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Sirius XM offers Lifetime Subscription Discount

UPDATE: If you're looking for Sirius or XM promotions look no further. There's two satellite radio discounts right here that appear to be hidden from the general public (they're even available by phone only). Also, here's a free XM activation code if you're looking for that too. Enjoy!

Sirius Lifetime Subscription Discount
Sirius XM Radio Inc. is looking to boost holiday sales by offering a limited-time discount on Sirius Lifetime Subscriptions.

The promotion has two choices available:
  • Save $100 off a regular Sirius Lifetime Subscription (an "EZ Pay" installment plan is available) good for the life of your radio
  • or save $150 and get a Sirius Lifetime Subscription plus The Best of XM Lifetime Plan (which, if you didn't guess already, includes a regular Sirius Lifetime sub plus the Best of XM package)
The company recently launched the promotion in both online and on-air advertisements, but has not specifically said when the "limited time" offer will end (to my knowledge). It's also only available by phone, by calling 866-519-7474.

Thanks John!


They are also offering $50 off XM lifetime ($99 / $149) for Sirius lifetimers.

They're talking about the lifetime of your RADIO, as you point out. Not YOUR lifetime.

And certainly not THEIR lifetime which I strongly suspect will be the shortest lifetime of all.

Their stock is in the toilet and their failure is coming soon. They are starting to censor music. If they don't re-sign BTLS it will be another nail in their coffin! Avoid this deal and go month to month if you absolutely must have satellite radio!

That is the key, too. For all who are on lifetimes, you CAN switch radios up to three times, at $75 per switch.

I am starting to believe Mel is going to try to raise enough cash to pay off the February debt. This is certainly one way to help him get there.

If he get pay off the February debt with cash, it would buy Sirius/XM some time. Hopefully by May (when the next debt payment is due) the credit market will be improved.

You are allowed to transfer to 3 different radios.

How about, for once, offering existing subscribers the opportunity to upgrade at a discount to a lifetime sub w/ no strings attached? How about something like a "Happy Holidays to our customers" for a promotion? I know the lifetime sub would be a no brainer for me if it wasn't for the BS fine print...$75 to switch, max of 3 times, etc. The technology changes so fast you would be stuck in a couple of years in addition to spending $225 for transfers, not to mention the cost of new hardware. Wouldn't it be better to raise cash AND help your customers at this difficult time versus more "toxic" financing. Is it too simple? I don't know, call me crazy.

why not an XM lifetime sub??

What's the actual cost of the Lifetime XM sub? I don't see this stated anywhere. I have a NAV system with XM in my Pilot and would like to get this.

Ryan: How much are the lifetime subscriptions for Sirius and XM? Do they include the 'added fun - best of' channels? Thanks, Karl

What's the actual cost of the Lifetime XM sub? I don't see this stated anywhere. I have a NAV system with XM in my Pilot and would like to get this.

I have a lifetime sub to SIRIUS. I think it was $500.00. I don't understand the three transfers if it's lifetime. Also, I have trouble finding info on plans and radios. I haven't called anyone yet, just looking on websites. But it seems murky at best on many questions I have. For example: what radios have the 50 channel plans; what channels make up the 50 pool; what is the price to add the 'best of' to a lifetime sub. It seems to me they do a poor job of communication in this area. Why don't they have a super website for the combined company, since this could save them a lot of money, and make it easier for their customers to get info.

XM Lifetime subs are only $399, whereas Sirius Lifetime subs are $499 (now 399 w/ the discount).

That's not including any Best Of packages.

Ditto to the post on 'less strings'. If I sign up for a lifetime sub I shouldn't have to be tied to 3 receivers, etc.

Wouldn't it be smarter to want loyal subscribers to buy new radios/technology? If you're a lifetime sub you are likely a gadget lover.

The strings keep me away from this offer...enough said.

The best and most factually coorect post is that the expected lifetime of your radio is longer than the expected lifetime of the company.

This is a way to raise cash at the expense of cheapening the service. If there were a natural and organic demand for the service, you wouldn't be seeing this discounting.

Buyer Beware!!!

Another great idea, or not? When you buy a car you should have an option for a 'life of the car' sub, say for maybe $200. to $250., for the average new car life before trading (2-3 years?). Or make it 5 years to entice more longer term buyers. No monthly payments, just one clean, up front payment. If financed it would probably be less than $10 per month. This eliminates those 50% cancellations after their free 3 months. Whether they keep the car or trade it, the sub expires after the 2-5 period. Most used cars would have 2 or more free years. That would be a selling point for the seller. And probably have the buyer hooked after a year or two of SATRAD.
What do you genuises think?

I first got Sirius in November 2004 after Howard Stern announced he was coming over. I have 2 lifetime subscriptions with Sirius. I signed up with one radio about 2 years ago and then the other one about a year ago. At those times I paid $499 plus tax (for the first radio) and then $399 plus tax a year later on the second radio. Both of my radios are crappy (one is the real bulky radio 1st generation radio that I bought at Radio Shack, the other is a Sirius One which has a frustrating one line display and looks like a radar detector). I would LOVE a new radio, but won't upgrade because I'm only allowed to do so 3 times (at $75 per transfer)under my lifetime subscriptions. I figure that if each radio lasts 10 years, that's a GREAT value for my money. Yes, I have to put up with old equipment, but I don't have monthly charges to deal with. The current lifetime subscription is inferior to the one I signed up for because it's only for your existing radio, not subsequent ones. Even if Sirius goes bankrupt, I'm pretty sure that they'll continue to operate, even if it means govenment control. Even with the recent channel changes, Satrad still beats my stack of CDs OR an Ipod. Music and Entertainment delivered via Wireless Internet from cell phone towers will give Sirius XM a run for their money down the road. Imagine Pandora built into your car radio and available anywhere that you can get a cell phone signal.

When i first joined sirius they offered the lifetime subscription for around that price. This was when sirius first became somewhat popular. What strings were attached the first lifetime subscription when they first offered it? Did anyone buy the lifetime subscription they offered shortly after the birth of sirius?

lol. Go out and ask 10 people if they are interested in satellite radio. I bet 9 and a half of them will say no. That half a person is a Stern fan and still isnt paying for radio. And when and if they do pay for, they can hear the AWFUL sound quality and pretty bad play lists. Satellite radio stinks now.

they need to easily give the service away to get people hooked. People who don't have it just don't know what they are missing. Hell, it's WORTH THE MONEY if there are only 3 channels you like - as far as I am concerned. Add into that the baseball package and it's a steal. Yet, people just don't know what they are missing. XM has done a TERRIBLE job marketing the baseball stuff. Hell, I could personally sell a ton of subs JUST for the baseball. They have "marketing" people there who don't know crap about baseball and how to pitch it to people. I am sorry, but for a displaced baseball fan to hear their teams games IN their car, is just unreal. They can get or etc, but in their car? That's just sick.

But even the music - say what you want, but I am sure most people can find 5 stations they dig and that are WAY better than any ONE terrestrial station. They have to figure out a way to give the radios away so it's easier to get people hooked.

Current XM subscribers have it made !!! Add Best of Sirius and you have NFL as well. You get all MLB and all NFL games at your fingertips. Not to mention all the other sports dedicated channels that XM and Sirius provide. Hopefully they can get a deal signed with MLB to allow Sirius subscribers to get MLB games by adding the 'Best of XM' package.
SATRAD provides a smorgasbord for your ears that terrestrial radio nor Ipod can. Not only all genres of music but also sports and talk. I got 'hooked' on Sirius about two years ago and added a lifetime subscription to my Stiletto 100. I'll break even after 3 years ... not counting the $75 for up to 3 transfers if I ever change radios. Now they have a deal where you can get the Lifetime Plan at a discount as well as a discount on lifetime of the Best of XM.

If you are a current Sirius lifetime subscriber as I am you can add Best of XM for $100. Although 'Best of XM' to me is not a great deal without MLB being availabe yet (if ever).

I STILL miss X Country!!!

And I miss Backspin!

I bought XM Lifetime plus the best of Sirius for $499

About the lifetime plan if you got a dock&play recever you can do three swaps at 75.00 per swap But if you got a new car and only plan on keeping it two to three years don't get the lifetime plan it will go with the car when you sell or turn it back to the dealer ship When I got my lifetime plan I was told that I could swap up to three times I got a new car and was told if I wanted a lifetime plan that I needed to buy it that the other went with old car so i cancelled my plan after the free time was up don't get talked in to something that won't be there when you sell.

I recieved an email ad about this. it also says you can switch your subscription to another radio up to 3 times.

I'm a longtime XM subscriber who listens a lot less (because I drive a lot less). For the past two years I've called to cancel and then been offered a year at half-price, pre-paid. I've never been charged or penalized for transferring radios. I wouldn't even break even on the lifetime deal unless XM was still around in five years -- that seems pretty unlikely to me.

I received the email as well. I called the number and was told $499. After I finished laughing, I hung up on them.

I'm a long time XM subscriber and got the e-mail from XM...I called them up and they told me $399 for "XM Everything", which is what I'm getting now.
In any case, here's the real bullshit behind this's $399 PER RADIO! No discount if you have multiple radios on your account (I have two at the moment). Right now, XM charges me $12.95/month for the first radio and $6.99 for the second. So why in the hell would I want to pay FULL PRICE for each radio on a "lifetime" plan when I'm not paying full price now?
Single radio subscribers may elect the lifetime plan, but if you're a multiple radio subscriber, it just doesn't make any sense! What a grossly stupid move on XM's part.

It is true that XM won't give you a discount on lifetime subscriptions for signing up multiple radios, but they WILL STILL allow you to keep paying $7/per month for the additional radios. So you get the savings of a lifetime subscription on Radio #1, and continue to get the $6 discount for the additional radios on the same account. You can always prepay the additional radios so you don't have to pay them monthly.

I bought a lifetime Sirius sub back when Sirius was first available (5+ years). I've transferred it once without cost (I guess they forgot to charge me?). As someone else said, the lifetime sub allows me to add additional radios for family at the discounted 6.99 price. I've more than recouped the lifetime cost by a large margin. I don't have time for mp3 players plus I prefer hearing new music as soon as it hits (even my die-hard ipod friends admit most of the music they carry around is stale). I would be distraught if I had to go back to terrestrial radio or the same 6 CDs. Anyone who enjoys music and doesn't have time to sit around and download and organize their library should grab one of their holiday way to try it out...I'd be surprised if they were disappointed.

Those that say satellite radio "stinks" haven't tried it for any length of time...

Invest in a sat radio that allows you to record a song or channel and you'll be hooked....

Regular radio is what stinks..

Well, the lifetime is a good deal, now. lets say you have a new car with the radio. if you plan on keeping the car for 4 years. at the standard ,mothly rate you'd pay nearly $600... that is if you subscribed. so for $399 its a deal.
The transfer 3 times over the lifetime only works for "portable" and not factory installed radios. if it's in a new vehicle you can't transfer your subscription, however you can transfer the ownership of the radio over to the new car owner (just add a few hundred to the selling price to get your $ back)
What I am waiting for is verizon to release their wireless radio package that gets you IP: internet radio and VOIP thru your car radio where ever you have Cell service, it is supposed to also have backhaul VIA satellite signal and use the freeband signals from the digital TV signal split. so if your in range of a TV station you'll get the radio, and in a cell tower you get VOIP digital and radio

Sirus customer is awful, for a billing issue on the line fof 47 minutes:(


I just bought a lifetime + best of for $500. What a deal!

I think their web site SUCKS!!! I search and search and I couldn't find ANY prices on the lifetime subs. I just got off the phone with XM and I asked him "where does it show the prices for the subs" he said "oh easy, just type in lifetime in the search box" I tried that and there was pages of the word lifetime but NOTHING about lifetime sub prices. They also show with the monthly prices that there is a "multi-year" discount, but they won't say what the discount is. I don't want to call them and ask all these questions about the prices, I would like to view them all online and decide for myself.

Just my 0.02

I just got the life time package today for new car. Package will kick in when my promo sub runs out in May. Sure its a gamble. Will they be around in 3 month? 6 months? 1 years?,3 years?, or 5? I don't know. What I do know is it sure beats FM radio any day of the week. Tired of listening to constant commercials and stupid DJ's. FU Z100 NY. I originally listened to Howard on my other sub account (not factory installed radio) but honestly I really don't listen to him as much or at all anymore and listen mostly to music and the comedy channels. I like that I can listen to whatever I am in the mood to listen to at the time. Can't do that with FM. Sirius is worth every penny. I think it's actually cheap.

I bought a lifetime subscription in June of '06. I felt like I got a great deal ... I was told that it was a true lifetime subscription, could be transferred to any Sirius radio at any time with no additional charge - completely transferrable. I was also assured that XM & Sirius were going to merge and, as soon as merger was complete, I would be able to have both included in the deal.

Just got a new car and the first customer service girl I spoke with at Sirius told me that it was too bad, they no longer honored that type of lifetime subscription. I could just leave the subscription on in the car I just traded in - or have it cut it off.

I spoke with someone that had more knowledge. She told me that I was correct in what I believed to be true about the lifetime subscription I bought, but that in Oct of 07, the legal department decided to limit - to 3 times - the number of transfers - and added the $75 charge for each transfer.

So, the car I recently bought came with XM radio - not Sirius. Can't put my Sirius subscription on the radio in that car. Trying to decide whether to buy a portable - or what to do in order to get the subscription. I have been assured they will waive the $75 fee this one time.

I have transferred 3 times and only the most recent time did they charge me. The first two where Sirius brand radio to Sirius brand radio. The most recent was to a Vehicle. The charge was $75, which surprised me based on my past experience, but I did not have many options other than just to accept it.

Now with the companies combined I expect they will be even less accommodating. If you want commercial free music or certain programming satellite is the only practical option.

Tivo had a similar issue. The lifetime subs always have strings attached. Maybe they need a $700 no strings attached product(no transfer limits, all channels, etc). Some people just want to order once and forget about it. With a little math and I am sure they could come up with a number they felt good about.


I drive for a living and purchased the lifetime for 499.00 over 4 years ago. Still on first radio which I can transfer up to three times. Im ahead of the game, I can listen online for free which is not free anymore for month to month subs. I may upgrade my radio next year for the first time. Commercial free music is a geat idea! I sometimes drive on Sundays with the nfl games all of them available. Long live sat radio.

I just purchased a 2009 Chevrolet HHR SS with a factory XM Radio with 3 months free subscription expires on March 4 2009. I called (800) 248-4114 from the introductory letter from GM and listen to all the plans offered: 1 yr for $142, 2 yr for $249, 3 year for $349. When promped for plan I wanted I selected "NONE OF THESE" and waited for a live operator. Told the operator I wished to subscribe to the "LIFETIME PLAN" she offered me the the XM EVERYTHING for a one time fee of $399 or the XM EVERYTHING plus THE BEST OF SIRUS for $499. I was told I would be billed when my 3-months free subscription expired in March.
It appears they don't want you to know about the Lifetime Plan unless you ask but it is still available...

Sirius/XM Everything Lifetime Plan is $499.00

I have had a Sirius Radio since the summer of 2004 and I had a subscription for 2 years and then canceled it. I put my radio up and happen to get it out last summer (2008) and the stinking thing worked without a subscription... It still does to this day... Weird, huh?

I've learned the hard way (twice) that there is an exception to the transfer rules. If your receiver gets stolen and you make a police report then Sirius will transfer your sevice to a new receiver for free, and will not count it towards your transfers. You still need to pay for a new receiver and obviously if your receiver is built into your car, you probably don't want your car stolen, just to avoid a fee. Why would someone steal a radio whose serial numbers have to be registered and for which a paid subscription is required? Because Sirius does not keep the information on file, and anyone can reregister the stolen radio without consequence once you reactivate your account with a new radio. Sirius is more interested in collecting money from the subscription of someone who bought a hot receiver on the cheap than in making your receiver as unattactive as possible to would be thieves, and although the stolen goods can be so easily located, police departemnts can't be bothered. At least it is not as bad as having a cell phone stolen. Most carriers make you pay full retail price for a replacement phone and you still have to pay for your contracted service or pay the early termination penalty whether you replace the phone or not!

I switched to the lifetime membership. I have had the same radio for 6 years paying $145 a year. Last February, I got the Stiletto 2 and a lifetime membership. My radio became defective and Best Buy swapped it out. Doesn't matter. $75 bucks later and one less option. Hope this one works forever or my lifetime membership will cost me more than $900 this year when they go bankrupt.

I have Sirius lifetime and switched to a new radio for free. I just called tech support and told them my radio quit working (which it did) and that I had another radio. They made the switch and never mentioned the fee.

It's WORTH THE MONEY if there are only 3 channels you like!

WhWhWhWhat if you don't have a crcrcredit card? Can you still subscribe?

My wife and I bought two lifetime subscriptions for Sirius radio four years ago. We have one for her car and one for the house. We both have the same receivers that we orinally had. It has been well worth it since we both use them daily.

I recently traded in a vehicle which had lifetime XM radio. My new car has a Sirius radio. I've tried numerous times to get my lifetime transferred over, but both Sirus & XM customer service (yes, they are separate) tells me that "XM and Sirius are still 2 different companies and I can not transfer lifetime". Has anyone had luck transferring lifetime from an XM receiver to a Sirius receiver?