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Slacker sponsors Indy 500 racer "Pink Lloyd"

Pink Lloyd
Sirius XM Radio aren't the only ones involved with the Indy 500. Slacker Radio is sponsoring the top Indy 500 racer Alex "Pink" Lloyd - and in celebration they've created a special custom radio station to showcase his favorite music and personality.

Alex Lloyd is a rising star in Indy racing who's focused on winning the 2009 Indy 500, having qualified 11th in the middle of row four between Danica Patrick and rookie Raphael Matos.

But the most distinctive thing about Alex Lloyd is the title sponsorship by HER ("Healthy Energy Revitalizer" - it's an energy drink) which has colored his car bright pink. It will definitely stand out in the field.
So Slacker has put together "Pink Lloyd at Indy 500 Radio" where you'll hear Alex Lloyd's and Sam Schmidt's (the team owner) favorite songs from Dire Straits, Kings of Leon and along with car-themed tunes. You'll also hear Alex discuss racing, music and life as a race car driver.

Here's photo of the car, it'll definitely be hard to miss during the race:

Pink Lloyd

Listen to the custom station here.

[More about Pink Lloyd on Reuters]


Not seeing any XM logos on Danica's car or driving gear this year...are we sure that XM is still sponsoring her?

I love Slacker but sponsoring a pink car ? Pink is for women and men confused about whether they like cock or vagina.

No, I don't think XM is sponsoring Danica Patrick anymore. It looks like XM disappeared when Boost Mobile became the title sponsor.

does slacker have that much money to throw around? they better be careful or in a few years, they'll end up in the same spot as Sirius XM.

No way that happens. Slacker does not have any talk shows. Thats where SiriusFm fucked up.

He will probably wreak early!

Danica Patrick still wears the "Xm" logo proudly on her uniform, just above her heart where she has always worn it.

Interesting. I wonder if all the slacker ass-lickers will get thier panties in a bunch over this one. My money says they won't.

Bunch of homophobes. I rather have a pink slacker than to listen to the big born turd Mel made of XM radio circa November 12, 2008.

I rather listen to a pink slacker than to the big brown turd Mel made out of XM radio. Stick to your turds, I'll the the ride in the pink car.

Not true. The pittsburgh penguins wear powder blue jerseys.

Deer god look at that car.

Nevermind sponsoring Pink Lloyd - Slacker needs to work at getting my Pink Floyd back on my portable - along with Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, John Lennon, Hootie and the Blowfish, Prince, Garth Brooks, Kid Rock, The Eagles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beastie Boys, and any other artists that no longer play on the Slacker G1, G2, or a cached BlackBerry.

Why don't you look into this mess Ryan and see if you can get an official response?

Yup...what Steve W said. Slacker is a great device, but it is losing bands daily.

stevew, I listen to those bands every single day on my slacker. Why don't try going to and creating a custom station?

and "Anonymous", don't worry about our pockets. Dana is a close friend of ours and decided to help us out. Very reasonable costs.