SIRIUS & XM Satellite Radio Interoperability

Saturday, March 18, 2006 at 7:03 AM
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Satellite Radio InteroperabilityThere's an interesting tidbit of information in SIRIUS' Form 10-k filed this week.

We signed an agreement with XM Radio, the holder of the other FCC license to provide a satellite-based digital audio radio service, to develop a unified standard for satellite radios to enable consumers to purchase one radio capable of receiving both SIRIUS' and XM Radio’s services. We expect the unified standard to detail the technology to be employed by manufacturers of such dual-mode radios, although we have no assurances that any manufacturer will build, or that a market will develop, for such dual-mode radios. The technology relating to this unified standard is being developed, funded and will be owned jointly by the two companies. This unified standard is also intended to meet FCC rules that require interoperability of both licensed satellite radio systems. In 2005, we substantially completed the design of a radio capable of receiving both services.

It goes on to read:

Our FCC license is conditioned on us certifying that our system includes a receiver design that will permit end users to access XM Radio's system. We have signed an agreement with XM Radio to develop jointly a unified standard for satellite radios to facilitate the ability of consumers to purchase one radio capable of receiving both our and XM Radio's services. We believe that this agreement, and our efforts with XM Radio to develop this unified standard for satellite radios, satisfies the interoperability condition contained in our FCC license.

Now, the only manufacturer that I currently am aware of that makes a true dual satellite radio receiver is . Utilizing both the Agere Gen2.5, Northstar (SIRIUS) and Maxim ZIF, ST HCMOS9 (XM) tuner/baseband chipsets, Visteon's Satellite Radio System can receive both SIRIUS and XM signals. Keep in mind that Visteon also recently won the deal to supply the Hyundai Sonata with XM Satellite Radio.

We may want to keep an eye on this company for further developments. If satellite radio interoperability will ever actually become a reality, I'm willing to bet that Visteon would be involved.

Thanks Rich! 



boy oh boy interoperable devices are now based on the merger period,so say sirius and xmsr ......

this is wrong, I have read over and over the documents.this merger could come apart and if it does no dual device or tiers of service....

cosumers are getting raked over the coals on this issue, along with all shareholders

time to let the fcc know your postion on the interoperable/dual devices and demand some real action

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