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New Sirius XM Sound Dock works with both Sirius and XM radios

Sirius XM Sound Dock

The new XM Snap! isn't the only new device that Sirius XM Radio Inc. will be releasing this year. The satellite radio provider will be introducing the first ever dual-service dock / boombox which will work with both Sirius and XM radios.
Dubbed the Sirius XM Sound Dock, the new satellite radio docking speaker system will be shipping later this year with a sticker price of $129.

The Sirius XM Sound Dock comes with dual antenna to pick up both XM and Sirius satellite radio signals and features a single connector that connects with all XM and Sirius Dock and Player tuners offered in the past three years. 

It also mates with the wearable XMP3 portable XM satellite radio player. 

Sirius XM Sounddock

According to TWICE, the Sirius XM Sound Dock will replace current XM-only and Sirius-only docking speaker systems. 

You can either plug in the Sound Dock with an AC power adapter, or it runs on "C" batteries (eight of them, actually) making for maximum mobility for the boombox. A built-in handle let's you carry it conveniently along. 

With the detachable antenna (pictured below), you can conveniently go from indoors to outdoors while ensuring maximum signal. The Sound Dock also features includes an AUX input for playing your other digital audio devices and of course a headphone output. 

Sirius XM Sound Dock

Sirius XM Sound Dock

I definitely like it's sleek design, and that's further accentuated by the touch-sensitive controls located on the top of the Sound Dock. It also comes with a remote.

Sirius XM Sound Dock

Compared with its predecessors, the dock boosts audio performance while occupying a lot less space, aftermarket product marketing VP Sean Gibbons told TWICE. 

The Sirius XM Sound Dock features a built-in 30 watt amplifier and dual 2-way speakers. A setup, Gibbons claims, that compares in sound quality with iPod-docking speaker systems at two to three times the price. 

There's no hard release date yet, all we know is that it's coming "later this year" - so hopefully in time for the holiday season. Either way, initially I think it looks impressive but will reserve judgement until I can actually hear it. What do you think? Is the Sound Dock a winner?


"connects with all XM and Sirius Dock and Player tuners offered in the past three years."

So my SkyFi2 wouldn't work?


It looks like an old suitcase

What about my Starmate 2? Probably not...

Only those paying for two separate subscriptions: one with Sirius and the other with XM will make use of this boombox for the simple and stupid reason that this so called SiriusXM company ONLY share some of their programming (channels) between radios compatible with the "Best of XM/Best of Sirius" and nothing else. everytime I think of after they "Merged" I only think of -channel sharing- between the two, and it costs you more money plus a new compatible radio. so, this boombox is ONLY for people paying for two separate subscriptions on two separate accounts with each company. once they combine the billing and give you a disccount for multiple radios (both sirius and xm branded)under one single account THEN and ONLY THEN will they have MERGED.

I think it's time they cut the XM dead weight.

I think it looks great. Think it will work with the SL2?

Yah, this ain't gonna work with my Inno, so I think I'll pass.

:) :) :)

Hey Ryan, I wonder what's new with Sirius and XM this month. :)