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Sonos' awesome new iPad App controller

Sonos iPad Controller
Another item that I needed to check out at the Digital Experience Expo was the brand spanking new Sonos iPad Controller, available from the iTunes App Store in late August, pair up with the killer Sonos S5.

This thing is absolutely beautiful.
Sonos makes use of all the real estate made available on the iPad's giant screen. You can see your music menu, beautiful album art, see what's playing in every room, and what's in your queue - all at once. And, of course, it adjusts to either landscape or portrait mode.

Sonos iPad ControllerThere's also some nice interface touches, like flicking your finger within smaller windows on the Sonos iPad Controller. There's also drag-and-drop, so you can select an item and drop it into your queue. You can also search for your favorite artists (using the iPad's virtual keyboard) or browse through albums by using touch gestures that iPad/iPhone/iTouch users are very familiar with.

Sonos iPad ControllerOverall the Sonos iPad Controller is in one word: awesome. It really gives an intimate experience, and if you're the type who likes to show off your latest gadgets to your friends - this will be a killer showpiece.

One more thing...
I did pose a question to Sonos: what about Android support? The answer I got was while they are looking at the platform, the overall experience still remains quite fragmented between different mobile devices. That's not to say they aren't considering it, but Sonos wants to ensure the experience to the consumer is the best it can be, and so Android users might need to wait a bit longer before they get a Sonos controller of their own.


I've had SONOS since November and it is absolutely amazing. The fact that it has it's own wireless network sets it above the others that rely on your wifi network. I'm looking forward to the iPad controller!

I have been using SONOS for the past 10 months. I would recomend it to anyone.