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Slacker launches MySpace Widget


Slacker MySpace
Slacker continues to impress with their innovation and foresight. This time from a social media perspective, Slacker has unveiled a MySpace widget allowing you to embed your own customized station onto your MySpace page.

Check it out by going to, create or listen to one of your stations (custom station or just a regular preset station works) and then go to "Station Options" and select "Share This Station."

There you'll see a "MySpace" button which gives you the code to embed onto your MySpace page. You get two options for MySpace players - one shows just the album art and player; the other gives additional channel details.

Of course, you're not limited to just MySpace. The code can be embedded pretty much anywhere on the web. I've embedded the Comedy channel right in this post (after the jump).

This is impressive on many different levels. First, it fulfills a need because it keeps your MySpace page fresh yet still personalized. MySpace, aside from having the most market share, has undoubtedly done a lot in terms of music discovery, and a customizable internet radio channel just makes sense. Second, from a viral marketing standpoint, it's brilliant. The Slacker Widget beats the heck out of what Pandora offers as a widget, and bests the likes of Sirius or XM who don't offer anything like this. Satellite Radio should probably reevaluate this strategy - even if with just a limited selection of channels - because the viral nature of having an embeddable widget may prove extremely valuable (more than the email addresses acquired from the 3-day trials).

Check out the Slacker MySpace Widget after the jump (RSS/Email readers will need to click through to view)...

(FYI, Slacker's Comedy Channel is an explicit language channel.)

Create your own Slacker Station now

If I would change anything, it would be to let users know they can embed the player into their blog or Facebook pages, and instead of the additional channel info (for the larger player), I'd rather see the artist's info.


why arent xm and sirius all over this. Boggles my mind. As gay as myspace is, it has its potential... slacker just took advantage.

"why arent xm and sirius all over this. Boggles my mind. As gay as myspace is, it has its potential"

XM is all over myspace right now. Ad's for deals and to be your own DJ or something.
I made a Flight of the Conchords widget, its pretty cool

Arguably, is more important for a music service, given that it's a social networking site built around music (as opposed to Myspace, which is a social networking site that has a lot of bands on it).

I've hacked together a Perl script that powers (thanks to dogstarradio's playlist monitoring) accounts for a few Sirius channels.

For instance, for buzzsaw:

There are widgets there that can be incorporated into Facebook, Myspace, bulletin boards, etc., such as:

Oh yeah, preview needs to be fixed to allow the "orbitcast" code to be entered in so that posts that one previews don't get sent to the approval queue...

At this point slacker is doing fairly well with the Internet based stuff.. but what happened to the satellite receiver coming out in June or July?