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Slacker coming to the BlackBerry

Slacker on the BlackBerry
Slacker's internet radio service is coming to the BlackBerry this October, and featureset looks to be incredibly similar to the regular Slacker Portable Player features.

As with Slacker's web-based and device-based offerings, you can use the service for free - and the BlackBerry app will be free as well.

Stations are cached on the Blackberry's memory card, so you can play them without a WiFi or 3G connection and don't miss a beat even when you drop signal. Every time you connect the device, the channels will refresh with new content based on your preferences. And just like the Slacker we all know, you can Heart or Ban songs to personalize the music channels to your liking.

Look for the app to be available for BlackBerrys sometime next month.



Nothing like music piracy as a busines model. Just ask Napster. Sure the RIAA will have a say about this.

Ditching Fungus for AC/DC has me really pissed. This may be the nail in the XM coffin for me.

EgisCodr - I'm not sure what you mean by music piracy as a business model. In fact, Slacker has licensing deals with all of the major labels as well as quite a few indies and music publishers to do this very kind of music delivery.

Ryan, do you think slacker could become available on the ipod touch?

that the BB 9000??

As I understand it they are working on a program for iphone/ipod touch that will include the same features, including caching.