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Sirius XM make price increases official

XM Radio Online Rate HikeOh sure, we've known about the Sirius XM price increases for a while, and even got confirmation from Customer Service reps, but those CS folks are hardly valid sources of information.

But nothing says "official" like a good ol' website page. And XM made the first move, adding a new page today outlining what you need to do to lock-in your rates.

Sirius Price Increase
And so it begins...

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Thanks Nathan!


I have a pre-paid three year sub. Maybe I'm not reading it right but it's a bit confusing. So I have to up my plan to get online for free?

I wouldn't trust the Sirius link, it forwards me to another server:

I'm a little confused. I re-upped my subscription back in Dec. '07 for 2 years which means my current subscription will take me through December of this year. Does this mean I have to re-up now in order to lock in online listening for this new rate of $2.99/month or will I continue to receive online listening for free until this December? Also, does anyone know if by now paying for online listening (which is BS in my opinion) do we get the 128k quality?

May the fleas of 1,000 camels infest Mel Karmazin's armpits.

Well since I can only listen online at work and I'm not paying $3 a month for that I guess Slacker here I come.

They need to hurry up and release that Sirius/XM iPhone app so I can just Sub to the online. is an internet marketer, and likely the company that is sending out mass emails for SIRIUS. It should be fine but if you don't trust the login, simply login at

You will keep getting FREE internet streaming for however long your term is. Once that term ends (and you get billed again for another term), the free streaming goes away for you.

Hello Jeff,

In response to your question above, If you have already paid a two year subscription that will take you through Dec., You are set to go with Online listening for free until your subscription ends, however, after that timeframe, you will be required to pay for the online listening.

What SIRIUS is asking, is we take advantage of the Lock in period to have more time with a Multi Receiver discount (if you own more than 1 Radio) & the online listening. I have SIRIUS & had a subscription for 2 years that would end in Apr '09 & I called to lock it in for 3 more years.

& BTW, it is 128kbps Quality.

link works fine - remove the virus from your computer

Slacker here i come!!!

If your listening while working thats not called working. It's called stealing.

Now I'm confused. Is XM going to increase the price for the family plan radios... or just charge to listen online?

It looks like you have to change or uograde your plan - the plan you have now will not include the free streaming. So they're trying to pump even more money out of you, just to get the free online service.

Congratulations, SiriusXM. You just lost another subscriber. How many more of us will it take before you realize that you need customers to provide "customer" service?

Good Bye Sirius you will now loose $19.94 a month. My 2 subscriptions are gone until they start listening to their customers.

Wow. So Karmazin flat-out lied to Congress.

Does anyone else remember the first merger hearing? He said over and over again that he wouldn't raise prices. I guess I need to pull out my recording and listn to it again, to make sure I remember hearing what he actually said.

I also have a multi-year sub. It runs out in April 2010. If I re-sub now, do I get credit back for the remaining year or do they just add the new sub on top of that?

A few months ago when I wanted to add Best Of Sirius they told me that I would have to start a new sub and I would lose my remaining time. I hope that's not the case for this.

Interesting... the Sirius page says that the 6.99 discounted plan is going up $2, but the XM page doesn't mention an increased price for the XM family plan radios.

So are family plan subs going up or not? Am I somehow dodging a bullet by using an XM radio instead of a Sirius radio?

Now that online listening is subscription based, does this mean that we will no longer see the "are you still listening?" pop-up?

Mel never lied. The basic plan of $12.95 will remain the same. The new plans are going up. Please do some research before posting rubbish.

XM likely didn't update it's website yet for that.

Do we know anything about radio rates yet? Will they go up?

Well, this is too bad. I like the Internet Radio, but since Sirius refuses to put NASCAR Radio on the service, I can't see paying for the audio. The last couple of days, I started playing with Slacker at the recommendation of others at this site. It meets my online needs perfectly, plus has a plugin for my unlimited data BlackBerry. Also, since my wife works from the house now and no longer has a long commute, we decided to cancel the additional radio on the account due to the price increase. Oh well.

This is a thank you to all the merger proponents. First they kill channels, now they raise prices on ancillary services, you know what else is even greater segmentation of services so that you will get less for more. Oh and the stock is worth one thin dime. Hooray for the merger - what a wise decision that was. I feel like a prophet.

SIRIUS XM iPhone app will be submitted to Apples's Appstore within 4 days.
Check out nicemac for more updates.

I assume none of this applies to Sirius Canada....yet.

the clown that said sirius refuses to stream nascar over the internet is a complete moron.

Wait didn't I hear Mel say no price increases? Hey CEO's always lie, what else is new.

But will anyone care?

Is the online free for LIFETIME subscribers?


You may want to take your own advice their cool. The new plans are not going up. Only peoples 2nd through 4th subscriptions. Also Internet Streaming will be $2.99 and not free anymore unless you have a lifetimed radio. Then its only free for that radio. Maybe you shoud do some research before you post rubbish.

I hardly ever listen to XM Online so if i'm not able to listen to it, it's really no big deal.

Can anyone confirm that with the lifetime subscription you get the online services free? If so I may sign up for that. It works out to about 2 yrs 6 months and I believe that you can transfer the subscription up to 3 times.

XM may not be around in 2 yrs 6months but I think that with the 3 transfers you can make out good in the long run if they make it.

Anyone got any opinions on this? (I know, I know, that is a dumb question)

Thanks in advance for the advice!!

well....... i am not raising prices....... i am just charging you for something that was once available for free.......

I think to help justify this, SXM needs to have a large number of channels available online. No dj's, just commercial free channels. Bring back fred, fungus, etc. Also have 90s rap channel, 1 hit wonders, pretty much every genre out there. 160 channels on the satellites and an additional 100 online exclusives. I think most could live with that for an additional 2.99 a month. And at 128 kps!

I see XM is offering life-time subs now too. But I wonder how long the lifetime of sir/xm will be?


My Rock Network is where it's at. Commercial free music channels with deep playlists. I enjoy it much better than Slacker or Pandora because I don't have time to edit and customize my own playlists. I've been listening to the AAA and Mellow Rock channels online all day at work.

I think this is how SXM plans to make money...nickel and dime everybody to death. Got a second radio? $9. Got a Sirius receiver but want the best of XM? $4. Want to listen online? $3. Since they're not raising the base rate, people are supposed to be okay with this.

Well, frankly...there are a million stations you can listen to online for free. I have two receivers but I don't need both since the stations I listen to are duplicated on both platforms now, and this also ends my need for the "best of XM" package on the old Sirius unit I'll no longer be using.

So, even though I'll be keeping that subscription for now, SXM has just saved me a little money in their failed attempt to gouge me.


When XM went from $9.95 a month to $12.95 they added the internet streaming as part of your subscription.

In other words you were paying for the online streaming.

So now on March 12th to get the same service you have now with all the features you have now you need to pay $2.99 a month more.

That my friend is a PRICE INCREASE.


FYI, Just called and confirmed with Sirius Customer support that sirius/xm online for LIFETIME is free for new and existing.

Slacker rocks man!

Dear Sirius,
Your programming is good
your radios are trashy
your increase stinks
and three more radios
are signing off.

I still say they should have merged their billing systems BEFORE doing this. I have XM factory installed in my car and then a Sirius radio at work and at home and one of them has Best of XM so I can listen to O&A. So I am paying for 2 primary radios and 1 family plan. Right now I am paying $36.93 ($12.95, $16.99 and $6.99) plus tax.

Under a merged billing system and the new rates for secondary radios, I would be paying $34.97 ($16.99 and 2 at $8.99) thus saving $2 a month. It's not a lot of money, but say 25% of us have dual subs, that's a couple million people! At just $2 a month, Sirius/XM is making a mint by not merging billing first. I wonder if this is a class action suit waiting to happen? It's one company, bill us as one!

When my car lease is up at the end of the year, I will definitely be kissing the XM sub good bye.

I called XM Customer Service today. I was advised I could lock in the free internet radio BUT I would have to switch from quarterly billing to a 1, 2 or 3 year plan and pay ALL AT ONCE.

In this economy, they are delusional if they think anyone is going to be in a position to pay these sums of money at once.

Seems like they are trying to shift their financial problems to loyal consumers. I thought this merger was a great thing... until now!!!

XM and Sirius will not only still bill you quarterly if you demand it, they will bill you *monthly* if you want. They do this for me because I've made it clear that I will cancel if they don't. Just lay it out there and they'll do it...that whole yearly or quarterly crap is just an attempt to hook you into paying all at once.

cos1000 does not believe that the price increase is true. he says it's nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumor and irresposible journalism to report such a lie. he says show him the proof. confirm the price increase

and everyone knows . . . cos1000 is the smartest guy in the room!

So, you are saying that you can keep current pricing by signing a 1, 2, or 3 year agreement, and they'll still bill you monthly?

If so, that's far more attractive than paying it all up front.

yes it is

Loyalty and Prepaid accounts have there perks.
Why be bothered 2 or 3 times a year paying bills.
Not everybody in this country is broke.
Education and Budgets go a long way.

I'll pay online access. For now. I can use my PSP to listen to 20+ country channels from SHOUTcast. I'll keep my XM subs though. My ditch my Inno as my second radio though later on.

EDUCATION would tell you that Sirius XM might not be in business in 6-12 months: why purchase a 1, 2, 3 year or lifetime subscription when it might possibly be a waste because of "there" lack of a balanced BUDGET.

And EDUCATION would tell you that the word you were looking for was "their"...not "there".

And my reason for dumping XM/Sirius becomes official. Too many other sources for hearing new music that are FREE - so long - it was fun.

This is dumb is anyone actually planning to pay for online listening?

XMRO is generally hit & miss as it is, and 128 bit quality, while nice, is uneccessary - not to mention the fact that SiriXM content has sucked since they buyout - repetitive playlists, DJs, etc.

They can keep their online feed, there are tons of FREE and BETTER online services - Yahoo, AOL radio and my personal favorite, Slacker.

I'll grab a feed of Ron & Fez from 12 to 3, then I'll use slacker the rest of the time. Problem solved.

I had to call to cancel the internet radio becuase i own 2 subscriptions. They are charging 2.99 per subscription. So i would be paying


8 bucks a month extra. Now that aint alot, but i pay every 6 months and thats gonna sock me.

If anyone who owns multiple subscriptions, beware you will be charged 2.99 per receiver for the internet and 2 bucks for the reciever itself.

I sent out an email asking about the additional radio price increase, since XM's site just mentioned the online price increase and this is the canned response i got back!

"XM is proud to announce our exciting new lineup. Along with your favorites, we have added new channels, shows, legendary DJ's and celebrity hosts, giving you more of what you love about satellite radio. You'll get 69 commercial-free music channels covering all genres of music, including new channels like Bruce Springsteen's E Street Radio, the Grateful Dead Channel, Elvis Radio, Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville, Siriusly Sinatra, Metropolitan Opera Radio, Eminem's Shade 45, Jam On, Little Steven's Underground Garage and more. Plus, you'll also get new personalities and exclusive shows like Barabara Walters, Chris Mad Dog Russo and Jeff Foxworthy. And, even more entertainment including Doctor Radio, Blue Collar Radio and the Foxxhole.

Everything you need to know about the new lineup is online at Download the new channel guide and keep it by your radio. With all of the new programming and personalities, Everything Worth Listening To is Now on XM."

if this is what they consider customer service, then I will indeed be cancelling my additional radio.

I have always said the XM Sirius merger would hurt the consumer in the end and sadly I was right on. It’s amazing how the SXM fanboys will always come to the defense of the company. “Well the price increase is a good thing because blah blah…” I was an XM subscriber since 2001 and I was once a diehard advocate for sat rad. I knew this merger would mean killed off channels, shallow play lists and price increases. “We won’t raise the rates” (on the main sub, but on everything else we are so going to screw the consumer). So here is my response, I cancelled my 3 radios and between my friends and family I have told about the increase I can confirm at least 13 more cancellations. FYI SMX you reap what you sow, lets see how well all these new changes and increases help the bottom line. As for me I bought a Slacker G2 and couldn't be happier so I will survive just fine, question is will SXM, fingers crossed they won't...

I just called XM Customer Service again inquiring about a 2 or 3 year plan but quarterly billing and I was flat out told that was not an option. I also spoke to a supervisor who told me that to take advantage of the plan, discounts and free online listening, I would have to pay up front.

I am not in a position to lay out a couple of hundred bucks for a service that I am not sure will even exist a year from no (don't get me wrong... I hope they do).

Their "customer service" sucks and if I ran my business as they do, I would be out of business....

I am very disappointed at the price increases and charging to listen online. I have been a loyal XM subscriber since 2002 and I am now seriously considering cancelling ALL 3 of my radio subscriptions. I'm sure I won't be the only one.
Raising prices, I can understand; but charging to listen online even if you have an account just sucks.
I am one of many Americans who work paycheck to paycheck and I do not have the extra money to buy a year or two in advance.
This is a sad day for me and for Sirius/XM. I will continue to listen to my radios and online until March 11th and then, sadly, my radios will go silent. Or maybe I will cancel my two Inno’s (sorry kids) and just pay for the online, doing that will save me money. This sucks!

Unhappy and Betrayed

Wait - so you are saying that we have to call and CANCEL the online radio feature if we don't want it, otherwise we will AUTOMATICALLY be billed the 2.99 per radio?

I haven't seen that anywhere - maybe I just assumed they wouldn't sign you up without your consent. I mean, when they added Best of Sirius to XM, it wasn't added to my sub automatically (and I didn't want it, so good all around).

Anyone know before I trudge over to call customer service?

Yes, whether or not this price hike breaks the letter of their agreement with customers and the FCC, it surely breaks the spirit of it. The company sells the deal as a boon to the consumer, repeatedly says "no price hikes," and then, in a move that could most charitably be called chintzy, exploits a loophole in the merger agreement by raising the price of additional radios and charging extra for online listening. Of course, in 2005, the inclusion of online listening in the basic subscription package was used to justify a $3 increase in the basic subscription price, so the current price hike really amounts to being charged twice for the same thing.

But it'd all be okay with me -- in fact, I'd gladly pay more -- if they'd give us something for it. Put some of the axed channels back on the online version, for example. Why can't the dog throw us a bone rather than just giving us the bone?

SXM *is* raising the rate on the main sub by adding a charge for online access. Online was always included in the subscription cost and it was never a standalone fee unless a subscriber subscribed ONLY to online.

The company needs to be taken to task about this. It is a violation of its pledge to the DOJ/FCC that rates will not increase until at least three years from the acquisition. The subscription increase for radios after the base sub is a violation of the agreement too. What part of "no subscription increase for three years" is unclear?

The tool that made fun of this clown for complaining about NASCAR on the net doesn't have a clue.

The service would be worth it on the net if you received every channel your receiver does, but they don't do that. It should just be like an additional receiver. If it was, I would pay 6.99 or 8.99 a month to stream to my audio system. If they change, maybe.

I cancelled yesterday as I didn't like Outlaw Country as much as X-Country. Nice to know you SATRAD but the post merger line up is a diluted version of XM. If I'd have wanted Sirius music channels I would have bought Sirius back in 2003 when I signed up for XM. Mel K strikes again after ruining FM radio (although he wasn't alone as Clear Channel and others also helped) he's moved onto make XM a shell of its former self. I am now a member of the Slacker Nation and a former member of the XM Nation.

How does this work for Stiletto's? Do I need to pay the extra money to get the stream to it?

Well it looks like Slacker has a new customer. I can't afford another $3, sorry, I'm a broke college student.

The Stiletto is a radio, so it doesn't depend on the online version of Sirius, if that's what you mean by a stream, so you wouldn't pay the $2.99. If the Stiletto is your only radio or your primary radio, the fee will not change; if it's an additional radio on your account, you'd pay the extra $2 unless you sign up for a 1, 2, or 3 year plan.

Sorry, I just realized you're talking about the Wifi feature. Good question. I wonder how they're going to handle that on your radio -- whether you'll lose that feature if you don't cough up $2.99 extra. That'd suck.

called to cancel the other day and got three free months. think i'll just milk that cow for a while to offset the price increase. until they can 202 of course, at which point i'll cancel entirely.

check out the former XM-themed stations on slacker. their fred, ethel and lucy clones are top-notch, seeing as how alt nation plays nothing but emo shit now and lithium is the 24/7 seattle grunge channel. oh please, mel, play yellow leadbetter one more goddamn time for me!

Yep, I am canceling my car oem and just using my SL2 with a car dock, I already pay for the premium internet.. F*CK em.

Since the merger... I have gone from 4, 3, 2, and finally down to ONE radio. Maybe that is why the stock Bl0w$ goats..

This is the WORST run company in America.. Anyone disagree?

Lets see.... in a very bad economy.. a company used mainly as a luxury.. RAISES PRICES and REDUCES CONTENT at the same time!.. I rest my case.
Worst company in America.

Thanks Jeff, not only is awesome, but I checked out the alternate site for jazz at (you can get to it through at the top right-hand corner of the page). For those who miss the jazz channels that were dropped by Sirius and XM, definitely check this out. The days of SatRad are numbered, Internet Radio is the future.

What that release doesn't tell us is that on March 11, Sirius and XM will be fully integrated, ie, one company. Why would they leave that info out? That has to mean huge cost savings, yet no mention?

you will not have to renew your sub. you will have internet free until your sub renewed.

I just voted with my dollars; I canceled my account effective at the end of the term. Reason I gave was the added cost for online listening and the decline in quality of content since the merger.

Mrwirez, SXM is not the worst company in the world. Fox News is definitely ahead of them in that line. But the "FM-ization" of SXM is a modern tragedy at least for music lovers. Ultimately SXM will go bankrupt, leaving all the lifetime subscribers in line behind the other unsecured creditors. Clear Channel will buy up the facilities and relaunch satrad with large advertising budgets, feature more channels at lower bitrates with the same commercial message load as terrestrial broadcasters. Some half dozen programmers will schedule all 110 channels based on the same research services used by terrestrial PDs. Some percentage of The Vast Masses who tolerate terrestrial will listen to satrad - channels like Limbaugh 100 and 101 will be available on endless loop for your cross-country driving pleasure.
Things change. Commercial exploitation of music succeeds only at the lowest common denominator. In just a little while, those of us who had it will reminisce, "remember XM? Those were the good old days."

I spoke with a CSR from XM earlier than they informed me since I cancelled on Monday and that my billing cycle end date was February 1, 2009, I could un-cancel and I wouldn't face any new charges until February 23rd, 2010. The lady also said that I wouldn't face an added cost for the second radio I have in my wife's vehicle or any charge for online listening until February 24th, 2010 should I choose to renew. So, I will stick with XM-12 Outlaw Country and hope they continue to add more Americana, Alt Country, and Texas Music and more songs from each artist that they play. I'm now once again a member of the XM Nation until next February.

one company??? so does THAT mean I will finally be able to take advantage of a second radio discount being I have XM and my wife has a Sirius radio?!?!?!

Remind me again... are these two merged???

Everyone cancel radios on March 10th! Let them learn the hard way. They will call and try to get you back.

I think someone should go to the Federal Trade Commission website and submit a complaint. This is clearly contrary to the representations that were made during the merger talks. The government lately has been dissappointing; they can atleast protect us from a bonafide monopoly acting to the detriment of the public.

Good post. Although I hope you're wrong about satellite radio's future, I agree that there are other companies far worse than Sirius XM, and you certainly named one.

As I understand it, to protect terrestrial broadcasters, current FCC regulations prohibit offering satellite radio free of charge. If this were not the case, I suspect the scenario you outlined would have already happened.

Brian, Yes you will be able to take advantage of the second radio discount if you have one of each. They merged financially last year but until March 11, they have been two separate companies. This cost increase will actually save you and me money, but siri didn't release this tidbit of info yet. I got this info through CS when I called the other day asking about replacing my siri radio in a new truck I just purchased. We'll find out soon enough how accurate she was.

Mr. C,
thanks for the information although it completely escapes me why they chose to not disclosure that as it means a cost savings...

>Yes, whether or not this price hike breaks the letter of their agreement with customers and the FCC, it surely breaks the spirit of it. The company sells the deal as a boon to the consumer, repeatedly says "no price hikes," and then, in a move that could most charitably be called chintzy, exploits a loophole in the merger agreement by raising the price of additional radios and charging extra for online listening.

Just like Mel broke "the spirit of the agreement claiming that SIRI XM were never required to COMMERCIALLY DEPLOY a "interoperable radio" because the FCC rules never stated that interoperable radios were only required to be "developed".

When an organization gets "Rewarded" for previous rules violations, they seek further "rewards" for future rules violations and loopholes.

Isn't the exactly why the NAB petitioned against the merger?

David Reher must be laugin' his arse off at your guys. You wanted the merger. You got it!! Hope you enjoy reaping the rewards of your success.

The best part is all these subscribers that can't seem to figure out why they can't get their billing systems combined? Duhhh!! Because they have no financial interest in doing it!! Wake up!! Quite being a patsy.

And you wonder why Mel called his shareholders.... "Unsophisticated"...

Remember.. The NAB TOLD YOU SO!!

And so it goes,

After March 11, Sirius XM is trying to eliminate 32k and 64k streams. Everyone will be on 128k cd quality. This hurts dial-up and some users over Edge that have poor coverage.

Don't left Sirius XM charge more and offer less. Call, write, email Sirius and XM today and explain to them that they are making a huge mistake by getting rid of 32k and 64k streams. If they were smart they will keep 32k and 64k and add 128k to all users on both services for Sirius and XM.

Sirius XM is making a huge mistake at the worst possible time. Charging more is okay, but taking away 32k and 64k access to its users is a bad move. Sirius XM has tunnel vision and can't see the forest from the trees. This why they can't write their own software player for the iPhone.

They are hurting for dough. We give them that, but to offer users less for more is a crime. Don't do it Sirius XM.

If you are consumer/customer/listen of Sirius XM, speak up now! And let Sirius XM know how important StarPlayr is to you and that you want them to succeed but to commit to a screw up like this is a disaster in the making.

Even if you are not an iPhone user, Streaming quality should be your choice. It's your bandwidth. It's your Sirius and XM Radio. 32k, 64k, 128k should be a choice not a 128k dictatorship.

If you are consumer/customer/listen of Sirius XM, speak up now! And let Sirius XM know that this means to you.

Contact XM:

Contact Sirius:

Keep on streaming! 32/64/128k It should be your choice, not Sirius'

I have never met a company whose policy is "The Customer Is Always Wrong"

Sirius programming has been a huge disaster for the past few years, sparking anger across Internet forum from subscribers that have begged the company to expand their limited playlists and get rid of the obnoxious DJ chatter that has turned their service into a glorified FM station.

I mean, have you guys heard of the morning show they put on one of their music channels, 20 on 20? A bunch of adults spouting toilet humor and laughing at each other's atrocious humor. This is the sort of progress that Sirius has made as a music delivery service and they scratch their heads and wonder why people are furious.

I have been talking with Jon Zellner, the man directly responsible for destroying Sirius programming. Though I know for a fact that Mr. Zellner is very aware of the growing hostility towards Sirius programming, you wouldn't guess it by his reply. As far as he is concerned, things are going very well for his company.

I agree people should write SiriusXM and complain, but I will tell you first-hand from dealing with these executives directly, they don't care about what their subscribers think. They have put their trust into the same music consultants that destroyed FM radio. They are determined to continue running their programming into the ground without ever acknowledging there is a problem.

I love Sirius but if this is the way they do business, I may have to re-think my subscription. The email I received seemed a little "phishy" to me as in a phishing scam. The link it sends you to is a non secure site (non https) and Sirius was misspelled in the email itself ( What a bunch of idiots.

OK! Here is my next prediction.

For those that opined in favor of the merger so that they could "save money" by combining their XM and SIRIUS accounts onto a single billing system.

Therefore, a subscription to XM and a subscription to SIRIUS base cost was 12.99 + 12.99 and included streaming of both services.

Well, now the cost goes to $12.99 pXM base price plus $2.99 for XM steaming and $8.99 second radio (Sirius) plus $2.99 for Sirius Streaming.

Final cost (minus taxes of course) for combined billing Sirius and XM accounts together and keeping everything that you have been getting paying 2 separate services is $28.96 per month. Versus the $25.98 you are paying now

That's Mel's reward for all those pleaded with the FCC to allow the merger because they thought they were going to be getting lower prices via combined billing.

And my prediction is... He will CHARGE you a one time $35 dollar fee per radio to combine the billing. He will make you pay $35 so that you can pay $3 dollars a month more to continue to receive what you were already receiving before the merger. And if you chose not to combine your billing. Then he will charge you $31.98 per month to receive lower quality content/and streaming in comparison to the $25.99 you were paying pre-merger.

This merger thing is workin' out fantastic. Aren't you glad you worked so hard to get it passed?

Look, the next time you want to complain. You need to go to the FCC Web Site and re-read the comments you filed with the FCC. Because this merger thing is going to be a win-win.

And so it goes,


Some asshole is on my case, claiming that I bitch too much (see Snow Patrol to be featured on Artist Confidential), but the fact of the matter is that this company gives the subscribers every reason to bitch... and to cancel!

Can you imagine how much different the prospects, the future of satellite radio would be if these apathetic, condescending, arrogant, heartless stiffs were replaced with people who have a genuine interest in the technology, and some empathy for the subscribers? This whole fiasco never had to happen - this company is on life support because the management and their decisions - or lack of - have been a disaster.

They flatly refuse to listen to the subscribers - even well intentioned advice that could help the company turn things around. Unbelievable !!!
They went and destroyed the greatest asset that the service has(other than the subs) - the diverse and unique content. They are now putting annoying, humorless DJ's and personalities on many of the channels, despite the intense opposition of subscribers. If the NAB was running this operation, it couldn't be any worse!

Management of this company are not only destroying satellite radio, but they have brought immeasurable anxiety and financial harm to millions of subscribers and shareholders.

You would like to think that there is some good in all people, and that they - Mel & co - would feel an obligation to every last one of the subscribers - all of whom are paying hard to come by dollars and supporting a fledgling industry.

How does this company reward the millions of passionate, loyal sat rad lovers out there? With complete indifference and betrayal, that's how!

If that douche wants a piece of me after this post, and uses the same tone that he did before, I can assure you that I will not hold back anything in my rebuttle. The jackasses' post should not have been allowed, based on content and language. There should be a minimum standard that posters are expected to meet; this guy's reply to me was reprehensible in my opinion.

You can suck it, PCSTEL. It's one thing to complain about the company, but to come in here and insult the USERS and the CUSTOMERS here, the ones being wronged is just plain... well, WRONG.

Go stick it in your ear. We're not interested in your NAB Cool-Aid.


I have learned through these Internet forums that you cannot express a negative opinion about Sirius radio without someone coming after you, calling you names like "XM Fanboy" or otherwise. Those that had Sirius radio all these years and never experienced the creativity that went into XM when it first began have no idea how good satellite radio can be.

Your post pretty much nailed the opinions of the many of us who have been complaining for years.

Sirius programming is catered to the lowest common denominator. It for those that want everything FM has to offer, but at a subscription rate. You want DJs? You can hear them constantly talking over music with senseless babble. You want to hear the same songs over and over again? The limited playlists ensure that you'll always hear the same 500 top 40 hits on the decades channels.

Sirius stock is in the toilet and most analysts are predicting that the company will go bankrupt. As passionate as I am about satellite radio, I say go ahead. The company deserves to go under for what they have put their subscribers through including this price increase.

Steve, I am with you here. I will continue to voice my opinion and get more people like us involved in trying to change satellite radio into something that strays far away from the FM model.

Thanks for your support.


As long as this company keeps screwing up, I will continue to mouth off.
I thought the merger delay was an ordeal; getting managemant to listen to the subscribers is proving to be even more agonizing!

I appreciate the energy and passion you exude in your pursuit to help satellite radio achieve its full potential. Since nobody with this company seems to accept any accountability for their behavior, it remains essential that you and I, and as many people as posible continue to exercise our right to dissent! NJRonbo - I enjoy your post and I agree with your perspective conerning this never ending nightmare.


Let me know where else we can spread the gospel.

I'm willing to continue making enough noise about this problem
until Sirius changes their "Customer is always wrong" policy.

At this point they are aware of the subscriber dissatisfaction but
refuse to do anything about it.


I'll admit that I feel stymied in seeing management blatantly ignore the subscribers wishes and advice - truely absurd, and self destructive!

These people are defiant, and seem oddly commited to resisting the requests - even the demands - of the subs. They are really stupid, because this attitude is to their own detriment, and they will ultimately pay a dear price for blowing people off with such callous disregard!

All I want is really good radio, at a fair price, with out the bullshit. I think that millions of other people, including you (obviously!) have the same yearning. This company is taking a golden opportunity and completely BLOWING IT !!!

I love satellite radio, and I don't mind spreading the gospel. I just wish Mel and Co. would help out a little. I will never understand the contempt that this company has for its subscribers. The whole thing has become exhausting at this point.

Steve & Ron (and all others outraged at the actions of the company):

Write to the FCC and DOJ. Carbon your congressional reps and senators. cc your local daily and weekly papers too.

Posting here is all fine but let's get some real action from people who can DO SOMETHING. We also have a new consumer-friendly administration in office.

From what I understand it's Jon Zellner that is largely responsible for destroying the music over at Sirius. It's my understanding that he started cutting the playlists drastically at XM over the later years and is now controlling the program at SiriusXM.

There is nothing that can be done other than people like you and I continuing to post these messages across the Internet forums. Though I have run into the same sort of retaliation you have from loyal Sirius subscribers, I am continually amazed to find more and more subscribers like ourselves who are very angry about Sirius' attempt to replicate FM radio.

Though I would hate to see satellite radio disappear, it is my hope that Sirius in its present form goes under and that someone else with some sort of vision takes it over. Combine the bandwidth, deliver CD quality audio with no DJ interference and vast playlists and I think you have something that will rival any music delivery service out there.

It's not that difficult to figure out. SiriusXM subscribers have figured it out and been screaming for change. We just have to get radio people out of the satellite business.

I'll be around this website looking for opportunities to continue to talk up this concept.

Consumer Insider,

Can you provide us with contact information?

I am thinking about starting a website devoted to complaints
about Sirius radio. In addition, a petition that will enable angry
subscribers to voice their opinions.

I am perfectly happy to further this fight, but I need support of people who are willing to back me up and help put a website and petition together.

As with I started this post, contact information for the FCC and DOJ would be appreciated.

Consumer Insider,

Can you provide us with contact information?

I am thinking about starting a website devoted to complaints
about Sirius radio. In addition, a petition that will enable angry
subscribers to voice their opinions.

I am perfectly happy to further this fight, but I need support of people who are willing to back me up and help put a website and petition together.

As with I started this post, contact information for the FCC and DOJ would be appreciated.

Consumer Insider and NJRonbo,
what is you email addresses as I want to forward you an email string I traded with XM CSR... clearly, they do not care about the consumer.

First I was a bit annoyed that Howard was off every Friday and a ton of other days. Then I was annoyed that Bubba was airing a censored show from "testicle" radio as they like to put it when they were trashing FM radio. Now I will have to start paying when I want to listen online. Give me a break. What I am seeing is great technology being tainted by greed.

You are forgetting that some stations were removed due to the merger. You may be paying the same, but you are getting less. Mel did lie, and I don't think he meant to, he just really did not understand how it would all work. I am really debating whether to still be a subscriber. Sirius XM will experience a reduction in subscribers for the first time in their history.

Looks like the new on-line service is claimed to be a higher quality digital. Why not let people try it, before buying it. I'm not going to renew my current 5 year contract until it's up in March 2010. It's not about money, it's about music and Sirius XM does not provide a quality product any more. Will it change, the customer service rep said it's going to, but plenty of time has passed, and nothing but gay bubba stern crap being talked about.

If you are still reading this my email address is: