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Turn the dizzle on the satellite rizzle: Snoop Dogg takes over Sirius XM

Snoop DoggThe bigg homey Snoop Dogg is taking over on Sirius XM Radio's Hip-Hop Nation (Sirius channel 40, XM channel 67) in a week-long celebration of the hip-hop icon.

Hosted by Snoop himself, Snoop Dogg Nation will feature music, interviews and specials spanning from his early days with Dr. Dre all the way to his newest album released this week, Malice N Wonderland.
Listeners will hear Snoop Dogg host an audio tour of his entire catalog, sharing stories about each album, including a track by track listen of his latest album. Snoop Dogg Nation will also feature a special countdown during which Snoop will count down his top 20 favorite hip-hop songs of all time.

Snoop recent stopped by The Morning Mash Up where he dropped a bit of freestyle about the show. Watch the video below...

In addition, Snoop Dogg will also sit down with Hip-Hop Nation host Renada for a revealing interview about creating his new album, his life as a "family man," and his views on the music industry.

Snoop Dogg Nation is a limited-run channel launching on Monday, December 14th at 12pm ET and will run until Sunday, December 20th at 10pm ET on Sirius channel 40 and XM channel 67.


Enough about this bullshit. What I want to know is this: why isn't Mel Karmazin fighting the collusion, the stock manipulation, and the absolutely CRIMINAL conspiracy against satellite radio... with a vengeance? He should be pursuing every legal means available to stem the tide of this well calculated corruption against this company. What ever happened to laws in this country? What ever happened to justice? What ever happened to the idea of public servants having ideals, and ethics, and the notion of representing the citizins of this country?

People should turn off their video games, put down the fucking cell phones, knock off the facebook and the twitter, and the texting bullshit.... and head out into the streets and DEMAND that our government start representing us. Our government is supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. Some guy named Lincoln said so, for what that's worth. If I was running Sirius/XM, I guarantee you I wouldn't just sit around in a coma, not doing a damn thing, while criminal atrocities are being commited all over the place. Maybe they don't give a shit about the subscribers, but wouldn't you think they would have some sense of self preservation? Some natural instinct to defend themselves when being attacked? Some self esteem and pride? It makes you wonder if, perhaps, they really are part of the conspiracy themselves. Think about it - they do NOTHING to stop the lawlessness!

This is about much more than satellite radio; this is about a country that no longer has a government that represents or protects the best interest of the people. The criminals routinely migrate from the private sector to government appointed positions, and vice-versa. We literally have crooks running the country, as our highest elected officials turn their head the other way. If Obama had any balls, he would start cleaning house. You think he doesn't know about how Wall Street is stealing everybodies money? He knows, but he does nothing about it. That makes him a co-conspirator as far as I'm concerned.

Mr. Karmazin, for the love of God, will you PLEASE get off your subscriber hating, programming destroying ASS.... and at least try to defend YOUR COMPANY. OUR COMPANY! Didn't you ever hear the phrase "an eye for an eye?" I want you to promise me that a whole lot of people have seeing eye dogs, and are learning braille in the coming new year.

Payola? Maybe.

All I know is that I'm not a big fan of Single Artist Channels strictly due to principle. However, I enjoy Snoop Dog and know that I can't this sort of programming on broadcast radio. I think I'll enjoy it for a few days.

This may not be everyone's cup of tea but there is a plethora of choice in the Sirius|XM Universe to choose from.

If you don't like Snoop, don't listen. If you don't like Sirius|XM, cancel.

I think it's rather simple.

Oh, and Steve, I enjoy your posts as well but you're going to give yourself a heart attack.

Snoop Poop, this bull shit stinks. Yeh don't listen, and listen to what? I can't wait until March when SXM trys to renew my contract. I had a 5 year with XM, and the last thre years were a rip off. It's not Snoop. It's that the rest is poop.


I meant the bullshit in general; Snoop is one of the few rapper/ex drug dealer/ ex con's that I actually can tolerate. The guy is an original, and he amuses me. I am down wid my boy, and I like all dem hot and nasty bitches he has singing backup. Speaking of backup... backup dat gorgeous booo-tay right over here, baby! Ya'll wanna make Daddy happy, yunnerstan. That's my girl.

What's I'm tryin' to say is dat I have me some SKEEEE-IIIILS and shit. I gots to go. Wathin' da Memphis Grizzle on da televizzle. Bitches be keepin' it real.

I was a big fun of 66RAW, i dont like shaddy 45 or hip hop nation but maybe I will listen hip hop nation this week just to listen snoop. I am not a fun of one artist channel. www.real66raw.com

Snoop dog deserves a show on SIRIUS XM. They need to work out where they differentiate SHADE 45 and Hip Hop nation. One of the channels can be mostly commercial free Hip Hop. While the other can be more of a Hip Hop entertainment channel with many personalities along with music. DJ Whoo Kidd has a great show with lots of entertainment mixed in. Snoop Dog should have a show also with his ability to entertain. He could be for lack of a better term a "black" howard Stern. He would just play at least some music....

Not bashing sat radio...I have it in my car..but after seeing that autonet mobile service...Thats the future, sat radio is the equivalent of Laserdisc.


I agree that the government agencies charged with policing the wall street Mafia are seemingly not doing their job. I believe they are afraid to do the right thing.

Even though obama is the President, he can't just jump in and convict people of a presumed crime. People are being paid to do a job, that they aren't doing. These people were in power before Obama became president by the republican administration. Resultantly they are entrenched in a corrupt system. They don't have to obey the laws, they make and change them as needed. They do what they want because they can get away with it. The near destruction of our financial system was proof of that.

The same people that caused the melt down are still benefiting from it.

Obama is not a dictator. This is not Cuba; so stop expecting him to conduct himself like Castro. He is a mortal man without super powers; surrounded by deceitful, sly foxes and leopards who don't change their stripes.

Perhaps we all need to start a movement where we write the senators and congressmen/women and complain about the illegal stock manipulation under the protective eyes of government officials.

Oh by the way, do you remember what happened to the Kennedy brothers when they went against the real people who control the money flow in this country?

I am at a point where, I think we all should just give up on the Sirius stock and all stock for that matter. The very people you complain about are controlling the stock price of this company and other companies as well.

I think Mel is afraid and powerless! I feel sorry for him and for us. We trusted mortal men who are controlled by crooks who will stop at nothing to ruin this company and our country for their own self interest.

I think we just need to accept the fact that America is being destroyed from within by a few powerfulcrooked people and companies like Sirius are just pawns on a chest board. These people are toying with all of us.

I truly understand your anger; and hope you don't make yourself sick with anger.

I heard a long time ago that America was going to be destroyed from within in with the help of the CIA, FBI, FCC, SEC, Wall street, Congress and the Senators.

Obama and the honest democrats aren't running this mess. They are just running around in it!

How did a post about Snoop Dogg turn into a political discussion? Ya hurd, yungin?

Oh yeh 30 bucks a month for autonet, for a total of 240 songs. I don't think so.

Oh yeh 30 bucks a month for autonet, for a total of 240 songs. I don't think so.