is worthless to me. Glad I found this out before I paid for Internet Streaming. Crap like the Virus they put on. Stern they don't. They will probably charge extra for Stern content

You and three other people.

Sirius people still won't pay to listen to that crap or are they giving those hacks away for free?

I personally don't feel its worth an extra $3 a month to be able to listen on my iPhone. At least the app is free though.

Who gives a damn about that sack of crap Howard, Opie and Anthony are leagues better. Aside from that, this app works very well. The setup is very well flushed out and I've definitely enjoyed it so far.

This is a bad move on the part of Apple and Sirius/XM.

Yesterday, hearing news of the app dropping, I was nearly finally convinced to go out and buy the 32G 3GS.

This morning, I downloaded the app to my iPod Touch and found quite immediately that there was no 100/101.

Not only am I quite unlikely to buy an iPhone today. Even if they work out a deal and get the channels down the road, I am unlikely now to be convinced. This experience has soured me considerably.

I know one little sale is not a lot to Apple. But they did lose at least one sale over this.

The silly thing is that they're denying access to content that is driven by advertising. They won't restrict the stuff they're giving away for free, but they won't let us at the stuff that brings in dough? Denying additional value to your advertisers? That isn't very smart.

As for "mobile rights," that's hogwash. I've had access on my Treo for years. I suppose that's how I'll continue to listen when I'm out of satellite range. No iPhone for you.

Totally Correct: That douche makes $100M a year and he won't grant cellular rights - That's bull! Howard Fans should all call into his show and demand that he provide the rights already! I can't believe he's gonna try and milk this thing: Come-on Howard! Every other online channel is there - clearly THEY could make the cell rights work!

Just another greedy Jew wanted paid for Iphone broadcasting too! Howard Stern is the reason Sirius almost went bank bankruped!

I thought I'd heard it all - "mobile performance rights." What on earth is that?!? It's radio by nature mobile? Somebody please explain...

I really wish Verizon could get access to the Iphone... I just can't bring myself to pay for AT&T's service. They just can't match Verizon's coverage.

Stern had spoken to the StarPlayr developers on air at one point (before Sirius squashed their app), and when he heard about the potential of being on the iPhone, he was thrilled about it. I don't know that I buy the idea that he hasn't "given permission" for mobile rights. This seems very odd, and really should've been announced by Sirius prior to the launch so that those who added an internet subscription in anticipation of getting Stern on the app wouldn't be left holding the bag.

Yet another bad PR move by Sirius/XM just when they didn't need it.

I love Sirius and I'm a big defender of the company. But you gotta call them as you see them and this is a huge failure from a business sense.

I'm an early lifetime subscriber and I was dissapointed that I'm being forced to pay the $3 a month, but I understand the company is trying to make some income and I still get the regular online for free for life. So I was actually willing to get the premium iphone subscription.

No Howard, fuck that! The main reason more than half of the Sirius listeners signed up is not included in a PAID app! How can that be? I don't buy the no mobile rights thing. Howard has been talking about how cool it would be for people to listen to the show on their phones for a long time. There's got to be more to it. Whatever it is figure it out, you're losing major business without Howard on the app.

And no I don't think everyone on Sirius signed up for Howard, I said a large chunk. Estimated to be around 50-60% from Sirus' own numbers.

Big time blunder here Sirius.


O&A always win in the end.

And besides, the dumb hayseeds that listen to Hoo Hoo can't afford iPhones anyway.

Well, now we all know where you're at.

Why are you blogging, isn't there a Klan meeting you're late for?

What thread count do you use?

WOW.........Regardless what the O@A fans say Howard is what drew customers to Sirius radio, I have been a listener for 5 years with 4 subs and with all the lies about the merger and now this i will not renew. Bringing new customers in this will not do and it will only anger their current customers.

The blunders of this company are just UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!! First they come out with a shitty internet player. THEN, they kill StarPlayr and replace it with NOTHING for 5 months. AND NOW, we have an iPhone player with no Howard.


Sirius is pounding itself into the ground and Mel's ass should be fired IMMEDIATELY!!!

Wish I could tell you about the app. Downloaded it and thought I could listen. XM/Siri seems to always screw me. I got the lifetime once my account had some credit and also they were going to start charging for online listening. So I locked it in so i would not have to pay additional for online listening, well guess what? The iphone app requires an upgrade to premium online listening, which I was led to think I would have had in my lifetime.

Amazing how there have not been any price increases yet many of us seem to be asked to pay more for the same service we had previously had.

Pocket Tunes it least until they take that away...

"They just can't match Verizon's coverage."

No, they exceed it. Verizon = suck.


I have been a huge follower of this story and was highly anticipating this release. My initial reaction to the app was "BLAHH". Especially considering that S/XM pulled the oldest used car salesman trick in the book by implementing the old bate & switch strategy.

Back in February, I think, they ran a promotion where, if you prepay for a year, you would get free xmro for that entire year. I bit and paid for a year's worth of service and then within a month they came out with "Premium Satellite Radio." Now, in order to use the Iphone app you must pay $2.99 per month to get the same mobile service that i've been getting through Pocket Tunes.

I got the free 7 day trial to see if the app was worth calling S/XM to complain about this slimey bait & switch tactic but after reviewing the app, I don't see that it is.

S/XM must have updated the's now downloaded and working on my 1stGen iTouch.

Howard Stern . The new 0.0 .

I am a fan of Howard but I think his money grubbing ways have gone too far. He has made so much money off Sirius- nearly put them into bankruptcy, and now he wants more for the rights to broadcast on the Iphone? Come on- this is beyond greed.

Hey Howard, haven't you taken your listeners for enough money without demanding more money to hear you on the Iphone?

I listen to Hoo Hoo and I own an iPhone pinhead. Without Howard Sirius will be a thing of the past. Music channels are all available for free using a myriad of apps on the internet, iPhone, etc... This is a very dumb move on Sirius's part.

What's with the delay on the IPhone app? I compared the O&A IPhone stream to the Xm Radio Online stream...and the IPhone stream is about 4 minutes behind the XM Online stream. What the hell??

of course O&A are free..gave that morning zoo show away for free on FM for 2 years,it that did real well..didnt it?

and spin!

Hoo Hoo segments yet another portion of his audience. I find this so effing hilarious!

XM had 9 million subscribers before the merger and they did not listen to Howard Stern. SIRIUS had 7 million subscribers and only a million and few listen to Howard Stern. He almost got SIRIUS into BK. We dont need Howard Stern.. It will be all good good once he leaves.

bait & switch. Not bate & switch.

I wanted to access Sirius legitimately but of course Sirius has put every obstacle in front of me to do so. I've now found an "alternative method" to access the show from my iPhone and I will use because I've been left with no choice. Sirius is doomed with the current management in place. They have blundered EVERYTHING from the merger, to pricing, to online strategy and now pissing away advantage they would have had by being on the iPhone. One can only hope that Liberty makes a full takeover and throws the whole board out.

It's called transcoding.

Stern is a Greedy SOB

No Howard? NO THANKS.

How does Siri announce the new iphone app and the stock goes down. I can't take it anymore. This stock sucks!

Wow..I could not be more disappointed. I have been backing these people through every move. Paying more money with the merger, to listen online, then roylaties...and now this crap. An app without howard is satellite radio without howard....worthless.

Up yours siriusxm.

I love the fact that siriusFm keeps screwing their subscribers ! It is fun to watch !

No Howard this app is garbage......... wake up people Sirius is in business because of Howard Stern he is the reason there is revenue coming in

I have a feeling that Howard will be on this app somewhere in the near future. When Howard came to Sirius, he was not available online. At the time Sirius Radio Online was streaming at 32k and I have a feeling that Howard didn't want his show streamed with such poor audio quality. Sirius then decided to upgrade Sirius Online Radio to 128k and charge a monthly fee for it. That was when Howard became available. I think that Howard has been around long enough that he doesn't want to be part of a beta, or anything that hasn't been adequately road tested. In the case of online radio, he wanted no part of it until he could be streamed at a bit rate that would make his show sound good. I don't think it has anything to do with him making more money. The new iphone app just hit the street, so my guess it that Howard probably wants this thing to be out there a little bit to see if it will sink or swim. I don't think that his ego could handle being part of a failed product launch. Once the app has time to be out there and the bugs corrected, I would suspect that Howard will be part of it. It's also the end of the second quarter, Sirius would probably want to add Howard at a time that would be advantageous to them. Adding Howard independently of everything else Sirius XM has to offer allows the company to show a spike in revenue and it allows Howard's ego to be stoked. It's a win win for the company and Howard.

All the little 0.0 fans are out in force. didn't O&A lose 15 stations because their ratings where terrible. Thats a big yessssssssss! They couldn't get ratings when Stern was gone. How sad! Thats right boys no ratings + fired = 0.0 O&A couldn't get people on XM to pay $1.99 for their crappy channel so they passed on the price to everyone. O&A is the biggest joke radio has ever seen.

And the roaches living in their momma's basement playing PS3 can?

It's about time you climbed out from under your rock to post another lame comment - o n a always win in the end

What exactly do they win? A toy from the bottom shelf which is inline with their show? They certainly haven't won any ratings battles. They have to give o n a away because no one will pay for it. They are fading back into obscurity and they'll do anything to get some publicity. The problem is no one cares!

Did you watch that lame ass segment on Fallon's show? Those two trannies are horrible and it was proven yet again on that show. I'm going to pay someone $10k if they turn in the dollar. Great marketing and promotion! Anyone turn it in?

The streaming feature through the web allows access to every station - I quite like it and definitely think it's worth the $2.99 service fee (which requires an already existing subscription to other services). You can get internet only access... but I think it's closer to $10 a month.

There is a minimal version of the service that isn't as great of quality... and maybe doesn't offer full access to content... and I believe is free to subscribers. It sounds like the iPhone service is targeted only at the tier of "premium" subscribers who pay $3 extra for it - which would make sense.

The Stern Show makes it possible for me to commute 2 hours per day.

However, I was forced to cancel my Sirius this morning.

I renewed last month for 3 years specifically to get iphone access.
The Sirius rep I spoke to told me the price I paid would include internet access and iphone access (when it came out).

I downloaded the iphone app first thing this morning so I could listen to the show all day.
I logged in and was denied with the message “basic restricted”.

I called Sirius and after 3 sirius reps; one of which who told me to call at&t, who in turn made me call apple (5 reps total today), I was told (by a new Sirius rep) that I’d have to purchase “premium” online.

When I told them that I bought it a month ago, I was told essentially, congratulations but, buy it again. Why stop there? Why not take my 3 year subscription money and then just turn off my radio and tell me to buy that again, too.

I’ll miss howard! …but, not sirius's business practices .

……oh, and now I find out the show isn’t even included in the iphone line-up!!!!

Howard Stern is well on his way back to radio which has a future. Howard doesn't need siriusxm any more. Howard does need his 12million plus listeners back to claim his crown as King of All Media again.

Siriusxm, satellite radio has failed Howard Stern.
Siriusxm, satellite radio has failed the loyal fans of Howard Stern.
Paying for radio has proven to be a failure.

Welcome back to FM and HD Radio Howard, your loyal fans are ready for your return.

And you guys are surprised? I mean, I don't listen to Howard but does it really make sense to pay for an app that carries mediocre music? For that I'd use slacker or pandora and it's free? No Howard? It makes no sense.

Hey now!! Pocket Tunes rocks.

Sirius/XM should be ashamed of themselves. We'll see what happens when Stern leaves in another year and a half. That will be the end of Satellite radio IMO.

Ryan, you're the best satrad blogger out there, but you seriously need a proofreader. Plural nouns and series take the verb "are," not "is."

"as is many of Sirius XM's music, talk, entertainment channels" should be "as ARE..."

"but there is sportstalk channels" should be "but there ARE..."

"what's your initial thoughts?" should be "what ARE your..."

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to take language seriously. There's a huge potential for you to jump into the national spotlight as one of the few informed, educated, dedicated analysts of satellite radio. Just polish up your execution a bit, and you'll be all set.

Not a big Howard fan, but I will admit this:

1) If Ryan wants to draw people (and comments) to Orbitcast, he only has to post something about Howard. It's hilarious to watch, and good fun to join in.


2) The internet + anonymity = jackass. Absolute cowards, typing in their parents' basements in between their minimum wage fry cook jobs, spew their crap online just because they can get away with it and no one knows how pathetic they really are.

I love that Howard didn't even mention it when Ross was talking about the "Yahoo take over" (small banner ad) and the how the ad mentions the iphone app.

Pretty lame is you ask me especially when Howard hyped the starplayr guys and their app and how Sirius was coming out with their own. And now it finally comes out and it doesn't even work with his stations.

Once Howard is gone from Sirius I'm gone too. The nickle and diming and stupid moves like this is the nail in the coffin for me.

No CNBC either.

"This is another smack in the face for subscribers estimated 60% of subscribers are there for Stern why on earth else would you be tethered to that clunky technology?"

60% just how much crack have you been smoking? Cite your sources or shut the fuck up.

It's a very streamlined interface, so it's all pretty smooth. It absolutely love the concept of listening to to some of my favorite stations on the go, and the fact of getting Jason Ellis away from my home docking station might even be worth the extra $3 I'll have to pay. I also find criticisms against the app unjustified since almost all of them relate to the mysterious absent King of All Media. 5/5 Stars.

SatRad is dying and it brings me joy to see this !

guys, instead of complaining here go to the stern website instead and leave them a message. I just did and told them that I think they are obviously money greedy a........s who don't give a damn about their fans who are all disappointed by this app. I guess if they are flooded by bad comments over the weekend we might here something about it on monday. unless the stern show isn't keeping it real this time. from what they have just done to their faithful fans that seems to be certainly true

I love that Howard is exclusive. Suck on that iphone fegs!!

smiteboy, your quote "The internet + anonymity = jackass. Absolute cowards, typing in their parents' basements..." couldn't have been wiser! Thank you.

The Iphone sucks anyway. Palm Pre is the way to go.

Go back and take a look at the iPhone application screen shot which was shown at the investors meeting last month.

Look at what the channel is shown on that screen shot... Yup Howard 100..

Shame on Sirius XM.

How did O&A win, you idiot? If you go to the Apple App store, you'll see that the Sirius/XM app has been poorly reviewed so far - last I saw, it had ONE star. And the reason for that is fans complaining that Howard is not available. So the app will tank and Sirius/XM has egg on it's face, all because Howard is not available. Could O&A's fans drive that kind of response? And, if they did, would anybody care? Nope, just you idiots. For anybody who says Sirius/XM will last after Howard leaves, just look at how this app is failing because of Howard's absence. I've got an iPhone and am getting the new 3GS version tomorrow (yeah, we Howard fans are real hayseeds, buying new iPhones) but have no interest at all in this app until Howard is available. I'll get one of the other apps that DOES stream Howard, even if I have to pay for it. Well played, Sirius/XM. Keep crying, O&A bitches

Hey Dumb Dumb...

They didn't lose all stations because of bad ratings, it was format changes and radio cost cutting measures. That is a fact jackass!!!! The only station in question is Philly because the boys did not play advertising ball with PD.

I think the main thing you're missing here is that Howard WILL be available for iPhone streaming...just as soon as they figure out a way to charge for it. You suckers like him so much, you're going to have to pay to listen. Again. Enjoy.

For MLB, NFL, and NASCAR, it's a rights thing. Probably not allowed to broadcast on "mobile devices."
But for Howard, I wonder if Apple is holding them back since Apple does not allow adult content in their apps. that's why we can't get a girl in a bikini to clean our iPhone screen. Nor can you get any other racy material via the Apps store. Perhaps Stern is too graphic for the iPhone, even though it is subscription based.

"According to Howard Stern on his radio show Tuesday, 60 percent of Sirius XM's subscribers--about 20 million, at last count (PDF)--listen to Stern's two channels. That means 12 million people who currently have satellite radio won't have any use for its streaming app."

Hey doorman Where did you conjure this delusion from?

o n a didn't generate advertising dollars because no one listened or cares.

Stations had to change format because the stations sucked. They sucked because they lacked entertainment which includes the morning show. Hence your idols the power twins could do nothing to improve listenership for the station(s).

The FACT is, they suck, have no talent and virtually no listenership.

How come the iPhone app and the Sirius online sites have The Virus channel? Don't you need to subscribe to "Best of XM" to get The Virus channel?

Sirius hates it's customers. No Stern is BS. I am cancelling my last sub and going full pirate mode with mp3 on my phone because legally I cannot buy it. I hope Stern leaves after this contract so the company dies.

"I wonder if Apple is holding them back since Apple does not allow adult content in their apps."

So why is Playboy Radio there?

For anyone who listens to Howard every day, which is a lot of you, I recall maybe a month or two back when he was really stressed out about something going on at Sirius that he was not happy about but could not comment on it. He was saying that there were things going on in the company that he did not agree with.

Now we all know what it was. Howard is the exact opposite of what all the trolls on this board think he is. He doesn't even like T-shirts being sold with his name on it. Fans beg him to put out CD's and other types of merchandise, but he never does. He is very much against fleecing his fans. More proof that the people spewing lies about him don't even listen to the show. But that's the way it's always been with Howard.

Howard wants his show on as many outlets as possible as long as it's the subscribers that benefit. He didn't want the XM subscribers to pay more for him either. He's all about giving the subs what they want. But contrary to popular opinion, he does not run the company. The whole mobile rights thing is total BS. Whatever reason Sirius has for keeping him off the app, it has nothing to do with Howard, he never nickel and dimes his fans.

"According to Howard Stern on his radio show Tuesday, 60 percent of Sirius XM's subscribers--about 20 million, at last count (PDF)--listen to Stern's two channels. That means 12 million people who currently have satellite radio won't have any use for its streaming app."

This could be true, if every single Sirius subscriber is a Howard listener and 30% of XM subscribers have both signed up for Best of Sirius and become Howard listeners too.

Or, to put it succinctly, no way.

The actual number might be close to 60% of Sirius subscribers, or about 5.4 million. Or not.

Some of you are so stupid.

Sirius is in business thanks to everyone that bought a BWM/Ford/Chrysler/Etc. One year (or 2) free and months to deactivate. Probably 60 percent of Sirius's subs didnt subscribe for Stern. And im sure (SHOCKER) some of them got Sirius for the music, news or sports. You idiots.

Ive always asked to see the difference in retail vs OEM subs for Sirius. And nobody could ever show me it. Its probably too laughable.

"I wonder if Apple is holding them back since Apple does not allow adult content in their apps."

LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS OFF! You cant be that blind can you?

O&A had bad ratings on every station they've been on. That is fact. You piss on Howard and he is the one that was #1 everywhere he went. O&A couldn't get people on xm to pay $1.99 for their shitty channel. Howard brought over 5 to 6 million people. Thats people that were listening for free that now pay. O&A have never had that many people listen ever. You guys can shit on Howard,but no one in radio and I mean no one in radio could get that many people that listend for free to start paying to hear him. Thats fact! If it wasn't for Howard you little pest piss ants wouldn't have shit to talk about. Pests.... come on how fucking retarted is that.

Jesus has spoken!!!!

You're all a bunch of mother-fuckin, titty-suckin', two-ball bitch bastards...Besides that, go fuck yourselves! You're all babies...

Blame greedy Stern for not being on the app. If he wanted to be on, he'd be on. But again this greedy J doesn't do anything for the good of the company that paid him over half a billion.
So Stern defenders quit being such zombies when you should realize that you don't get a share of his billion. You should ask youself and Howard 'Hey Howard, we're paying 14 bucks a month just for you. Can't you make it convienent for us to listen to you. You already milked a billion from this almost bankrupt company and only work 4 days a week.'

In the meantime you can listen to Opie and Anthony on The Virus, Sirius 197 XM 202.

The fact Howard is not available is terrible? I can't believe that SiriusXM would do this. Unless they don't have infrastructure in place to handle the volume? Howard said this week that 60% of the people who have SiriusXM listen to Howard exclusively.

How come the iPhone app and the Sirius online sites have The Virus channel? Don't you need to subscribe to "Best of XM" to get The Virus channel?

By mobile they mean Like "Mobile Phones" the Stiletto and the XMp3 are "portables", they hang to those "little details"

i could care less if howard stern was on satellite radio, internet radio, broadcast radio or a pirate radio station in the basement of his mother-in-law's house- i don't listen to him. in fact, those were the first channels i blocked when i got my stiletto 100 activated.

that being said, sirixm screwed up bigtime with this, because there are a portion of subscribers (like me) who have a lifetime subscription and a free online subscription was included that canNOT use this app because it requires a high quality $2.99 monthly fee to access it. i am not going to to do that, mainly because i don't need a 128 kbs stream of talk radio and nhl home ice. if i want to listen to music, that's what the ipod function of the iphone is for.

this is a terrible decision on their part. and canceling isn't going to do me any good because they have my money and there isn't anything i can do to affect them other than telling people to stay away.

With all the people blaming SXM here, I have to ask if it's even fully their fault. Could AT&T or Apple be the one crippling the ability to have Stern on the app, in order to protect their services. We know both companies have done such on numerous occasions.

It's a shame people are grading the APPLICATION itself just because the service doesn't offer Stern. That has nothing to do with the application itself. I think the app is very slick!

There You Go Howard Fans

This Is The Proof That HS Doesn't Give A Fuck About His "Fans" He Actually Wants To Turn Them Into ACs(if You Didn't Get It You SLOW lol)
My Point Is That He Does Everithing For Paper$ No Luv 4 Da People Who MADE Him

opie and anthoney were number 2 in men 18-34 and number 3 over all in new yourk on k-rock. They were dropped from a bunch of cydidell stations last year because the company claimed it cost them to much money to air the show that was crapp i think. that is why they lost a bunch of FM stations they did really good in the ratings but they got dropped from stations anyways and yes they did have allot of fans there too. like in buffalo . So, get your facts strate people before you start saying lies. dumbasses

Actually O and A were the highest rated show on these shit channeels. But 3 hours of good radio doesn't save a station when the other 21 hours suck.

How did you know I was a doorman?

Finally! I've been waiting for this app, so I can cut off my inno.

No Howard? Who Who cares? I listen to channels where the narcissistic host's name is not a part of the title.

Howard is the only reason I got satelite radio, who are you kidding?




Ok, so I downloaded the app like everyone else, and no Howard! I am one of the millions that got Sirius for Howard. I know some people like sirius for all the other content, I do enjoy the music and comedy as well, but I am very disappointed. I can't use my online subscription at work due to blocked streaming on the network. Of course no reception in the building. This was my only hope. I don't think it is Howard, he was all over the Star App when it was brought up on the show. Sirius is the issue...or possibly apple tight *** restrictions.

i could give a shit about hoo hoo. to me, stern just brought a bunch of white trash honky shit as customers to satradio!!!!! good ridence to all you fagots and cunts who complan that there is no hoo hoo on the i-phone.

Not available in the Canadian Apple store. That's bullshit... I have to wait again!

its funny how artie lange gets banned from appearing on HBO... and what makes it even worse is artie tells one BAD joke after another, joe buck was funnier and he sucked....

what bingo hall will the reverend bob levy be performing at this week?

Gee! Howard owns a Blackberry, so do Robin and Artie! Maybe once the Blackberry app comes out they will turn on the Howard channels???

Dreams based on ignorance, oh it must be a sad time being a desperate follower of Melvin and being a newb and sucker paying for radio.

Nothing some smarts can't solve though. The iPhone has much better options when it comes to media, and those options are free.

Paying for radio is for newbs and suckers.

Doesn't matter which one, it will still attract more people than any o n a event. In fact, attendance at his gig will eclipse total listenership on satrad for the oral twins.

Oddly enough Joe Buck didn't have anyone from the great O n A on there. Maybe he wanted some real talent.

You are so engrossed in sucking o n a dick that you can't see what Artie did and why he did it.

The appearance was brilliant.I wish I could do something like that.

The only white trash person here is you. That is proven by your mastery of the English language.

Go back to peeling potatoes and shredding lettuce.

Don't worry'll be able to get Hoo Hoo on your I-Phones...just as soon as they figure out how to get you to pay more for it.

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"cydidell" = Citadel, you idiot. And you call Stern fans dumbasses? Learn to spell before you question others' intelligence - DUMBASS

funny how the traveling virus sold out all shows when they ran their tour, (and before the lies come out) they stopped the tour because fans were heckling new comedians, not attendance issues as stern fans would know NOTHING about, but bob saget, patrice oneal, jim norton, louie ck, frank caliendo, rich vos etc. got rave reviews (i should know i was in attendance and the fans CLEARLY were standing up laughing most of the show) , besides if you thought artie saying "tony romo rhymes with homo" was funny, im sure that hack dane cook will have you rolling as well. maybe he'll steal more louie CK jokes at his next show and you wouldnt even know it, you dope! besides if artie was that "big of a star" im sure HBO wouldnt of banned him for life anyway... any more lies you wanna share? ill tear them down as well! im like 198-0 against you zombies and yet to get a response with any validity from hoo hoo fans. especially that donkey opie's wart.

I bet you have a championship belt to go along with those bragging rights you dork. We were all wondering where the Macho Man was and you are him!! OH YEAH

You make opinionated claims without documented facts to back them up. If your claims are 100% true then prove it, and not with your chowder hole innuendo spewing what you think or what you saw through your power twin colored glasses. Do you have pictures and actual attendance records stating that EVERY show was sold out. Do you have evidence that proves that fans were all standing up and laughing? I would hardly believe a delusional liar who can't admit when he's wrong.

HBO banning Artie is no big deal and is more of a publicity stunt to attract attention to that lame Joe Buck Show. It does surpasses the "dropped dollar bill in Times Square bit by Opine. BTW how's that working out? And I'm sure if HBO sees a chance to make a buck with Artie, they will embrace him with open arms.

If the tour was so successful, then why would they stop. Fans heckeling comedians happens everywhere, everyday. That's truly a lame excuse to stop such a successful "tour". That is total BS. But suckers like you eat it up.

It looked like that tour was nothing more than an assembly of comedians and not much else. Kind of what Bob & Tom did years ago eh? Funny thing is as bad as Bob & Tom are, they're still around.

What did the oral n anal power twins do to make that show so funny? What was their contribution other than latching on to the hard work of talented comedians?

Artie sells out more shows, is in bigger demand and is far more popular than 99% of the comedians touring right now. Yeah Artie is nothing that's why his book was #1 on the NY Times and will be once again with his paperback.

ill keep my streak alive after i trash you:

1. You make opinionated claims without documented facts to back them up.

wow! can you read?...all you zombies do is ADD NOTHING relevant!!!! you people have to go back to the terrestrial days because his current numbers dont even come close...i'm lying?...85% of terrestrial fans didnt jump to sirius? you call that success? o&a may not have numbers like the messiah but they are not far behind, you want proof, call sirius/xm and request ratings.

2. Artie sells out more shows, is in bigger demand and is far more popular than 99% of the comedians touring right now.

oh really?....what about?

Jerry Seinfeld, larry the cable guy, louis ck, jim norton (i bet jimmy is ahead of artie if not even, and jimmy had all his books #1 on the NY times, proof you ask?...look it up, you will see), patrice oneal, yes dane cook, joe rogan, lewis black, frank caliendo, Sacha Baron Cohen, tracy morgan, carlos mencia, kat williams, jimmy fallon, will farrell could come back to stand up and sell out a show faster then artie, adam ferrera... and im sure there are plenty of others,

wow thats makes your so called 99% claim look stupid. by the way where is your proof at????? mine is just common sense do you even watch stand up besides artie??????. dont answer cause apparently you dont, stupid!

3. HBO banning Artie is no big deal and is more of a publicity stunt to attract attention to that lame Joe Buck Show. It does surpasses the "dropped dollar bill in Times Square bit by Opine. BTW how's that working out? And I'm sure if HBO sees a chance to make a buck with Artie, they will embrace him with open arms.

oh really?...what are you his accountant? wanna talk about failed bits????...i couldnt even tell you the last howie contest that made tv, or was a success. beth o gets more spotlight then howie.

4. You make opinionated claims without documented facts to back them up. If your claims are 100% true then prove it,

the same opinionated claims?????? none of you zombies havent proved shit besides the messiahs massive ratings in the late 80-late 90's when jackie martling left, the show SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!
is that all you have???? its sad when you people have to compare his great 80's-90's shows to the bullshit he has now, if you think his show mow is better, you started listening didnt you???! if you didnt live in NYC in the 80's...quit now!!!!!!! here in philly we had him on WYSP after he signed on k-rock,....if your a true stern fan like u think you are you should already know that...i probally heard more stern then you did..
besides, do you have evidence on anything you said?????? dont be so hypocritical you dope!

5. What did the oral n anal power twins do to make that show so funny? What was their contribution other than latching on to the hard work of talented comedians?

funny thats what howie's show sounds like nowadays a bunch of comedians and selfish howie who hog's up all the air time (at least o&a let people talk) and cries when someones kid sits in his chair, or puts gag orders on o&a cause he was scared that people were listening to him on k-rock in the mornings and o&a on WNEW then takes 8 years to finally admit to it. in all the years ive listened to howie and o&a. NEVER has howie played an o&a clip that upset him...all he did was comment while you zombies sucked every word up like the cum dumpsters that you all are, meanwhile o&a play howie's audio in retaliation and defend themselves, then howie cries to management hence the gag order. funny that when o&a were let go by cbs, howie makes his obvious lies "shocker there" (i mean did you dopes believe when he used to tell people in the 80's he fought in Vietnam)

6. It looked like that tour was nothing more than an assembly of comedians and not much else. Kind of what Bob & Tom did years ago eh? Funny thing is as bad as Bob & Tom are, they're still around.

your comparing apples and oranges, now your getting desperate, are you running out of things to say????.....go ahead ill make sure ill trash you again if you even reply!

p.s. good luck

AAhhh, Stern zombies vs O&A pests....

This contest never dies.

The thing I find the most hilarious, is the Zombies outweigh the Pests 3:1, yet O&A garner the most attention on this site.

If O&A are nobodies, how come they have so many zombies attacking them, and why do they care so much?

If Stern is a nobody, why do the pests care?

And please, anyone with even half a brain knows that Stern isn't as relevant as he was 10 years ago (he is, however, not totally irrelevant). If he was as relevant, more than 11% of his audience would have followed him to Sirius. That is a FACT that nobody can disprove.

Both of you camps need to grow up. I used to listen to Stern, then I grew up. It's about time you did too. Your IQ drops with every "new" show.

The $3/month subscription upgrade cost for "premium online" is a total ripoff. Sirius/XM should take a cue from Netflix and not charge extra for additional internet devices.

At a time when satellite radio is losing market share to other mediums, you would think Sirius/XM would reach out and throw a bone to its loyal customers. Guess not.

all you sat radio subs can argue all you want but come on(especially you illrated)is it really a good thing to not have ALL content provided???obviously not.its not even arguable.if you want sat rad to succeed and i assume you do,ofcourse its rediculous to not have howard.also if anyone is paying for sat rad and doesnt listen to howard your kind of dumb.there is a infinate number of better and FREE options out there.the only reason to be a sub is for stern,mlb,,the stuff they left out of the app.what a joke.i cant see how they will stay around much longer with these kinds of decisions

You guys are all silly!!! I have been listening to Stern on my iphone for 2 months now!... go download "pocket Tunes" iphone app... it emulates a "Flash" enviornment and allows paying subscibers to access the Stern 100 and 101 channels on the Iphone!!! The app costs $10:00. One time free for the app...This is totally legal. Paying Sirius subscribers can access the Sirius web portal through any computer and device they own. Sirius cannot restrict the access method you use to connect to their web portal.

WTF. Like 20 pages of complaints about no Howard stern?! Who cares? My only problem with the app is that the sound quality is sucktastic. Granted I am on a edge iPhone... But pandora sounds way better.

WHAT???? Do you HAVE Sirius/XM? I'm directing this to the Anon who claims: "Howard is not the top reason people signed up for satellite radio."

Again - WHAT???? You are so WRONG! It's not the ONLY reason, but it is certainly the TOP reason for most of the Sirius subscribers and the reason there is such a thing still as satellite radio!

Yeah and fucking you over in the process