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Sirius XM Rebates: New holiday promotion offers "Best Of" for free

Sirius XM Rebate Discount
Sirius XM Radio Inc. is revving up for the Holiday Season with rebates on eligible radios and an offer to get the "Best of" packages free for a limited time.

The Holiday promotion, which will be officially launched in coming days, offers customers a $50 discount PLUS the "Best of XM" or "Best of Sirius" packages free for 3-months.

The $50 mail-in rebate is available to new subscribers on eligible Sirius and XM radios (such as the Stiletto 2, Sportster 5, XMP3 and Inno - among many others) purchased between October 26th through December 27th, and activated by December 31st, 2008.

Additionally, if you subscribe to the "Best of" packages, you get the first 3-months at the regular $12.95/month price. Not a bad deal really.

UPDATE: This promotion hasn't launched yet. It's "official" on 10/26.

Check out images from the rebate promotions after the jump...

Sirius Rebates
XM Rebates


So, based on these images, we can ascertain that the following MUSIC channels/programs are "safe" during this channel merger:

- Elvis Radio
- The Grateful Dead Channel
- Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour

The specialty channels (especially the ones with contracts) will obviously be safe for now. They need to maintain some defining content to separate the two providers to keep the FCC at bay & prevent massive churn. Talk should be safe for now as well since it is a possible revenue source.

It's anything that is replicated across the platforms that is currently under the Karamazin crosshairs.

The part the exec's never really catch on about is that the specialty channels are sexy to look at, but ultimately the average listener stays for the music & talk. XM's sound & feel was what separated it from everything else out there. I will be honest Sirius sounds like regular FM.

If you think it is bad here, you should check out the mess up in Canada. They are not merged up there, but will soon be carrying the same content selling against each other.

I just love how the promo images make the handheld units look the size of old 80's brick cell phones. Hehehe

hmmm..$50 off a new XMP3 receiver. $280 receiver for $230. very tempting!
but what music channels would I listen to?? my 5 year old ipod has a better music variety than what will be offered.

It's nice to offer things to new customers but what about current subscribers? We're loyal listeners already. How about a deal for us?

For current subscribers ,we should get one for free!!! Like Starmate 5 w/boombox or auto docking kit.C'mon Mel toss us all a freebie.Forgo your Xmas bonus and give us the best gift ever.

That IS a good deal... Aside from the Dylan channel (and perhaps the Willie Nelson channel), if XM had anything I'd want, I'd jump on this...

I'll be licking my chops on the XMP3 as we get closer to Cmas. You just know they'll be a sweeter price on it PLUS this rebate. I'm predicting if you hold out you can get the XMP3 for $200 after rebate by the end of the year!

I have to agree with Jeff. What about the people who didn't jump ship? It's like with the cable company. I get a bit steamed when I see "12 months at 9.99 a month!" When I'm paying 40. If nothing else, giving me the extra channels as part of the subscription I paid a year ahead for, by the way, wouldn't be a bad thank you.

Mike, it's not a Bob Dylan channel, it's a one hour show that airs on two separate stations and takes up the XMX station once a week.

I find it amazing that sirius hasn't sent out any e-mail or snail mailing to customers about what is going on.

If I didn't frequent these boards, how is the 'average' sirius customer supposed to know? Except for the random Jenna Jameson ads?

I see no reason to pay for XM programming until we can get MLB.

I certainly wouldn't spend a nickel to hear Oral & Anal, not when you have the best with Stern and BTLS.

Good deal, but why make it for NEW customers only? Give us all a tyeaser of "Best Of" and hope for a surge of add-ons.

Awesome!! There is plenty of money available to give rebates after the XM Massacre. You go Mel!! Boo.

When have companies ever done anything for existing customers. Cable, satellite TV, cell phones, etc, all have great deals for new customers. Satrad does not have a contract, so technically you can cancel then come back. Hell, you may even be able to talk retentions into the offer to get you to stay.


I have searched both Sirius/XM's website for the rebate pages you have posted. I can't find where this rebate for the new XMP3 exists.
Can you or anyone point me in the right direction?
All that is on the rebate page(s) is an older rebate page.
Where can this one be found?

@DW Sorry I wasn't clear in the post (I just updated it). The promotion hasn't started yet, this information was leaked to me. You'll be able to find the discount rebate info when it "officially" launches.

I think you could get this offer if you're a subscriber. Just cancel, wait a week w/o satellite, buy / start a new radio with the $50 rebate.


Once again thanks very, very much! I really appreciate not only your personal response but also doing so rather rapidly!!

I know that you must receive numerous comments/questions, not to mention the time in maintaining the BEST satellite radio website, so your answers/responses really do mean a great deal!

Thanks and keep up the great work


you would think that they would give current subscribers the best of packages for a few months free just to give current subscribers a taste.

Ned Staint,
it's pretty simple---don't pay for best of XM..its a good thing that you have the choice to not have to spend a nickel to hear "oral & anal" --- thats clever by the way. you should be in comedy.

What ever happened to discounts for dual subscribers. Has anyone heard any info?

I refuse to commit to Best of XM until MLB is included. I mean, not even MLB Home Plate is being offered! The official party line is that there has not been a deal reached to carry MLB on Sirius, which makes no sense since it is now ONE COMPANY. Right now, my future as a sat radio subscriber is hanging on this.

well, I think i'll drop XM, and hold off until I know about MLB for the best of. I have both, because of my two cars have each. Just drives me crazy. If it is one company, then why not let us have to al la carte with the existing equiptment, they promised to get the feds approval for the merger. now to get the al la carte, you have to purchase a high end radio. That means that their lawers lied to the feds to get approval. I think i'll complain with the fcc.