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SonicTap on DirecTV: Are you happy with the switch from XM?

Yesterday, DirecTV switched their music service from XM to SonicTap, and judging by the steady stream of comments coming in to this post, many folks are not happy about it.
Below is the full lineup comparison of the XM vs. SonicTap channels offered on DirecTV:

Ch XM SonicTap
801 The 40's Jazz: Big Band/Swing
802 The 50's Oldies: Malt Shop Oldies
803 The 60's Oldies: 60's Revolution
804 The 70's Oldies: 70's Hits
805 The 80's Oldies: 80's Hits
806 The 90's Pop/Adult Contemporary: 90's Hits
807 NEW CHANNEL: Rat Pack
808 Roadhouse Country: Traditional Country
809 Prime Country Country: Hit Country
810 Outlaw Country Country: Red, Rock and Blues
811 Willie's Place Country: Honky Tonk Tavern
812 Bluegrass Junction Bluegrass: Bluegrass
813 The Village Folk: Folk Rock
814 The Highway Country: Modern Country
815 NEW CHANNEL: Holiday & Happenings
816 Top 20 on 20 Pop/Adult: Today's Hits
817 Pop2K Pop/Adult Contemporary: Y2K Hits
818 The Pulse Pop/Adult Contemporary: Hottest Hits
819 Love Pop/Adult Contemporary: Love Songs
820 Escape Instrumental: Contemporary Instrumentals
821 The Blend Pop/Adult Contemporary: Adult Contemoprary
822 Cinemagic Standards: Silver Screen
823 On Broadway Standards: Showtunes
824 NEW CHANNEL: Groove Lounge
825 The Heat Urban: Hot Jamz (Hip Hop)
826 The Message Religious: The Spirit
827 Praise Religious: Gospel Glory
828 Enlighten Religious: Hallelujah
829 Hair Nation Rock: Hair Guitar
830 Bone Yard - XL Rock: Full Metal Jacket
831 Sirius XM U Rock: College Rock
832 The Spectrum Rock: Adult Alternative
833 Classic Vinyl Rock: Classic Rock
834 Alt. Nation Rock: Alternative
835 Octane Rock: Ink'd
836 The Loft Standards: Singers-Songwriters
837 Classic Rewind Classic Rock: Classic Hits Blend
838 Lithium Rock: Reality Bites
839 1st Wave Alternative: Flashback/New Wave
840 Deep Tracks Specialty: 8-Tracks
841 Liquid Metal: XL Rock: Spike (Explicit Lyrics)
842 Soul Town Urban: Classic R&B
843 Heart & Soul Urban: Silky Soul
844 The Groove Urban: Old School Funk
845 Strobe Dance: Retro Disco
846 Backspin Urban: The Boombox (Explicit Lyrics)
847 Hip Hop Nation Urban: Hype (Explicit Lyrics)
848 Coffeehouse Alternative: Coffeehouse Rock
849 The Bridge Rock: Soft Hits
850 Real Jazz Jazz: Classic Jazz Vocal Band
851 Watercolors Jazz: Smooth Jazz
853 NEW CHANNEL: Metro Blend
854 Bluesville Specialty: Blues
855 NEW CHANNEL: Great Standards
856 Spa Health & Fitness: New Age
857 Chill Health & Fitness: Zen
858 Area Dance: SubTerranean
859 BPM Dance: Dance
860 NEW CHANNEL: Modern Workout
862 NEW CHANNEL: Classic Rock Workout
863 The Joint International: Reggae
864 Symphony Hall Classical: Symphonic
865 NEW CHANNEL: Piano
866 Pops Classical: Light Classical
867 Radio Disney Specialty: Be-Tween
868 Kids Place Live Specialty: The Playground
869 Caliente Latin: Bailamos!
870 NEW CHANNEL: Fiesta Tropical
871 Latin Contemporary Latin Hits
872 Music of the Americas Music of the Americas
873 NEW CHANNEL: Regional Mexican
874 Salsa Salsa
875 Hurbano Hurbano
876 NEW CHANNEL: Mariachi
877 NEW CHANNEL: Carnaval Brasileiro
878 Rock en Espanol Rock en Espanol
879 Latin Jazz Latin Jazz
880 NEW CHANNEL: Familiar Favorites
881 NEW CHANNEL: Italian Bistro Blend
882 NEW CHANNEL: Italian Contemporary
883 NEW CHANNEL: Irish
884 NEW CHANNEL: Tranquility

UPDATE: It appears that the complaints are streaming in on Twitter as well. See below...

So, what are your feelings of the music channels now that DirecTV has made the switch? Sound off in comments below.

DISH Network is Total Value


GOD NO! I hate it!

809 Prime Country Country: Hit Country [plays NEW country instead of 80's and 90's]


814 The Highway Country: Modern Country

Being a father of a six and nine year old, my family laments the loss of Radio Disney. I lost the four or five stations that I listen to constantly and I have no XM or Sirius receiver in the house. Disappointing...

Its about time we quit giving our content out for free. Now if anyone wants to listen to Sirius they can sign up for internet feed or another option is the TTR1 which I have and its the best radio I have ever owned.

Do we (my wife and I) like the change? I won't say no, I'll just say HELL NO!

Bottom line: NO!!!
I have telephone and computer internet service provided by Atlantic Broadband. The only reason I did not add TV service as well was for access to SiriusXM. Now that it has been discontinued, I am VERY SERIOUSLY (pun on Sirius not intended) considering dropping Directv and switching over to Atlantic Broadband for TV service to complete the service package.

Say, uh, "BIG BAD"... As a fellow Sirius subsciber, I hope you realize that DirecTV is actually a pay service and the cost of the music channels are factored in to the monthly charges, so DirecTV subs haven't never received SiriusXM for "free".

I'm going to miss Symphony Hall enormously. It was a classical station done right, with intelligent hosting. The announcer-free replacement is merely satisfactory by comparison.

NO I am not happy!! Should have asked before switching it. Can we go back to XM please!!

If only D* were offering the channels in the list above, it'd be a vast improvement. However, there is no Rat Pack channel. There is no Standards channel. There is no Groove Lounge. There is no just-plain-Jazz. The Italian stations do not exist. The Irish station does not exist. In fact, aside from the two Workout stations, none of the "NEW!" channels are available on D*. They're not even listed and grayed-out as being for the one service level above my own. They exist only on paper and as assertions from the D* PR team.

This change sucks to say the least. I like Directv for sports but this sonictap is crap.

Thumbs down!

I love classic vinyl on Sirius. The sub channel played "Little Willy" by Sweet. WTF, are you kidding me?

I am Extremely unhappy with the switch to Sonic Tap and have let Directv know and will continue to do so. XM/Sirius offers superior programming. I am investigating Dish...even their "own" so-called CD channels in the lower priced package would be better than what Sonic Tap offers.

Regarding the "new" channels in the Directv list as being available, like Piano and Irish, Directv tells me that I must subscribe to the most costly package - earler I was told that all music channels were included no matter the package.

I might re-subscribe to XM and drop to the lowest Directv package.

You need a dual LNB dish for these that surprise when i read the small print and called D*. And of course to get a dual LNB dish, there is a charge for a tech to come to your home.

Hello all!

This change to Sonic tap stinks! My wife and I will probably go back to cable and leave Qwest phone service! Direct is a part of our package! Sirius XM is so much better!


I am very unhappy about this and called Directv today. Got a credit for a month of HBO.

I like the new lineup. Leave Sirius XM to be its own service and don't give it away with DirecTV. I'm a million percent happier knowing that there aren't leaches listening to Sirius XM on DTV while I legitimately pay for Sirius XM. Great its more choices.

I seriously am beyond irrate about this change.If DirecTV would have said its an extra $ 15.00 a month I still would of not had a problem.These channells are the poor mans version of the good stuff.It make less sense than anything that DirecTv owns 40% of SiriUSXm but still decides to change to an inferior service.Somehow in this day & age DJs" are looked @ as an evil.I find it great when listening to SiriusXm you can find out what your favorite artists are currently doing.If I didn't want a dj i would play my ipod.Another thing to add is that when you call Directv the customer service dept. is clueless to why the switch occired.The pitch they use is that the new channels mirrir SiriusXM.The hell they do,variety that several have complained about since the merger is now less than ever.I want a real answer why,why,why? Money is always what a persons thought is.Why was ther never a package from Direc to add all of the SiriusXm channels?Wouldn't you think this should of turned out to be the best thing for satellite radio?The greatness of SiriusXM is that you had the ability to add your input to what you heard.I really am truely disappointed with this deal in a major way.Does DirecTV even realize whatsoever that maybe people care about the music they offer,maybe more than 2010 standard tv.Shame on the whole deal.I got $180.00 out of DirecTv in order to stay.I will still leave once the credit is over.I guess its time to switch to India based Dish customer service.

Uh, how about.. HELL NO!
FUCK YOU DirectTV and Sonic Tap.
I want and need my Octane back! :(

I'm done with DirectTV; I'm switching to Dish asap.

This is an absolutely moronic comment: "I'm a million percent happier knowing that there aren't leaches listening to Sirius XM on DTV while I legitimately pay for Sirius XM."

Do you think that DirecTV got the service for free? Do you think the cost of XM wasn't factored into what DirecTV subscribers paid? Get a clue. DirecTV subscribers were paying for it as part of their total monthly fee.

I think this ill thought out decision by DirecTV is going to cost them subscribers, more than they think.


Very unhappy about this switch. No notification from DirecTV, and a definite downgrade! Don't know why they're doing this, but it's clearly not in the interest of customer satisfaction. Need to look at alternatives to DirecTV.

It's interesting that a lot of people have the same attitude about this that I had/have over the merger. Speaking of that... I wonder if this would have happened had Panero still been running the show at XM instead of Mel...

I think that DirecTV sucks for removing XM radio from their lineup. I enjoy listening to country music and I was a big fan of 'Willies Place' on channel 811. I've been leaning towards switching to DishTV...and they just made up my mind.

Directv pays Siri for it. So how is it free? It is a loss of revenue for Siri you mo's.

My Fav. deep tracks xm 40. Is not even close to being replaced by 8tracks. The only thing close is the shared named "tracks".

Couldn't be happier. I realize the cost of the music channels is factored in with the cost of my monthly subscription and i would rather pay for something I would actually enjoy listening to rather then the crap that is now Sirius XM. Also, the sound is much closer to cd quality now then it ever was with the xm channels. This article makes mention of the unhappy subs now that the switched has happened, but i have found plenty of happy ones like the people who didn't care for xm when directv dropped Music Choice a few years ago.

The Bridge played a mellow mix of 70's artists such as Carol King, Jackson Browne and James Taylor. The sub channel plays Celine Dion and David Archuleta. Give me a fricken' break! There is no comparison! This should have been vetted out by the gurus at DirecTV long before a switch was made. Make sure that each channel had a "like" replacement.

The Bridge is not "Soft Hits" it is "Mellow Rock". Mellow, 70's , James Taylor...yes they go together.

I have many other words for the music of Celine and David and they certainly don't include "Mellow".

I hate they have change from xm I like soul town and the groove. Because the new classis r&b that they got in soul town place dont play the same music and songs that soul town played they really mess this up. And they claim that the classic R&b plays music through the 50s and 70s but I am hearing songs from the 80s seem like.

TERRIBLE MOVE! I WANT MY DEEP TRACKS!!!! I'll cancel for sure now when my contract is up

Just switch to Dish to get Sirius/XM and by the way who just added more HD and more is coming! :)

I can see it now Dish Net bashing DirecTV even more on those commercials!What the hell is Sonic!

I LOVE OCTANE and nothing on Sonic Crap compares! I have decided to cancel DirectTV and sign up w/ Sirius/XM & Netflix. I'm actually saving money in the long run. Maybe one day DirectTV will bring back XM, if so, I'll also consider coming back.


HEY guys u just dont get it its all about money sirius wants U to get a home radio now that they where able to get u hooked through direct tv...

I'd rather finger my own asshole than listen to this Sonic crap

So far I don't mind it too much. Still need to figure out what's what. Thanks Ryan for the channel lineup comparison.

As much as I do like a select few Sirius/XM DJ's I really don't miss hearing the talk between songs when I listen at home.

Lousy. Loved my coffee house acoustic singer, songwriters. Now have coffee house rock and another station for singer, songwriters....neither of which can compare to the original xm station. more radio.

The new music is horrid. I assume Direct TV is saving a bundle by giving us this crappy stuff, so our Direct TV subscription cost should go DOWN???!!!

WRONG! If that is the case, why are all the Sirius Channels (which are the EXACT same channels) that were on Direct still available on Dish? I'm sure that fact that Mel borrowed money from the guy who owns Dish doesn't hurt, but what it comes down to is that Sonic Tap was probably cheaper for Direct than XM was.

My choice for best response.

forget quality of SXM on Direct TV....why isnt Direct TV supporting its ownership of SXM by reaching new customers? isnt that why it was offered in the first place...if you like it on your TV then subscribe for your car

I did not know that DirecTV was switching to this SonicTap crap until today, when I flipped on what I thought was AltNation, and instead found a mediocre replacement. I left the "Alternative" channel on for over an hour, hoping that maybe I just happened to turn it on during a bad song, but so far I've only heard one good song. Everything else is bad Alternative from 15+ years ago. Where is my "Modern" rock? WTF DirecTV? First you took away my TiVo and replaced it with your cheap knock off, and now you stole my Sirius/XM? Not cool.

As a few others have noted, it's absurd to refer to DirecTV subscribers as "leeches" for listening to XM channels that were provided as part of their subscription. I, too, started listening to satellite radio via other services (Sirius on my Dish Network TV dish and XM on AOL Radio), and this turned me into an XM radio subscriber.

I've not heard SonicTap, but its website markets the service poorly. After looking at it for several minutes, I'm at a loss to tell you what, exactly, they're offering for purchase. CDs? A radio-like service? Webcasts? Who knows.

For DirecTV customers who miss their XM channels, I'd suggest trimming back your DirecTV package and using your savings to subscribe to XM directly. A single pay TV channel often costs as much as XM's monthly fee. then "samples" gives you a better idea of what SonicTap is doing for audio channels. The other site reflects more on their "curated playlists."

I listen to willies channel mostly
and if they would play more western
swing it would be ok. especially like
Jodi Nix, Quebe sisters.Bob wills. asleep at the wheel.etc.

811 channel is not the same. worse.
Needs more western swing like Bill mack
played It is boring now.

It's Not the same. Me and my money are going down the road.

No Octane... This Ink'd bullshit is censored. No thank you.

I loved Direct TV because it offered Watercolors and that is the main reason why I like Direct TV. If it is not switched back immediately, I will discontinue business with Direct TV because the Watercolors station is the only one I listen too and like.

Some of the channels (Subterranean, Groove Lounge) are very innovative.

However, I would say a few of the "replacements" aren't aligned well with what they replaced.

These channels have a lot of potential though and are designed by some pretty skilled people. I'd send feedback, politely about channels like the Bridge replacement and so on.

Only add I'd need would be UK Hits (I was a huge fan of UPop ages ago on XM) and Urban Alternative.

What a sack-over-the-head, punch-in-the-face for a longtime listener. I barely watch the TV programming, but had the LOFT or the OC on almost all the time. The personalities and a few minutes of chatter were not a problem. Most of the on-air folks knew tons about the music they playedand were fun to hear. I personally was exposed to so much new, exciting music, I don't know how to fill that void. Singer-Songwriter = LOFT? Give me a fucking break! The rest of what I've been able to scan thru is no better than Clear Channel Crap! I'll get over it and move on, cuz I have to. Maybe now I'll be able to listen to all the music I PURCHASED after hearing it on XM/Sirius or just move to another stream.

Count me among those who object--no, strenuously object--to this Sonic Tap nonsense. The switch--made with no notice, at least to me--is like going from Nikes to Pro Wings. Ford to Yugo. Luke and Bo to Coy and Vance. It sucks. May as well be some dude in an alley singing to the mural on the wall. This garbage on 810 isn't close to Outlaw Country. And the garbage on every single other channel ain't close to what XM offered. Who wants to guess DirecTV is saving a BOATload of cash whilst plotting substantial rate increases. I have two words for DirecTV: Ver sus. And I have two more words for them: Dish frigging Network.

I actually bought an XM radio for my car in anticipation of the (rather insidious) changes on DTV. Today, I activated my radio, and it sounds worse than any FM station in my area. Near CD quality is what the ads claimed. The sound quality is extremely compressed and almost identical to a streaming 32 kbps internet signal (the ones that sound really bad). Not even close to the average quality received on Direct TV. I'm absolutely stunned at what the American consumer will accept while handing over their credit card number. No one should pay anything for this sub-par quality of product. Then again, this may explain some of the financial troubles of Sirius/XM..

Absolutely horrible decision by DiercTV! I LIKED the DJ's, especially on Deep Tracks and on the other channels as well. Total crap!

What kind of radio did you buy and how are you connecting it to your car stereo? If you are using an FM modulator, the quality of that signal will be the limiting factor in the quality of XM's sound, as your car radio will operate in mono or "blend" the stereo channels if the signal is weak, and the sound will be muddy.

With DirecTV you had XM channels in your home, so my thought was that people could replace that with an XM receiver and its standard home kit, which will produce good sound when connected to a suitable home audio system -- presumably the same way they had hooked up the DirecTV receiver to listen to XM via that. Another option is a standalone audio system such as a Delphi Premium Audio System, which is portable and produces produces good quality audio.

This SONC is JUNK.The new country stations on sonc are nowhere near close to the old ones. They are not even close in comparison. The Honky Tonk channel has people i've never heard of, and includes what I would call outlaw music. Sirius had a separate channel for outlaw. Roadhouse channel was way better than the new one. I liked the D.J.'s. They had knowledge of the music and performers. I would like the old programing back.

I complained about the low volume/quality to DTV and was told some channels are in MONO(!). This was confirmed by DMX/Sonictap and each are blaming each other... DMX also said DTV opted to NOT take their "Alt Country" channel, too bad becuase "Red, Rock and Blues" is only slightly better than Outlaw Country (and their moron dj's), but it is no "X Country". The loss of another fav "The Loft" is also disapointing. Hello internet radio:

For those who say they weren't notified, DTV sent out messages both in December and January that the change was happening. Check your receiver messages. I am indifferent as I never listened to the channels on DTV. Would much rather watch TV.

I called today and expressed my disappointment to a supervisor who obviously could care less. I think if enough people contacted DirecTV to complain about it we could get some traction. I'm going to miss the live DJ sets on the weekends. Whoever made this decision deserves to be fired...IMMEDIATELY!

I miss Deep Tracks...8 Tracks sucks big time. Screw Direct TV

All country channels are bland and they have not done their research as to what people like or what music matches the name of the channel. willies place needs more western swing
for example(811)channel.Its like a robot with no humans around. I liked to hear the DJ s

I want to say that Directv made a very big mistake in switching to Sonic Tap. There is no personality on Sonic Tap. What was the purpose of this move? It had to be to save money. I always listened to the 60's on 6 channel with the great disc jockeys. With Sonic Tap. I turn off the TV and put on the stereo. Wake up Directv and smell the roses.

I don't like this change at all. I subscribe to sirius in my truck, so it's not that I'm trying to get something for nothing. I don't like that sonic rap at all. DTV needs to change it back ASAP!!!!! I can go back to cable and get these channels, I've got everything else with the cable company, phone, internet, etc.

After listening to 3 days of SonicTap, thumbs down...way down. I had hope but I've noticed that the channels play the same songs and don't even bother changing the order, seems to be pre-programmed continuous loops. Channel 830 Full Metal Jacket @ 10pm-10:30pm...Anthrax "Madhouse", followed by Triumph's "Fight the Good Fight", followed by Judas Priest "Living after Midnight"...3 days in a row at 10pm...BRING BACK THE DJAYS!!!! BRING BACK SIRIUS/XM!!!

I want "The Message" back on Directv. I work for the Smile FM Radio Network in Michigan The Message had just launched a program called "The Message Amped". The program played music that was not played in the normal Message play list. The Message Amped also played music that we don't play at all on Smile FM. Just when you get used to something good they take it away. Dish Network looks real good to me now.

I agree with all the above assessments of how these new channels are a serious downgrade. I used to really enjoy Cinemagic because they played movie soundtracks (imagine that!), now this crap "equivalent" Silver Screen just plays mediocre 1980s songs that happened to have been in a movie.
Also, no informative commentary on the classical stations? Beyond useless.

sonic tap does not compare to xm radio. i would drop directv but i dont pay the bill. what a waste of money dtv is. many channels but nothing on most of the time. reto disco on sonic tap is terrible. sonic tap classic rock is not bad but not like classic vinyl on xm. so you ask why i dont subscribe directly to xm radio !! well i might but its to much trouble, im concerned i wont get the signal, i have a very large tree in front of my south window. its also not all that important, i buy hundreds of vinyl LPs on ebay per year so playing records is my primary source of entertainment, not xm radio or directv for that matter. but like i said, i dont pay the dtv bill in the house, but i certainly would not and keep recomending to my husband to DROP DIRECTV NOW!!!! SAVE $140 /MONTH, buy a couple of dvd`s a month at best buy and you would still come out way ahead WITHOUT DIRECTV !!!!!

NO we do not like the change. One of the reasons for DirecTV was for the SiriusXM music. We love the DJ's on SiriusXM. Is XM still on Dish?

I hate this new crappy music. If I were paying for this option - I would definitely cancel it. Why can't you leave well enough alone. XM had a great lineup. There is nothing on Sonic Tap for the senior citizen - but then I guess nobody cares what we think any more. One more reason to change to Dish - they have a great lineup.

Thanks for the information on the SonicTap/DMX alt country station -- that was one reason I was interested in this discussion, since Sirius axed the best country channel on satellite radio when they took over XM. Simon LeBon, thanks for the info on the DMX website, as the SonicTap site is beyond worthless. XM Strobe: The tree will not likely be a problem. I can get XM in my house without even having the antenna up to a window, but I know this is not true for everyone. Getting XM inside a house is usually only a matter of experimenting with slight changes of antenna position, often near a window, and in five minutes or less you will arrive at a spot that works. I've seen XM to work in north, west, and east windows, too, not just south. Satellite radio is a far easier signal to pick up than satellite TV, which needs near-perfect antenna aim.

This discussion illustrates a crucial point that Sirius XM is missing: Despite the company's near total abandonment of the retail/home market to focus on car radios, people can and will listen to satellite radio at home. All of the people who had XM on DirecTV were home listeners.

Seriously, though, I know a lot of people have satellite TV bills of $100 a month or more, and a lot of it is for pay channels most people rarely watch. Cancel a pay channel or two and get XM, and your problem is solved.

No more AREA?! Give me a break Direct Tv! They removed the trance/house genre altogether, you've got to be kidding me... When the replaced The System with Area I was pissed, but now totally deleting all trance/house is foolish. I understand some people don't get it, but it has never been bigger, and it keeps growing. Do these dorks never go to South Beach, LA, NYC, Ibiza etc...? What the hell do you think they mostly play? WAKE UP TO 2010!

I really don't like this change to SonicTap. I think that Dircetv needs to go back to Sirius/XM right away. Listening to SonicTap is like I put about 34 songs on a cd and hit replay. I've been hearing the same songs over and over. No more SonicTap.

XM RULES-Sonic sanatized mostly soft rock snooze fest with X-BAD Reception sucks-get it off my PAID FOR DTV PKG

Well Directv screwed us again...........We really liked the music when we had just XM, then we got use to sirius xm it is sonic tap! HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT!

Can you say stink. This entire switch has proven to me that they just want your cash and don't care about what you want. Bad move DirectTV. I miss the message and the country stations. Even the big band station is below par. Sounds like we've been jacked again.

This new Sonic Tap is horrible!!!!

My favorite channel was BPM (859).
Now, the new 859 channel is called Dance. I listened to like 10 songs in a row, and I never heard of any of them!!

Its as if BPM has a contract to paly the good stuff, and the Sonic Tap channel cannot play them.

Not to mention, the audio quality on Sonic Tap is complete garbage, the sound is muffled, and the volume seems very low.

DTV, can you at least get Sonic Tap to fix the audio quality?!?!?!?

XM on DirecTV was great. Ever since the merge the music quality went down. I have been a Sirius subscriber since 2006, but not for the music. Sirius RUINED XM's great tunes. Sonic Tap reminds me of the way XM used to be. Thanks DirecTV!!!

direct tv, we are very unhappy with the change,
when we first got with you we were ok with it, then we changed to verizon for the fios. they did
not have xm radio so we decide to come back to
direct tv. then the programming on xm started getting changed around and certain shows were
removed now xm is replaced with sonic
there are none of the programs we used to listen to. we are very unhappy with the change in
providers.the main reason we came back to you is now gone.why did you change?
john/ linda unhappy

I hate the music on Sonic Tap. There is not a single station out of the 69 channels that I like. I miss Escape and the Love Channel.

Bring XM back.

It sure makes Dish Network look better. They have Sirius/XM.

Dish Network has Sirius music channels. Since the XM and Sirius lineups are mostly the same now, the simple answer to your question is yes, Dish does have the XM channels you used to get on DirecTV. The Sirius lineup is available on Dish Network's website if you want to check whether a specific channel is carried.


hi, i am also very upset with the loss of XM radio as a directv user.i live in south florida and been comparing SonicTap vs WBIG 106FM classic rock. BIG106 wins!! better FM sound quality and better music selection. The sound over satelite seems very compressed and tinny. Now XM radio was very good. Nothing like the authentic classic disco sound of XM Strobe ,just like you would here in brooklyn NYC or out in the suburbs of new york, not like the CD crap they are playing on sonic tap. So why not subscribe to xm radio directly ??? $12.95 month is to high. and also the equipment sounds like cheap,$200, Best Buys Junk, i been reading reviews about the xm radios and thats what they say. so, i will simply go back to FM radio and i always have my turntable and e-bay for my music (LPs).

I was extremely disappointed when I turned on the tv to find out that channel 811-Willie's, and channel 820-Escape was replaced with some ridiculous music that they call sonic tap that replaced XM radio. I want XM radio BACK!!

No XM Chill makes Sara Marie want to kill things. You suck, DIRECTV.

I hate SONIC- I want XM & Cinemagic back!

One station that I listened to was 60s on 6, and what made that good was the DJs. I have listened to its replacement, and it is music only. The DJs on this channel did not get in the way of it. They added to it.

Because of these channels being listed on D*tv, I have pretty much decided I am going to get XM in my car soon, and when we buy our next vehicle, XM will be required for us.

To me, this is subjective, but it is pretty clear that Sonic spends less money on what it provides because it is just music. XM adds the personalities, and to me, of the channels I have listened to, they add to the quality, not take away from it.

I also am about to get a new receiver, so this move will factor in my decision as I want XM at home as well as in my car. At least this happened before I made my purchase.


can sonic tap at least put the year the song was released next to the title

I live so for out I can't even get mainstream radio
and XMChill (857) the only station I could listen to
without wanting to change channels. This SonicTap is
crap for sure. Fuck You Directv you now SUCK!

Please give Sirius XM back! I hate change, but I might have to change to Dish so I can have XM Sirius again. Of course, Dish could also do the same to us. Maybe I just need Sirius XM for my house and I can dump Directv all together. I have been checking what kind of equipment is offered for the home and it is pretty slim. Mostly car radio's with a home kit. What to do? At least there are options.

Coffee House was a Sirius to XM after the merger. Regardless..Better than anything on ST

I have listened to sonic tap since it started and tried to be fair and like it because we are stuck with it but it is far below what Sirius XM was and I thought Directv wanted to give us the best programing and what we wanted.
It sure seems like now its a profit motive and the listeners be damned.I listened to about five of the channels and all of them are way below XM.You know they could have researched SiriusXM and to analyse what the audience wanted or they could do it now and change. Channel 811 had just what most of the listeners wanted now they play songs That are seldom heard and most people never request. Also I too liked the DJs. Please, more western swing and it dont need to be more willie. Quebe Sisters, Bob wills,Asleep at the wheel,Jodi Nix, are what XM played. Thanks

Just want to add to the dog pile. This isn't what I signed up for. Sonic Tap blows. I want my XM and Deep Tracks back.

What a surprise to note that enlighten, the southern gospel music channel is not anymore. We are an elderly couple and this was our favorite music. We do not care for the older songs now being played. We like the up to date quartets and singing news. We are in the process of checking out Dish Network to change. They offer XM.

868 was our daughters' one-stop place for children's music, Kid's Place Live.

The new replacement channel, The Playground, is absolutely awful. My younger daughter was more interested by a repeat airing of the wholesome Osmond's 50th Reunion special on PBS than the vomit that is now spit up on the new kid's channel. And it is not like we are huge Osmond fans ...

Hooray for Sirius and its investors.

But this divorce gives me one more reason to hate the ever-cost-increasing DirecTV, which I recently reduced my DVR package from $140+ per month to the $82 (includes taxes and fees) package.

Get the boombox! I have the boombox and my radio goes from truck to home easily!

Happy Happy Joy Joy, no more XM D.J's talking in the middle of my good mood. If I want to hear DJ's I would simply listen to FM radio. I liked the old Music Choice music Directv had before they had XM radio. This is more like DMX.
Thanks Directv a smart move!

This change really stinks. I loved XM. Also I have been a DTV subscriber for over a year and I was not notified of this change. Was it something in very small print on the bill or what?

Very disappointed with the classical choices on SonicTap.

DirecTV's XM stream sounded like ~ 96kbps MP3 which means it was probably ~ 64k AAC-like. From any Sirius XM radio the music channels sound like 32k AAC (on a good day). The classical channels (and maybe Stern) sound like ~ 64k AAC. You don't buy satellite radio for sound quality. You get it for a wider range (barely) of programming than you'll typically find on the terrestrial radio driving across the country. In some big cities you'll hear wider program choices on FM.
FM radio is capable of very high fidelity, if not as much dynamic range as digital. That satellite and most all terrestrial radio sounds like crap reflects that it's mostly listened to in the car or as background where most people don't notice the difference, and the stations engineer it to sound loud.
There's a chance that internet radio (Pandora, Slacker, et al) in the car will be practical. Slacker lets you choose from many stations, or make up your own. And Slacker's sound quality is VERY good.

Sonic tap is bs. Every night I listen to music before bed and they took away lithium which is the best channel for grunge and that's the only type of music I like and replaced it reality bites. I don't know about anyone else but this channel really sucks

Very disappointing. They claim their the best yet give up or lose the best radio service? Sonictap is terrible.

I want back my coffee house acoustic...We would have that on all day....I realy miss that station.

I switched to Dish on 2/12/10 and am very happy with the service. Even Dish's "own" music channels are better than those of sonictap.

Free? I pay Directv every month. One of the reasons I subscribe is for Sirius XM.

I am TOTALLY with you on that!!!

sonic tap (actually I call it sonic is sooo bad
i agree 100% with you

The new Classic R&B is awful. XM's Soul Street played THE classic soul from the 60s to mid-70s. The crap that Sonic plays from the late 70s-80s is the reason I stopped listening to R&B. And if they play one more 'Temptations Do The Beatles', I'll rip the dish off my roof!!!

I think the move is terrible, not only did they remove a better music service for a cheaper wanna be, they RAISED THE PRICES aswell, not lowered them. THis is HORSECRAP and im gonna call DTV tomorrow and let them know they can suck it !

I am a big listener of Willie's Place. Sonic tap is crap!!!

Yes! Red, Rock and Blues especially! also, really enjoy the jazz vocals.....very nice change, thanks for doing so DirecTV.....

I recently purchased an extra receiver that I ran out to my workshop only FOR the XM/Sirius channels(mostly Bluegrass Junction and Willie's Place). It's not even connected to a tv, but to a stereo amp. I've given sonic a fair shake, but it's terrible. The music content is half baked, and there are no DJs, no personalities! I may as well put my iPod on shuffle and be done with it. So now I'm back to having to park my truck near the shop and tune in Sirius via the shop stereo's FM receiver, but this doesn't sound nearly as good as it did from Directv. And I just convinced a friend last fall to get Directv instead of DishNetwork because of the SiriusXM music channels that he so liked. No he's pissed at me, having to pay more for his TV than he would have for Dish, and without the SiriusXM channels! I'm canceling my extra receiver, of course, since it's complete redundant now, and I doubt my buddy will keep his sub and will likely switch to Dish, like he was going to do before I convinced him not to. NOT IMPRESSED.

It'll be just fine when I can get the same song info as before.

extremely unhappy with SonicTap. its inferior to XM radio. hell, the Directv version didnt even include all the XM channels but it was still better than this crap. im looking into switching over to Dish.

VERY VERY VERY Disapointed in directv for doing this. Sonic Tap is a joke compaired to XM radio.Im sure diectv must have made the dicision to save them a buck.

What does sonic tap mean when they say Recomending music isnt one of them on their web page. Are they so arrogant that they think they know what the customer wants more than the customer and they can just shove it down our throat? Direct tv thinks the same way for I dont remember them asking us.Sirius XM was much better and the so called experts on sonic tap who claim to know so much need to go back to school.All 5 stations I listened to now are substandard.

This change is horrible! I listen to coffeehouse everyday and this SonicTap replacement is god awful. It was the one station with good accoustic light music and now it is playing some awful 80s ish music with lots of instruments.

Bring back stinkin 20 on 20!!!! This sonic tap crap is boring and stupid dawgonnit!!!!!!

It is not worth listening to anymore. I called Dir. and dealt with a stupid and rude person. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was disconnected. I am looking into switching to Dish...

i dont like this sonic tap crap. what is this mess?????? i want sirius/xm back now!!!!!!!!!

NO! I hate it. The only channels I listen to on DirecTV were Prime Country and now that's gone and Cinemagic and now that's gone. I hate the new channel that has replaced Prime Country. I hate HATE HATE the new generic bubble gum teen pop crap that passes for country music these days. There are too many Carrie Underwoods and Taylor Swifts to make the country genre pleasing to listen to. Gone are the days of GOOD country from the likes of Randy Travis, Garth Brooks, Blackhawk and Neal McCoy. BRING BACK SIRIUS/XM DIRECTV! The new Sonic crap sucks!

We finally found music we like that is why we have sat. radio now you take off the best music ever Willies place and road house. What are you thinking? You have something good going and you make this horrible change.

A Sirius misstep for Directv

Sonic sucks big time.There was about 17 channels I listened to on xm/sirius now on sonic there is only about 5.What knot headed idiot made the decision to change to this garbage should be FIRED!I will be cutting back on dtv channels I recieve save myself money untill the fm channels are back.Hey direct t.v. if it's not broken don't fix it and if it is broke fix it so now FIX IT

This switch to SonicWHATEVER absolutely sucks. What I despise the most is that I am a paying customer with DirecTV and I chose DirecTV because of access to XM - in particular Watercolors. That I, as a paying customer, was not given a choice, is making me rethink if I want to stay with DirecTV. BRING BACK XM - WATERCOLORS. THIS IS WANT YOUR PAID SUBSCRIBERS WANT! Not a pseudo station, which may be saving DirecTV $ (If it is cheaper than XM) and if that be the case, hey DirecTV, PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.

I hope all you folks who are unhappy with the switch have sent DirecTv your feelings.

Send your grouches and let them know they've really stepped in it

Who knows? They might get scared if enough people tell them off.

They raised my monthly rate and removed xm...I am irate to say the least and am gonna cancel Directv

Sucks, totally sucks! I want my acoustic coffee house back. Who ever heard of coffe house rock? WTF!

Switching to DISH....DIRECTV SUCKS

DirecTV... What have you done? This switch is horrible, bring back XM! XM IS THE satellite radio! Sonictap should be called Sonicrap. Right now I am listening to Ink'd (instead of The Octane ='( ) and I can't believe I am still listening to it... If you want to keep your customers, you will switch back right away. When ever I wanted to listen to good music, all I had to do was turn on the TV and go to channel 835 for The Octane, but now i can't seem to find any on Sonictap.

Please change it back to XM, the good radio. Sonictap sucks, XM rocks, just do us all a favor and change it back ASAP.

Emailing complaints to DirectV. They tried to push the corporate line that we are better off with SonicTap. They must have tin ears. Even Sirius sounds better than SonicTap. And Sirius is a drop off from the old XM. DirectV says write SonicTap. Yep that will work. And DirectV says they are working with SonicTap to encourage improvement. Good one. They make a big decision like this and they did not know what sort of cheap sounding product SonicTap produced? Really? Come on man!

So, I come home find my XM Direct gone, and guess what? XM is now charging for the online radio!! I luckily got a gentlemen that gave me XM radio online free for a year. ( I pay for their service with my car radios) It'll have to do for now. I mourn the loss of XM on TV though.

what the hell, no warning, no, 'hey, guess what'. nothing. Just turn to my favorite station to get... This crap. Becuase, when I want to listen to Metal (I love you Octane!) I want to listen to Metallica and Nickleback. And, i dont know if any of you have noticed... But it seems like all the rock stations are playing the same thing, and sometimes at the same time. I flipped threw, trying to decide if I like these... And three diffrent channels where playing three different Metalica songs. And its just the same crap on all the channels. No, didn't sign up for DirecTV just to get the radio stations, but I rather enjoyed having them. Listened to them all the time. WTF!

Listened to 40's on 4, and now replaced with Big Band Swing. OK. The only thing is Sonic Taps Big Band Swing plays more lounge music,and early Hi Fi. Liked Willies Place as well. Noticed Sonic Tap has issues with bring up all the info of the track it is playing. Sonic Tap is got to go, I'd rather have Music Choice.
Have a Sirius reciever also, as Directv didn't carry all the channels that Sirius/XM has. The Sirius is hooked up to my sound system at home. Sounds good. A years subsription of Sirius everything is around $180.

I'll now be canceling my entire directv sub and listen to SiriusXM with a real sirius home radio unit. Who needs all these extra tv channels anyway? We listened to the SXM channels more than most of these lame tv channels.

I say "go back" to the old way of watching tv. Use a TV antenna with your HDTV and watch all the major networks for free and crystal clear. I bought an HDTV roof antenna off ebay for around 50 bucks and the HD channels are clearer than directv crap. Plus the TV signal doesnt go out when a heavy rain storm comes.

I won't miss paying directv over 70 bucks a month at all. A sirius sub is only 13 bucks a month!

I am among the many bummed DirecTV subscribers that are very unhappy with the switch to Sonic Tap. Sound quality SUCKS, most importantly, and I am really getting fucking annoyed at the constant cutting off of the endings of songs. There is nothing there to replace my beloved Deep Tracks. The Sonic Tap 8 Tracks station, which touts the playing of "rare" tracks from the 60's and 70's, just went thru a set of Motley Crue, Ronnie James Dio, Guns-n-Roses, and Living Colour.


We installed an elaborate surround sound system JUST to listen to Deep much for that! We have likened Sonic Tap 8 Tracks to listening to AM Radio. The songs aren't played in there entirety. The 8 Tracks genre' is definitely not the same as Deep Tracks. We are seriously considering canceling our subscription and doing what above writer "M" suggested. We would save money, as well as having the Sirius XM.
It is obvious DirecTV didn't poll their customers for input on making this change, not to our knowledge anyway. Maybe they are a little too big for their britches now, because this change wasn't based on pleasing their patrons. An antenna and a home radio unit are looking better all the time!

don"t like SonicTap at all. Yes DirecTV should listen to there customers and give them what they want. I want my Watercolors and some others that XM had that this new company don't

The music played on Sirius XM Channel 857 CHILL Station, has not been replaced with anything close. I've written the titles and artists of so many songs I otherwise would not be exposed to, and bought them from iTunes so I have about 100 great songs. NO Sonic Tap station plays "Morning Sun" by the Plump DJs, or "Montezuma's Revenge" by Empire Rocket. If Sirius XM Radio is part of the monthly package I'm paying for, how is it fair that Direct TV raises the rates, and replaces Sirius XM Radio with Sonic Tap, an inferior product?


I don't listen to the music channels often, but when I went to them Sunday a.m., I was disappointed to see the channels I knew gone. The new ones are much less self-descriptive. This must have been a cost savings thing on your end.

It's horrible! I don't use those channels anymore and never will. I loved Deep Tracks and the announcers on the bluegrass channel. DirecTV just keeps getting worse. I tried to talk to someone on the phone at their customer service recently about this and got, of course, no satisfaction. This SonC thing is just so cheap and cheesy, it's insulting.

Sonic stinks. The Bluegrass seems to be a loop of lame stuff half of which isn't even real bluegrass. Don't know what I'll go to next, but I'll be dumping DirecTV right after I hit the button to send this comment.

I love this change to sonic!!

Ever since XM merged with sirius IT HAS BEEN COMPLETE GARBAGE!

Its nice to have JUST MUSIC like we had with music choice!! (No talking from DJs)

I love these streams from sonic

70s Hits - 804
80s Hits - 805
Beautiful Instrumentals - 820
Salsa - 874

SonicTap is without a doubt the biggest piece shit i've ever heard in my entire life. SiriusXM was amazing. Octane and Liquid Metal both blow the sad excuses for stations called Ink'D and Spike. Ink'd for example cut out a part of Sad But True. Those mothefuckers cut out the second solo and a couple verses of the song. My girlfriend were extremely pissed because this is one of our favorite songs. My girlfriend even goes as far to comment that, and i quote, "Ink'd sucks furry monkey." And as offensive some of you people I happily agree. Bring back Octane, Liquid Metal, and most importantly SiriusXM. SonicTap fucking sucks.

I am missing Shade 45. I enjoyed listening to the "All Out Show", the evening talk show on Shade 45. There is no replacement for personality dj talent and entertainment on this soniccrap!

Glad I have a Sirius plug&play in my car. I'll be using that at home now too. It was just easier to listen on directv with the stereo in my living room. A "home kit" for my starmate 5 solved this and I have sirius/xm in my home again! Suck on that directv!

ummm.... this switch really sucks! 100% crap! no notice of the switch, no poll to see what would be better! I pay with my monthly bill for xm! NOT THIS LAME CRAP! Calling Direct tv now!

With the change to Sonic Tap, does that invalidate my two year contract? I know probably not, wishful thinking maybe?

One of the reasons I went with Directv was because of XM. Now I'm going to look at Dish.

I was just getting ready to dump Comcast and go with DTV until I saw this. They also dumped Versus which I wanted to watch the hockey playoffs.

No XM, no Versus, no DTV. Will be seriously looking at Dish now!

I've been waiting all winter to switch from Comcast because of the weather. Spent hours researching the options, Dish, DTV and cable and had decided on DTV. Just found out they dumped XM for some Sonic crap, and they took Versus off so I can't watch the hockey playoffs. Thanks DTV for helping me make up my mind before getting hooked with a 2-year commitment. Looks like I'll be going to Dish Network.

I will be switching to Dish Network immediately

Bring it back, and turn it up.

Poor decision by Directv. XM a much better choice

As a jazz listener, this change stinks. Sonictap's programming is all older releases nothing current. Which is great as an alternative but not as the only choice. The lack of DJ's is also troubling. It's bad enough that XM/Sirius DJ's seldom say who is on a recording other than the leader but now I don't even have that. It might be fine for Rock/Pop acts with consistent personnel but jazz doesn't work that way. Also, maybe I missed it but I didn't see any notification from DirectTV. Just woke up one day with Soniccrap.

hell no i want my bpm back now & the heat

your a idiot

The only good channel left is 820 (Beautiful Instrumentals. ) Thats because the music is "recognizable!" Don't change it.

They should have AT LEAST let their customers know they were making this move. BAD move DirecTV. Not happy about it at all. Let's see... what other satellite providers are there out there... ? Hmmm.. I'll go look now!

First 820 (Escape) was changed to Contemporary Instrumental (horrible change). Now it is Beautiful Instrumental and the songs are recognizable. Keep it that way!!!

Your BPM left the building years ago. "Teen pop"? Feh. The Internet is where real dance music is now found.

Hi, I was just browsing around and came across this page. That really does suck for all you directv subs.

Here's my suggestion.....

If you have a blackberry, checkout the new app to listen to sirius/xm with your blackberry. The sound quality is amazing, sounds just like a cd. You can listen to all the music channels you love from sirius/xm. It doesn't use up your cell minutes. It just uses data, so make sure you have an unlimited data plan with your wireless carrier. All your e-mails, txts and phone calls still come through while listening, and after you end a call, the radio will start playing again. If you have 3G in your area it will sound crystal clear and work anywhere you have that cell signal. Great for listening inside buildings where even a real sirius radio might have trouble picking up the satellite signal.

All you crackberry addicts and sirius listeners....seriously try it!!!

Just my 2 cents


I'd rather have than sonic crap. At least the genres of the music on Live 365 is correct to the stations.

I've been a regular subscriber to XM since it began in the early part of the decade. When XM merged with Sirius, IT BECAME CRAP!
Sonic Tap blows XM/Sirius totally away.
Thanks Sonic Tap for playing better stuff.

My wife and I are extremely unhappy about the move to Sonic Tap. No more Loft, no more XM Chill, no more...We will be switching from DirecTv as a result.

Your BPM left the building years ago. "Teen pop"? Feh. The Internet is where real dance music is now found.


best comment, sonic tap is shit

I've read something similar on another website not too long ago but didn't understand it. After reading your post I kind of see what they meant.

i like xm2

I used to love listening to Cross Country, which then became Outlaw Country with the XM-Sirius merger, for two hours in my truck and then coming in the house and hearing the same thing. That's gone now. Get a clue, Die-wrecked TV, "Red Rock and Blues" is NOT the same thing as Outlaw Country!

I want my cinemagic back!!! I hate the new silver screen replacement channel!

I like the new Sonc. The Rat Pack is cool! Better Blues and Jazz! I can get XM in the car. Nice break from the interuptions of talk.

Dude, what happened???
I used to listen to XM Octane before I passed out every night... Now I gotta listen to this sissy bullshit that Ink'd claims is ROCK. What the hell???? I'm sooo getting rid of DirecTV. :/
I want my Octane back... I NEED my Octane back!
I can't even play Radio Disney for the kids that I babysit before naptime and stuff because of this... Screw you DirecTV. Highest in Customer Satisfaction my ass.... Tell that to your music lovers. ._.

I absolutely HATE the changeover from XM/Sirius radio to sonic tap on Directv. The main reason i kept directv was becuase of XM sat. radio. I listento new rock and the Octane station on XM was the BEST STATION IN THE WORLD TO ME. Now they have Ink'd. it is just not the same. the station sucks. They play too much metal and too much older rock. Octane was 95% new rock and Ink'd should be too. I hope directv people are reading these comments.


This 60's channel is way better that XM was.

Music not DJ talk. I'm sooooo glad there is no Cousin Brucie to talk, talk, talk, instead of playing music.
Thanks Direct TV.

I don't understand why Directv doesn't include both XM and their Sonic Tap and give us a choice on which service we want. That way people who don't want DJs pick Sonic Tap and people who want DJs and the XM format pick XM. It isn't rocket science. Both sides would be happy!

Tell them what you want to hear so maybe it will get better cause right now it isn't very good. The songs for the most part aren't up to XM par. I miss The System, Octane, 20 on 20, the dance channels - Sonic Tap's dance channels sounds like a cheap dance studio with people wearing leotards and leg warmers. Yikes!

Also notice both the New Age channels (Zen and New Age) sound like belly up to the bar and hear the piano music! It is mostly piano music. WTF? Where are the woodwinds and gentle waterfalls, etc? Anyway, let Directv know that we want a choice - Bring back XM and give us a choice on what service we want! Oh, and I wouldn't trust Dish Network too much, they could go with their own service and drop XM too and then what? It is best to try to get them to give us an option to have both services and let us pick.

My guess is that 90% of the ppl complaining are Sirius music lovers which means you only like hits based programming. In the few weeks that Ive heard sonic tap it has surprised me more times with a "lost hit" that SiriXM hasnt played since the days when XM was XM. Turn on your FM radio, Sirius sounds the same anyway.

SQ on Sonic Tap sucks, I agree, but I'll take the horrible SQ to the same stale songs that Sirius plays.

I will be canceling my DirecTV subscription after 9 years. SonicTap has terrible awful programming. No more Spectrum? No more Bob Dylan? No more Mark Goodman?? See ya!

This is terrible. I used to listen to outlaw country, that is why we paid to add the music channels. The red,rock and blues isn't even close. Time to cancel that and look elsewhere.

What a catastrophic mistake by DTV. This will hurt them bigtime.

I too am not at all pleased with this change to SonicTap. The quality of the content SUCKS. I thought my usual XM81 BPM had gone in the crapper as I listen to it every am when I turn on the stereo connected to the receiver, hit 759 on my remote and go about my morning routine.

Well today after being fed up with the music quality, I turned on the TV to investigate only to find SonicTap had replaced XM! (My family NEVER got a notice, email or otherwise about this change.)

This combined with the recent DirecTV price increase has put me over the edge and I'll be switching our household over ASAP to another provider. It's not like I want everything in the world for free - I understand I have to pay for service - but I'm sick of paying for 100 Spanish channels, 100 home shopping channels and all the other crap we NEVER watch when we essentially really only tune in to about 30 in total. Combine the availability of movies VIA Netflix and Internet content and... now this loss of the XM quality and... well there's no reason to continue the relationship. Also, while I'm on a rant - I hate that 'HD' isn't a standard and they ding you more for it. Hello... that to me is like them charging me for color tv vs. black and white. HD is just modern... nothing special any more!

I want Octane back! Sonictap's Ink'd does not compare. WTF are you thinking DirecTV?

I was a Williesplace listner and enjoy what you have programed on Honky Tonk Tavern. But, for me, one the the main reasons that I listened to Williesplace is that we had an opportunity to hear the many fine independent artists who do this great old styling of music. You've programed, many great artist and the genre includes my favorite, Texas Music, Western Swing. I'd love to hear some of our fine independents on Honky Tonk Tavern. Jake Hooker, Bobby Flores, Johnny Bush, Billy Mata, all great entertainers, who produce their own music.

I cannot listen to Sonic whereas I used to listen to Sirius ALL THE TIME. Considering Dish TV

This switch to SONC crap is the worst decision you could have made!!! I can't wait until my contract is up so I can switch to DISH!

I want Chill back. Bring it back or I am dropping DirecTV.

Hey njCLOWNbo, do you have any thoughts on these comments?


I never heard DJ's on XM on DTV! We're in Colorado but I don't think that makes a difference.
I think the new sonic tap is just fine for the type of music that we listen to and their isn't a 32 song loop like some people say. I wish I could get this on my XM receiver in my YUKON.

I do not like the SonicTap stations. I used to listen to Sirus/XM all day on my days off. Since the change to SonicTap, I prefer to listen to my IPOD! I dont know what they were thinking, but the change was a terrible idea. Please change back to Sirus XM, PLEASE!

My wife and I really enjoyed listening to the "Love" channel 819. Now we can't even listen to it. It has a terrible collection of songs and obscure artists, many that don't seem to fit the category, like they were just plucked out of a hat, or maybe a toilet. I think we have been done a terrible disservice and DTV should be ashamed.

I hear Sonic Tap 80's/90's at my local gym. I am glad it's pure music when working out. I am searching for a song I hear about every 4 or 5 days. It sounds like it could be Veruca Salt or The Breeders...female lead the middle of the song "Here and Now....Here and Now".
I heard it just after 3AM Pacific Time on March 23rd, 2010, the song that followed it was
Friday I'm In Love by The Cure.
Does anyone know of this song & artist or how I can find out? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You!

Bite me! You can't seem to spell leeches. you are obviously a rich jerk and prob. a republican. You can shove sonic tap!

This right wing, censored, canned bullshit. This sonic crap... WTF, seriously WHAT THE FUCK? And the dip shit who can't spell leeches should be getting a very painful form of ass cancer right about now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not as bad as the cancer that awaits the suits who approved this switch with NO WARNING.

This sonic tap is the dumb downed version. crappy
rock, jazz sux. love songs are pitiful . just about everything i liked before, is lame. sonic tap has no idea what it is doing.

Instead of Area and Chill, we now have Zen, Subterranean, and Dance... all three suck.

Zen is advertised as Trance, Trip Hop, and Breaks, with Eastern Influences. It's all same-ish Eastern influenced euro lounge, that's all.

Subterranean is just euro garage electro pop/rock.

And Dance is the cheesiest lite diva dance pop you can get.

If the three channels had some genre diversity, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. It's like the free music wedding DJs get through the mail. THERE IS NO TRANCE, BREAKS, TRIP HOP, ELECTRO, AMBIENT, OR GENUINE TECHNO BY ANY STRETCH ON SONIC TAP.

To insult to injury, Direct TV's Sirius/XM feed was much higher fidelity than DishNetwork's. We just switched to Direct TV and I was blown away by the improvement. Two months later they've got this crap, now.

The DJs did not bother me on Sirius/XM. At least you knew there was a human being deciding what to play some of the time, rather than a computer playing music no one would want to buy.

And besides, doesn't Direct TV own 40% of Sirius/XM?!

It's just not the same. Give me back Sirius (xm).This sonic stuff stinks (really) bad. Who ever made the switch messed up, and should loose their job."Why fix it if it ain't broke?"

I dont see why everyone is bitching about the change? i love channel 830 "full metal jacket" its the next best thing since Z-ROCK! they play the best heavy rock & classic metal from the 80's and its stuff i have'nt heard in years! alot more variety than the old channel "the bone yard" they played the same songs over and over! this is alot better variety! i love it and give it thumbs-up!

At first I didn't like the switch from Sirius XM to SonicTap, but when they switched from "Contemporary Intrumentals" to "Beautiful Intrumentals, it was much better. The music on this channel is more like "Escape" on Sirius XM;
but I wish Sonic Tap had a better 50s and 60s channel, with more music from the Early (pre rock and roll) 50's. Then I would really be pleased with the switchover.

i hattttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sonic tap i miss BPM

Dislike this sonic tap. I want my Sirius-XM back! Sirius through DirecTv sounds much better than on either a Sirius radio or an XM radio.

Being a customer of 13-yrs to direct.... I’m not happy with MX being gone... My little one liked radio Disney and I listen to the High Way in my business... I don't like the new channel 814 at all.. Bring back MX!

I am with you. I just called DTV and got $10 per month off my bill for a year; no problem. Sonic seems REALLY compressed also.

Full Metal Jacket is awesome. I have Sirius in my car, so I feel like I can testify accurately. I love the switch. I don't know what these other people are talking about that don't like the change. NO DJs.

I want my REAL 90's music channel (90's on 90) and the 90's Alternative/Grunge channel (Lithium) back! This Sonic Tap stuff sucks a giant, hairy, smelly cock! The songs on Sonic Tap are crappy ones that nobody listened to. B-side tracks and no-name groups. DirectTv is just a bunch of greedy bastards.

I hate Sonictap! Nothing but IPOD with a more restrictive playlist. XM was/is the last source for personality radio the way it used to be. Great DJs with great music. Sonictap is Muzak. Period!

Sonic Sucks!! Not that posting anything on here will do any good because corps always make money decisions without the subscriber. We may all have to drop Direct TV to get any results. I'm tired of playing the cable/satellite game---In November I'm gone!

i'am very disappointed with this change esp. because it is not the same as xm radio sonic tap is crap they should go back to xm serious asap or im goin bk to dish...

I found the Boneyard via DirecTV and thought I'd gone to heaven so I subbed to XM. Then they brought the SUCK by merging with Sirius and it has sucked since. Dunno if Full Metal Jacket is any better...the DTV dvr sucks too, so I bought another TiVo from Weaknees when our first one wore out. I have dvr's in 2 of the rooms and they suck. C'mon DTV, pull your head out.


I SO miss Symphony Hall! The playlist on the sonicCRAP equivalent is just ok, at best. It was awesome to have Preston Trombley (sp?) from Sirius/XM Symphony Hall explain the music to me and give little bits of history and insight as I listened. I think this stuff all sounds like Mahler - don't get me wrong, I like Mahler, but sonictap doesn't mix it up.

Since 2/9/10, DirecTV channel 833, Classic Rock has broadcast in a sort of monophonic mode, missing "half" of the program content as issued by the artists. I can't verify the content that's missing, but i can verify via my VU meters and ears that Left and Right are the very same thing on this channel.

Bad and limited playlists overall, uninteresting is an understatement. Davie Bowie would crap himself if he heard his music on 833.

Muzak of the new century. 1970's "Dimestore SounDesign" level experience in the middle of a whole new digital world.

Hate sonic tap. Is not as good as XM
May change to dish.

SonicTap is the most horrible excuse for music and the sound is just as horrible!! We want XM back on DirecTV!! We may be switching to Dish Net.

We are EXTREMELY disappointed & turned completely off with DirecTV making this change from Sirius/XM to the most awful so called music with SonicTap.
We did not receive any kind of notice that DirecTV was making this chnge!
DirecTV, you made a BIG mistake with your choice of taking off Sirius/XM.
We ARE going back to Dish!

I am totally disgusted with the change from Sirius to SonicTap because of incomplete music LABELING. I listen primarily to the classical channel, and, most of the time, SonicTap's labels are incomplete. If you aren't already familiar with the piece being played, you can't usually find out because SonicTap often OMITS the MOST IMPORTANT piece of information--the COMPOSER'S NAME! They usually give the orchestra and conductor, the solo artist if any, and a description of the piece. But because lots of classical music uses common titles, like "Symphony No. 2", if you don't know the composer, you can't identify the piece.
Also, many classical CDs have more than one piece, and SonicTap often just takes some general information from the CD cover--with the result that they often identify another piece that is NOT the one actually playing.
Srius had good and complete labeling because their staff were smart enough to know how to read the detailed program listing and identify the name of what was being played. However, SonicTap's labeling staff has no familiarity with classical music and they don't know what they are doing.
If DirecTV sticks with SonicTap and fails to demand that they improve their classical channel labeling, I will--in all Siriusness--soon cancel my DirecTV subscription and change to Dish.

I may be the only person on planet earth who likes this move to Sonic Tap on Direct TV. I listen to "Eight Tracks" most of the time and I find it to be a much better programed station compared to the old "Deep tracks" from Sirius/XM, which replaced "The Vault" before the merger. The Vault was how this radio was supposed to be done, while musically Eight tracks is a close second, and is very enjoyable sixties/early seventies progressive rock. I really like the fact that there are no radio "personalities" cluttering up the music as well. I could care less what Dylan or Petty find amusing and enjoyable! The sixties on channel 803 is also done impeccably musically.

I really, really hate that there is no gospel grass now on this new bluegrass channel. I keep thinking one Sunday I will tune in and it will be corrected--improved, but no, it is the same sad nothing.



Please give us back our Sirius/XM Channels. SonicTap may be a more cost-effective decision for you, DirecTV, but it's definitely not a better option for your customers who like to listen to music.

The worst mistake ever. Almost every morning I would get up and listen to Octane on siriusxm....but now I have to listen to ink'd which half the shit on there plays screamo gay ass shit!!!

the switch from XM to sonictap was indeed a horrible one. when it was xm i very much enjoyed liquid metel ch 841. played it 24-7 never turned it off because the music choice . now with sonic tap they have spike, and is S-U-C-K-S SUCKS! they play P.O.D. for **** sakes! and P.O.D. should be played on the religious channels. i have smashed a lot of T.V's because of them playing that. BOOOOOOO!! they keep that **** up i will soon switch to dish

I have been quiet long enough. I can not stand Sonic Tap. I may drop Directv, it was my main source of music in my house.

It took me awhile to realize that I had lost something special on channel 802. I then woke up to the fact xm was gone. BIG MISTAKE!Please bring back XM. I hate to change vendors but I just may have to!

There are two things obvious here:
1 - sonictap is not particularly good
2 - nobody at DirecTv cares about it

It's a good thing that Haydn and Mozart wrote so prolifically. Without them sonictap would be broadcasting dead air half the time on the symphonic and light (and I use the term loosely)classical channels.
What ever happened to all the other composers that the rest of the world includes under the definition "classical"?

I love SonicTap. Their station SubTerranean is grade A. I do miss a lot of the XM stations, but this station more than makes up for it. It's basically a compilation of everything I love.

Very disappointed.Music is not Dolby Digital..This is bad for a class act such as Direct TV

The labeling has nothing to do with Sonic Tap...The labeling is DTV's problem. How is a music company going to produce video?

I really like Directv. However, the switch to SonicTap from XM/Sirius was a boneheaded move just to save money and not pass the savings on to the customer. SonicTap is not the equivalent of XM. Many of the channels don't have near the variety. The Dance: Dance channel comes no where near to the quality of BPM. When my contract is up I'm gone.

Actually, for the music I like - YES! I am an extreme heavy metal fan. Sirius has Liquid Metal, which only plays about 75% real, true metal and of that 75% the majority is the same old bands/songs played over and over and over again!

Sonic has some nice variety and best of all NO TALK!!!

We think the change to Sonic was awesome. It is another reason we can justify the cost staying with satellite TV. Stay the course! If the technology can be updated- it should be done.

I HATE SonicTap! I remember earlier this year the shock and horror I had when I expected to continue to hear the song I was listening to in the car (on XM). The music line-up on the some of the station does not fit. I am sure the change had lots to do with the Sirius/XM merger. .

I guess this is a waste of time but here goes. Seems all my complaints have been covered by everyone else. Seems like Sonic and Direct is run buy a bunch of politicans beacuse no one listens to the customers anymore. I'm about to do as so many of you and tell Direct and Sonic to shove it! Nothing on TV but a bunch of crap. As for Sonic, might as well listen to AM radio. They try to play as many different records in a short amount of time. Don't even play the song to the end.Only get to hear half, if you are lucky to get that much !!! Does anyone in this country listen to the people anymore????

I haven't given Sonic much air time since the first couple of times I put it on (usually while cleaning or other household tasks) the sound quality was absolute crap. I had to double check my receiver settings to verify it wasn't that. Clearly not all digital is the same.

To all of you who say nobody listens: Maybe - just maybe - somebody at DTV took to heart all of us who complained about the endless chatter that began to infiltrate SXM's channels. If I wanted talk radio I would listen to that. I paid for music ONLY and that's what I'm now getting. If you want SXM back, subscribe to them on your own. Don't give me back all those yammering DJs!

I hate it to the 10th power! They repeat the line up of songs daily in the same order sometimes...

Used to enjoy Deep Tracks on XM. Nothing on SonicRap can compare. Sounds like someone's iPod shuffle with many repeats. Shame on DirecTV for screwing its subscribers.

We do not like Sonic either !
We used to listen to the SPA channel, nice relaxing new age music.
The stuff Sonic plays is terrible, I would rather listen to nothing which is what I do.
Unfortunatley my husband keeps hanging in there with their version of spa and it is awful.
We have Sirius and XM in our vehicles, so please bring them back to Directv.


The Bridge was my favorite, listening to lot of ballads and soft rock with top artists. I've tried many of the stations and the all they seem to play is stuff from the dance halls, disco from the 70's and modern artist (side B) that just never really made it. I like a variety of artists. The music they choose seems to played on multiple formats which I'm sure saves money, But listening in my home is different that out on the town.