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Sony PSP gets Internet Radio


PSP Radio

The Sony PSP will soon be getting a firmware update (v3.80) turning the portable game console into a walking streaming Internet Radio player.

Dave Zatz points out that interestingly enough, the screenshot says “Powered by SHOUTcast” - which is produced by an AOL subsidiary. Odd since Sony just loves to play only within its own ecosystem (and tends to fail as a result). The update will currently only be available in Japan, but it's a safe bet to say it's coming stateside sometime in the near future.

Not a threat? Consider the fact that there's nearly 10 million PSPs in the hands of U.S. consumers. And Sony could be waking up to the fact that there's a lot more potential to the PSP than just games.

Mark Ramsey
puts it perfectly:

"What we're witnessing is alchemy in action: The slow and steady transformation of non-radios into radios via integration with the Internet. This will be limited only by the availability of devices which are Internet-connected, and there is no limit to those devices, from cars to refrigerators to game systems to clocks."

The next three years are going to be very interesting.

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Oh goody, more money for the RIAA.

I'm waiting for it to be added to the iPod, terrestrial radio and satellite radio arguments that it competes, yet doesn't compete argument soon...

AGAIN I SAY THIS IS WHY EXCLUSIVE DEALS SHOULD HAVE BEEN ACROSS ALL AUDIO OUTLETS. Am I the only one who sees this? and yes I was yelling. Its beginning to really tick me off, Ryan you want XM/Sirius integrated in to phones, game systems and so many other things but your missing the the one thing that could make Sad rad essential, Content thats an EXCLUSIVE. MLB is exclusive sat rad to XM.. there is nothing stopping internet radio from picking it up. NASCAR can be picked up live on the PSP and you can play Nascar thunder 2009 driving Talladega while listening to the race at Talladega. And it DOES NOT Violate the NASCAR EXCLUSIVE DEAL with Sirius. This is only the beginning.

>> Oh goody, more money for the RIAA.

That's the problem with Internet Radio.

It can't make money because if it ever starts to have significant listenership RIAA will take it all.

No business model, therefore no business, and right Jck -- no competition in real life.

Let me know when Internet Radio can show us how they make money.

Am I wrong, but isn't that a big XM logo on the shoutcast homepage? I don't use Shoutcast but considering the ties to AOL Radio, I think this could be a good thing for XM.

yeah there is an XM logo on there but thats where XM is partners with AOL and some of AOL's channels are online with XM's. It says shoutcast than aol than featuring XM

Whereis coward ranting about Howard and the PSP.?... makes as much sense as he normally does.

I'm willing to bet that, just like all other PSP updates, it will also break any of the cool hacks you've built up in the meantime. I hate how Sony does that.

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@ Jeff

XM/Sirius offer 70 channels of commercial free music in all genres. That's exculsive. No AM/FM station can say that. None of the talk/sports content is exclusive. MLB is on FM, Cable, Sat TV, Broadcast. Same for NASCAR, NFL, NBA, NHL. Even Hoo Hoo Howie's Sirius show is free on TV on the weekends. If you want the NFL or any similar property to be completely exclusive you need to pay a hell of a lot more than they already pay for the broadcast rights. FOX pays over 700 million/year for their NFL package. That's just for NFC games. And it's still not exclusive for them. FM radio still carries the games as does Sirius.

The Sony PSP will soon be getting a firmware update (v3.80) turning the portable game console into a walking streaming Internet Radio player.

When are Sirius and XM going to do that so that all but the early radios become Sirius/XM radios???

Note to "Stack Pointer". There's an internet radio site that MUST be making money because according to Radio World, they get $1,000 PER HOUR for streaming brokered shows. The article doesn't say whether it's per show, per week or per month...but even 24K per month ain't bad. Then you can look at the webcaster I'm involved with . . . (Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Mark). We're slowly evolving into a real professional, mostly live and local site with the potential for some real cutting edge stuff. And we do remote, run spots and have actual local news. Our cost is minimal now. Our revenue is minimal now. But with the proper resources and continued support from our company (a PRINT company), we'll make it work. Judging from the response--as soon as people can actually HEAR the internet (via PSP or their cell phone or their C. Crane recievers) - -watch out. When Internet becomes local, and listenable - which it slowly is - it WILL make money.