Source: Opie & Anthony contract negotiations still not resolved - Orbitcast

Source: Opie & Anthony contract negotiations still not resolved

Opie and Anthony

Contract negotiations between Opie & Anthony and Sirius XM Radio Inc. remain unresolved despite this Friday's a looming deadline and thousands of anxious fans, a source familiar with the matter tells Orbitcast.

And now there's new information that could be even more troubling for fans.
The fact that Opie and Anthony have yet to be re-signed with the satellite radio provider is troubling not just for fans, but may indicate troubles with re-signing Howard Stern's contract.

Indeed, according to Orbitcast sources, Sirius XM's current offer to Opie and Anthony is "significantly less" than what the duo was given when they first signed with XM Satellite Radio.

That's a problem.

Back when O&A were first signed to XM in 2004, they were essentially damaged goods. They were off the air for over two years, and while they had a loyal fan base to work with, it was a slight fraction of the levels they had when the show was canceled by Infinity.

Basically, Opie and Anthony had to start from scratch.

Today, we're faced with a far different situation. Opie and Anthony's show is extremely popular on Sirius XM, and they have an active loyal base. Not only that, but this base of subscribers actually pays for the product they're listening to.

Sirius XM is also a much healthier company now than XM Satellite Radio was back in 2004. We're seeing record subscriber numbers, and double-digit revenue growth. Yet they're offering a contract renewal that's a lower dollar amount than the original. It defies logic.

So here's a question:
What's to stop O&A from leaving, and starting from scratch again? Only this time, they won't be starting from scratch, they would bring with them hoards of influential listeners.

The problem that Sirius XM doesn't seem to understand is that internet radio isn't just a competitor, it's a full-on threat. You don't need a crystal ball to see this. Opie and Anthony - and, yes, Howard Stern - have always been at the cutting edge of broadcasting technologies. And they see this trend towards internet radio isn't going to stop. Pandora has over 60 million listeners and is growing faster than ever. Oh, and it's free.

Talk content is something that internet radio services like Pandora and Slacker desperately need. It's not like they're dying financially either - Pandora had its first profitable quarter in the end of 2009, and recently completed a 5th round of funding. If Opie and Anthony are going to take a pay cut, why would they stick around on a medium that artificially limits their audience with subscription fees?


sirius xm need to pull their head out of their ass.

They should leave if they feel the offer is not fair. The market always decides someone's worth, and if they believe they can make more money elsewhere they should go. Their fans will find them, and perhaps someone is willing to pay for their services and fanbase.

Re-signed them stupid.

Ryan - I have a question for you. Do you think a sufficient amount of people would pay for an O&A app on a smartphone in order for them to consider a move in that direction?

I am not so sure. Back in the WNEW days I think they were so on fire in the ratings that they could do it with their popularity. But are they on fire now? Looks like it is coming down to Friday doesn't it?

Eh... Don't care. Stern is all that matters.


Whenever the subject has come up on the show O&A act like going to the internet would be horrible and they couldn't make a living doing it. I don't really understand why they think that. They already have a built in audience that is willing and able to pay to hear their show.

The only reason I have XM is to listen to the O&A show. If XM does not renew their contract my subscription (and the other 3 accounts attached to mine) will be canceled. I would gladly pay for an iphone app or internet subscription to O&A's show and I would rather them do that if XM is screwing them over (which it sounds like they are doing). I know I am not the only fan who feels this way and XM will be in for a rude awakening when they see the number of canceled subscriptions if the show goes off the air.

If they don't resign, the show is proabbly done. Opie had a kid recently and he has enough money to not have to work every day. Anthony can probably get a gig doing some sort of political talk w/ comedic aspects. Norton has his comedy. I doubt they would want to restart all over.


"Opie had a kid recently and he has enough money to not have to work every day."

Right. Opie just had a kid, therefore he doesn't need any money coming in.

Who are you, Bobo?

I will pay. MANY others will too.

-JohnB-: Go hop in your Delorean.

The fact that their trying to pay them less then the original contract is enough to piss me off. The numbers dont lie...without O and A Sirius XM is horse shit.

Only Stern matters? Yeah, if it is 1990. He's been done. Show hasn't been good in decades. O&A is much more entertaining. I'll cancel if they leave.

If Sirius/XM don't re-sign the boys, I'm canceling my subscription with no problem. I'll definitely support whatever their next move would be.

For not wanting to pay them, they were sure have been promo-ing them more than they ever have before on the NASCAR and football channels. It's usually just Howie. Fuck Sirius. I like Nascar, college and NFL foozball, and The Ron show, but if O&A go, I'm saving my $18 and listen to shit on my iphone.

If it helps the price of the stock, boot them out ASAP

O n A fans would follow them anywhere because they are a younger audience. The people who followed Stern to satellite have all defected to O n A because stern is a shell of himself and 1997 stern would make fun of stern post 2006. He's more concerned with what his hamptons buddies think and if Beth can promote her appearances than putting together a funny show. If o n a don't re-sign, I would pay for them on another platform, except podcasts because those ate just not convenient.

O&A won't start from scratch again. This is their last stop. When this is over, the show will be done and they'll go their separate ways. It won't be their choice to stop the show, but SiriusXM will end it by not getting a deal in place.

Get this deal done SiriusXM and PAY THEM!

Sirius xm doesn't know the hurt they would leave themselves in if they don't get this done

O&A, go to Slacker!! I have had my sub since 2001, I didn't know anything about O&A until they joined XM. If they leave, I am done.

Once the talent (Anthony & Jimmy) dump that phony, unfunny douche (Opie), they should just do that Live From the Compound show as a subscription service.

smodcast is back on The Virus.... just sayin'.

Sirius XM ruined Ron&Fez over the Dave thing, what makes you think they'll fix the O&A thing.

THE VIRUS is the ONLY reason why I am willing to pay a monthly a monthly subscription fee to Sirius/XM. They go, I go. I hope all other O&A fans do the same.

If they go, I go.

Sad thing is, Howard Stern is probably hoping O&A will be gone. While I'm sure Stern has more listeners, O&A have a large number themselves. If O&A are gone, SiriusXM's numbers will drop and they will be absolutely desperate to keep Stern by any means.

If this is the last hurrah for O&A+Jimmy, I hope they keep the show together somehow through Kevin Smith style podcasts. I'd even be willing to pay. They are the only reason why I have XM to begin with.

And if O&A are gone from Sirius, I will drop that satellite crap.

O&A could start their own internet show and clean up. A cheap investment in server's and they're all set.

They did more for Sirus/XM than they did for them. We have apps on our iPhones and Blackberries now to listen to internet radio, including Sirus/XM. We aren't tied to a proprietary platform anymore. Its an equal playing field, and I will cancel my subscription and follow them. I only listen to Sirus/XM for O&A. Since the merger, the music is messed up anyway.

If Sirius XM doesn't pay them. Somebody will, Pandora would be great! Haven't learned anything? "They always win in the end!"

I rarely listen to anything but O & A. I would gladly cancel my Sirius account and pay monthly for an app or web service to listen to them. If they aren't renewed I will be canceling my satellite subscription.

Pandora? Bloggers, get a life. Theirs no money there yet. They are also drive time stars. How do I get Pandora on I-95? Think first, maybe even ask a question but don't spout idiotic nonfounded claims. Here's an idea, take a journalism course.

Seriously Jay? Every time the guys talk about the two years after FM they talk about how it was the most depressing time of their life. Then again Jimmy didn't have a semi-regular gig on the tonight show, Ant didn't have Fios, and Opie didn't have a baby's ass to wipe.

I think they'll continue the show with or without XM but I will definitely cancel my subscription if they don't get re-signed.

In regards to acting like the internet would be horrible...

When they started doing both regular radio and satellite radio, they talked about how great being on regular radio again was. When they went back to just satellite they spent an entire week talking about how regular radio sucked. O&A are smart. They play the system. Saying whatever the suits want to hear them say.

I love O&A and I would hate to see them leave SiriusXM, but if it happens, it happens.



I will cancel my two accounts if they leave

As much as I love Ron & Fez if O & A go , so do my subscriptions.

Very easy choice for me. No O&A no XM, I'll cancel immediately.

I only subscribe to XM for The Virus, if O&A leave so do I with all three of my subscriptions (2 radios and internet). I highly doubt I'm unique in my thinking on this subject. I will join whatever medium they are on.

Too bad he doesn't give a shit about you

Yes, the market decides someone's worth blah blah blah. If you like their show, you should support them. If you don't, you can throw yourself in a woodchipper.

Maybe they could work for CBS

If they go I will also cancel my account

I will be done with sattelite , if this happens! And I would have no problem paying $5 a month for an app or Internet show. Let's shoot small and say there is 20,000 others like me. Do the math, that's a pretty nice income!

I only subscribe to XM for The Virus, if O&A leave so do I with all three of my subscriptions (2 radios and internet). I highly doubt I'm unique in my thinking on this subject. I will join whatever medium they are on.

I wouldn't be surprised if O&A once again lead the way onto a new medium/platform. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Sirius XM do away with content that was a long standing staple of the service... Remember Subsoniq (formerly on XMU, The Rhyme, Backspin, Raw, The City, etc)?

At this point Sirius XM has become a chore to own, and its becoming so diluted I hope O & A do what nets them the most profit and freedom. Hell Sat Rad isn't even as edgy as it once was.

Unfortunately "audio" entertainment as a whole is going "indy", so why shouldn't the talent that rely on a listener base? Cut the middle man out O&A!

Good luck!

Your Mom's box.

3 subs gone next Friday if they aren't on.

My subscribtion auto renewed yesterday and I have 15 days to cancel and get an instant refund. Waiting to hear on O&A - if they go I will be making that phone call

If O&A leave I will no longer subscribe. Good for you to write this article you have always been loyal sounding to O&A. I love Ron & Fez, but enough is enough with Sirius dicking them around ALL THE TIME! Love live O&A...fingers crossed...PLEASE!

If they go, I go. O&A are the only reason I have satalite radio.

I've been a subscriber to XM since 2004, but if O&A aren't renewed I'm gone. I can get all the music I want on my phone anyways. The only reason I still pay is for them.

Pay them. They go my 2 radios and my phone app go. That's all I have them for. O and A all the way, that's what I say. Linger longer.

I hope they do leave. Think of an online show where they have 100% freedom to do exactly what they want. O&A are the only reason I give them money. They are a company who doesn't care, and like cable vision one day something better will come along, and people will jump. If they let go of O&A, its obviously the begining of the end for a company whose stock has been struggling to stay above a buck for MONTHS. They have stink all over them and this will complete the shit stain. SIRIUS XM = EPIC FAIL

The O&A/Stern battle seems to have stopped when the merger went through, so to keep beating a dead horse about it is stupid. To each their own, I listened to Stern when he was on the radio in the area I lived but I went to XM and havn't looked back. Started listening to O&A and listen every day both in the morning and the replay. I like the music channels they offer too but honestly if O&A leave I'll be leaving too, who wants to hear the same top songs each and every day when with a talk/comedy show like O&A and even Stern you get a new subject and view on things daily. SiriusXM needs to get it together, start paying these guys and quit with the damn b.s. of censoring and control ever momment of every channel. I imagine the downside will be even more commercials to make up for the money spent.

I'm dropping 2 accounts if they are gone.

I agree they should walk if Sirius is going to nickel and dime them. Do what Dan Patrick did and go on his own, they'll gain more popularity because they stuck it to Sirius. Even if there are ads and more breaks, we'd get O&A (and Jimmy) doing their own thing and still making a very good living. Furthermore, they could have their show on DTV's 101 rather than paltalk. It could work.

Opie RT this thinks that they are done.

O&A long XM

they should let everyone go and just keep Howard and the music channels. All the rest is a waste.Pay up for Stern he is the real tallent....

Gotta agree with most of you. If they go, I go.

If O&A are gone from am I ! CANCEL PLEASE !!

Hey Mommy, where's daddy taking us fishin' tonight?

I'd much rather pay $10/mo for o&a on the internet than pay $20/mo for sirius and a bunch of bs that I don't listen to. i have it for one reason only: o&a party rock

I still think it's a bit

O & A wish they were as influential as Stern. They owe their whole career to Stern. They are washed up fags who try to stay relevant by dissing Stern and Bubba. Hit the road you queers, see ya!


No, really they are a good compliment to Howard Stern and I think it would be a smart idea to try and keep O & A since they have a pretty good following.

Hope they take the offer, but if it is that low, they may not have too much energy if they are disgusted about it,

Same goes for Howard.

I only ever listen to O&A. They go, so do my subscriptions.

It is time for Sirius to become more serious with their offer... Or something....

(in the voice of Andy Roney)

Remember the old Orbitcast, We only had one sign-in site and it WORKED!

Really, tony? Get a smart phone. I haven't listened to music on xm since I learned about Pandora. Even in the car. It's this amazing thing called internet apps. They let you stream all sorts of stuff from the, what we call, 'interweb' to your phone then out to any stereo system you want. Isn't technology amazing? -if my boys go, I go-

Just piling on with what most of the real posts are saying. I signed up for Satellite Radio to hear The Opie and Anthony Show. If they aren't on the platform then I have no reason to keep it at all. If I want music I have an iPod. I hardly get to listen to much of the live show day to day and most of the callers suck so nothing lost there. I pay for my sub and get my daily download via syndication underground to listen at my own pace/convenience. If I get the show via Podcast, go for it. And.... O&A ALWAYS WIN IN THE END! ALWAYS!

Maybe now Op can finally follow his dream and be a model ;)
Seriously. F Sirius. Go for a subscription base through the internet and broadcast from the compound.
Ant has proven it works and the only overhead is his FIOS connection.

disheartening. if O and A aren't resigned I'm cancelling both of my accounts as well. I'm willing to pay where ever they end up

who can, or know someone who can, start a simple "counter site"?

a basic website to count loyal fans willing to pay for an online service

please make sure to include the monthly budget ... I.e. $5, $10, $15 per month

I'm pretty sure this info would be really useful to them


Oh boo hoo...I enjoy listening to O&A too but guess what? If they don't renew, I'm still keeping my subscription. All they do is bitch and complain anymore anyways. Maybe I WILL call and threaten to cancel...yeah...because that's when they offer you 3 free months of service. I also listen to Stern and he can leave too for all I care. There are plenty of other things to listen to other than your "radio gods" you all worship so much. Get a life and live it.

So i pay for the siriusXM and the app sucks, skips drops off and or loops constantly. Pandora doesnt, Last.FM doesnt and there free. So would i pay for those if they had O&A............YES

I'm piling on too, I will cancel all 4 of my subs and an online account if they are not re-signed. I have no need for any other channels on XM. Keep O&A and I pay, that's what I say. LL.

Same, I'm out and so are my two radios and internet. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

For me, O&A are the only reason to have SirusXM. Satelite radio is great, but without Opie and Anthony, I can easily live without it.

I hope they get re-signed, but if not, I'd happily dump Sirius and pay for any subscription they did privately, if they decided to go that route.

No O&A, no subscription at my house. The suits are clueless fucks.

Ant & Jimmy. Fox News Talk. 6-9a weekdays. The time slot is just waiting for them (who needs the fourth or fifth rebroadcast of the previous night's TV talkers?), they've both been hanging out at the Fox News studios for years, and there'd be great cross-promotional possibilities with RED EYE (where they usually appear).

They wouldn't even have to change the show's focus all that much, as they've pretty much deep-sixed the stereotypical "wacky shock-jock stunt" bits since the suspension. Their engineer'll still need a dump button, since some terr-rad stations carry the full FNT feed, but do stray F-bombs really enhance the show's entertainment value?

Plus, they'd still be on SXM. Only SXM wouldn't be reaping the benefits of the duo the way they do as show owners.

If O&A (with 'Lil Jimmy) are gone from Sirus/XM I'm gone as well. They are the only reason I have an XM subscription.

I subscribed to Sirius XM only for the Opie and Anthony show. If they are not resigned, I will cancel both of my radios. It would be a shame for Sirius XM as a company to let them go. Don't they understand how the pests work? They will lose a ton of money if O&A are no longer there.

they leave, I cancel...... Simple enough

Oh so now it's 1990?

Ron you and the assface 0.0 zombies can never get your dates straight you say the show hasn't been relevant since 1990...others say 2001 when Jackie left ...other say last year after Artie left when he nearly OD'ed.
Answer this question if Stern was last relevant in 1990 how come in 2006 se signed a 5 year,$500 MILLION DOLLAR DEAL...huh,RON!!!!
becuase as we all know everyone who stops being relevant by 1990 gets a $500 million dollar deal in 2006....nice retarded logic douchebag
If Stern wasn't relevant in 1990 was was your boy dartface Anthony doing on his show 4 years later doing a Jackie impression,huh RON!!!!

or should I call you MO-RON

i think XM is gonna go crazy if Opie And Anthony leave, when they leave the subscription numbers are going to go so LOW (including me) they'll go after them to get them back.

Why doesnt Sxm just put O&A and howard onto one channel?? Ron and fez used to be good but really. they dont draw the numbers like howard and O and A. It would be howard in the morning and o and a in the afternoon. Would be the most popular station BY FAR and would draw thousands and thousands of new subs if they promoted it properly.. I know howard and O&A fans would hate this idea but take the sticks out of your ASSES AND THINK LOGICALLY for a moment. more listeners = more money = the only reason the big wigs would need to keep everyone around. oh yeah and fuck all your mothers.. cunts

How do I get Pandora on I-95?

Take your iPhone, plug it into the USB port in your car and run the Pandora app.

I don't do this for Pandora, but I use the Wunderradio app to listen to BBC Radio 4 , WCBS 880 and 1010 WINS live all the time. Works perfectly, except for the occasional stutter when I get in an area with a really weak cell phone signal.

SiriusXM, you can't cancel 2/3 of the content I enjoy and expect me to continue to buy your product. It's simple market economics. I will only pay for that which I place an appropriate value on. Oh, and just for the record, Opie's my favorite. I will always love him for the cake stomp.

O&A are way overpaid. Their show blows due to their giant EGO's.
We get it Ant.... You're spending beyond your means. These idiots will sign for less, they don't have a choice, they've got no other options.
Sirius is probably sick of hearing Jim Norton sniffing snot and clearing his nasty nasal passages on air.

Dump sorry ass Ron and Fez too. 202 sucks these days.

How many lives have you affected Mr. Hargiss?

On another note, Ramooooooooooooooooooone!!!!!!!!!!!

They go I go. What am I gonna pay for kids place live?


Oh Uncle Paul!

Modern phones can listen to pandora on I 95 just plug in into the radio or via bluetooth. Maybe you should do some research yourself first...

We'll have a national catastrophe on our hands if Opie and Anthony leave the air. There will be millions of big rigs and vehicles running off the road and crashing everywhere. Opie and Anthony are so entertaining they keep drivers awake and alert during peak accident hours. Early morning and sunrise hours are when the most accidents occur. When people are just waking up and are still half asleep or have been driving all night. The same struggle people have,given they've had a full nights rest or have been driving all night is the sun rising slowly trying to close their eyes. If we lose O and A and lil jimmy and friends and have to listen to the other hack radio shows. It will be the doom of many hard working people who depend on people who know funny like Opie and Anthony to keep this country alert and rolling along by laughing instead of snoring. Think of it as saving lives and Sirius XM ratings. Keep OandA on the air by offering a contract with a generous raise. To quote a man who knows no funny Chip Chipperson,"ttss If they drop OandA that would be like opening Pandora's box kinda. I'm just sayin ttss."

Bwahahahaha......they're reaping what they're sowing, and it's biting them in the asshole.

If they leave XM, they don't deserve to keep the channel/show title of "The Virus".....

O&A, just sell the show title to Sickness Radio for a nominal amount and be done with it. SXM probably won't make any higher offers, as Stern is the big moneymaker for the company.

Can I suggest that instead of using the term "active loyal base" you say "psychotic angry foaming-mouthed website-crashing/customer-service-line-destroying pests"?

Maybe the current Sirius regime doesn't remember what happened when XM suspended O&A a few years back for letting a homeless man speak his mind. XM customer service lines and corporate phone lines were shut down for a month straight because of subscription cancellations and general pest behavior. I tried for two weeks to cancel my 5 subscriptions before I finally got through the busy signals. This is a really disturbed fan base with nothing but time on their hands -- not the people you want annoyed at corporate types.

O&A are the only full-time radio show on the platform and the happiness of their fans is a good thing for Sirius. An unhappy O&A fanbase is not good for business. If you combine the O&A and Stern fanbases revolting against Sirius in the same calendar year -- Sirius could be out of business before 2011.

I don't really care I like ron & Fez better Tired of hearing DOPIE whine about the contract talks,,go away we wont miss U

If I was O n A I'd tell em to take a hike. Sirius XM is a joke. The same clowns who screwed up terrestrial radio now have their grubby fingers in this. "Doubled their revenue" OOhhh so it's what like $1.20 a share now?

If they drop OnA I'm using my last bill as toilet paper before I send it in.

I already PAY for O&A with an audible subscription, I'd gladly pay for a subscription to them if they went elsewhere.

Who is going to pay them? THey simply don't make money. THe 20 or so people here won't make millions, insted maybe thousands.

Face it they were PAID in terrestrial and they couldn't generate any money for their stations. The only way they might survive is $3.00 per month app and that's even sketchy.

They're done fading into obscurity. THey should be happy to have milked it this long.


Anyone who thinks that Opie and Anthony have any chance of being paid anything but substantially less than their original XM contract is delusional.

Let's face it. They were hyped and sold to XM as a viable alternative for Howard Stern after XM dropped out of the bidding to get Stern in his move to satellite radio, and then they were hyped and sold to terrestrial radio as the "cure" for losing Stern.

Opie and Anthony miserably failed to live up to the hype and expectations in both of those ventures, and that crash back to reality has decimated what any broadcaster would now be willing to pay them to retain their services.

How stupid can sxm be. They already shot themselves in the foot by signing howard for so much money ,and to take a chance at losing revenue from the o&a listeners ? I can't believe there isn't another competitore out there ready to take over satelite from these incompitant dumb asses. I know if o&a go they lose my business for sure. And yes I know I can't spell.

Orbitcast isn't a reliable source for news. The whole company sucks a dick.

eh...Stern ain't gonna be around much longer either idiot.

if o and a leave i cancel my xm, have had it since 2004, just pay them damnit

One thing: O&A gone from Sirius = ME gone from Sirius...

Get a smart phone stupid welcome to 2010. Fucking old fart.

Stern is so has been. Get out of the 90's already.

I HOPE they shoot themselves in the foot I only pay sat radio for OnA even bought the $200 unit so I can record the shows since I cant listen all day. I would cancel my subscription in a second! SXM has been charging MORE and for LESS stuff (remember when internet listening was FREE??) in the 4+ years Ive been with them.

I would GLADLY pay to listen to them on line!!!

I have been with XM even before O&A joined but now I listen to O&A / The Virus 90% of the time -- if O&A go I will cancel, my iPhone can serve up any other content XM can provide.

ready to pull the plug on my sub & 4 others if this goes down

I pay twice. For XM and Audible. Don't let them go, Mel. A serious mistake if you do. And get them a fucking booker. Heyo

O&A have spent the last several years telling their listeners who were unsatisfied with the direction of the show to "flush it down the toilet and fuck your mother!" or some such nonsense. Constantly telling people to turn off the show has left them with a fraction of their former listener base. The idea that they still have legions of loyal listeners is hilarious. They're getting the offer they deserve after half-assing their show for so long now. The leaving early, bitching about working, taking days off, filling their show up with retards and lazy YouTube watching and reality TV show blabber. This is NOTHING like the show I used to love and never missed a minute of. Even when they have great shows with their comedian friends, Opie can't wait to ruin it by dragging in an intern or mentally deficient listener. The man has gone from being a genius to comedy cancer. If they end up with nothing it's because they earned it with their couldn't-give-a-fuck-about-the-listeners attitudes.

O&A are the only reason I still have my Sirius subscription. I had originally picked it up to hear Stern but he has become soooo detached from his audience and has been genuinely phoning it in for the last 5 years. Seriously, 4 days a week and 10 weeks of vacation? Are you kidding me? When the best of XM became available I jumped ship back to O&A and haven't looked back. Between Opie's twitter and Ant's Live from the Compound shows - it shows a true dedication to their craft and their audience. Stern has NOTHING on them. If O&A aren't re-upped, neither am I.

Yep. The boys leave and my 2 subs are gone too. R&F are great, but i miss ESD

I agree with the masses ... they go, say goodbye to my 2 satellite subscriptions.

This is simply a ploy by XM and Anthony to dump dead weight Opie from the partnership.

If SiriusXM dumps OnA, RnF, Stern and Bubba then they might as well shutter their doors. That's almost an entire quarter/third of their content they will be losing. This whole mess makes absolutely no sense business-wise at all.

You can't possibly believe they are done with radio simply because they can't reach a deal with Sirius XM do you? That's beyond inane. I'm sure wherever they end up they'll do just fine as they always have. I will, however, be canceling my subscription if their contract is not renewed.

Forgot to mention... I have 4 subs that will be going bye-bye.

Oh, and for those thinking that Opie is dead weight - you obviously know NOTHING about the show or radio. He's the backbone of the show and without him there is absolutely no flow to the show. Remember when he was out sick? I had never heard so much dead air and "uuhs" and "umms." Opie may not do impersonations like Ant or raunchy comedy like lil yimmy but he provides all of the structure and rhythm.

The only reason to pay for satellite is the O&A show and 202. If they leave i follow wherever they go if the decide to keep the show going. Jason Ellis aint worth it


SXM testing the waters to see what sub feedback will be when they do/dont resign talent and the negotiations are in the public spotlight. if they dont lose subs here then that might mean they are willing to let stern go?'s like the cosmonauts can't fix the satellites or sumpthin'...tss

Most smartphones, like the iPhone have Pandora apps on their phone over 3g.

Hopefully some Sirius people are reading these comments and getting a clue as to what will happen if OnA don't get resigned.

I have also been a XM subscriber since 2004. Like many others here; if they are gone, my subscription is gone too. I'll just get an Ipod for music.

If they go i go too

Sad, I have XM in my car, not internet radio. I used to listen to Adam Corolla on FM out here in Nevada. When he was taken off the air, he put himself on Podcast and internet programming, I tried to listen to him, but lost interest. I feel that that would happen if O&A put themselves in some sort of internet venue. I agree if they do not renew their contract with XM, it is over for O&A guys.

O & A are the sole reason I subscribe to XM. If they go I am cancelling my subscription and will wait for their shows on internet. I bet the shows on the internet will be like the WNEW days before the suits got involved.
Sounds like I am routing for the contract negotiations to go bad doesn't it? I will save money monthly and probably get a better show for free.
One last thing Jim Norton needs a raise too.

Why are they on XM/Sirius anyway? They could make more money indepnetly with a podcast or live show. I would enjoy that alot more and it would allow them more freedom.

The only reason I have XM radio is the O&A radio, I can get all the other content on my smartphone like songs/news.

I have had XM for years and will cancel 3 subs if they are not renewed.

But by all means, pay Oprah and Martha Stewart millions to have shows on XM despite a lack of listeners.

The only reason I have XM radio is the O&A radio, I can get all the other content on my smartphone like songs/news.

I have had XM for years and will cancel 3 subs if they are not renewed.

But by all means, pay Oprah and Martha Stewart millions to have shows on XM despite a lack of listeners.

Sirius/XM is making a massive mistake if they do not renew O&A.

If they go, R&F is the only reason I have for keeping my XM and at that point, the value for what I pay, goes down by half.

I'll follow O&A wherever they go and I think they definitely could exist online for pay.

if they i go

Stern blows.

If O&A and Jimmy are gone....I am gone! GET IT TOGETHER SIRIUS!!

Who cares?!! O&A SUCKS!!!! Sirius needs to get rid of them!!!!

I would definitely cancel my siriusxm if opie and anthony left. They have the best show on satellite hands down!!!

The only thing I listen to is OnA on XM. Without them I have no reason to pay a monthly fee. Plenty of places to get music free like Pandora/Slacker/etc.

They're not going anywhere.

opie and andy need to start a podcast or some crap if they dont get signed. like leno says they are the #1 show on sat radio.

I cancelled when XM suspended O&A. I have no problem cancelling again.

If I hear "your mom's box" from O&A, xm will hear the same from me.

I agree with most of the comments....Sirus/XM would be stupid to get rid of them. If you listen to talk radio - you pick O & A or Howard. The fans will drop XM and follow them. I will cancel 2 of my 3 units!

If they gone my 2 subscriptions are gone also

My girlfriend and I both have Sirius xm for Opie and Anthony. In the event that they don't re-sign we are both having our subscriptions cancelled. I also have a friend waiting to take an old xm radio from me, but he isn't going to activate it unless they re-sign.

First East Side Dave, now possibly this??? Don't get it. I basically pay for just the Virus (occasionally ESPN and some old school rap), so between furloughs and everything else not sure if I would keep my subscription if O&A were not picked back up... Would be hard, cause radio sucks, but I can bang out ESPN Radio for free!!!

Think about it Sirius, don't listen to other shows, so not sure how they operate. But O&A are "on" all-day, radio, twitter, etc. Don't know how many times, I've been tweeted by Op, does other big-time shows doe this?

I will reiterate what dozens others are saying. The only reason I have XM is for O&A. As soon as it goes, I go and couldn't care less. How can they not appreciate their talent? They overestimate their usefulness. No one needs to pay for radio anymore. If they don't wake up they will lose most of their subscribers.

I would cancel my service and sell my stock within hours of each other. Wise up SIRIUS, they are the best show on ANY radio format. Good Luck guys, Happy Birthday Jimmy....

The powers that be at Sirius XM are some very silly geese, indeed. I won't bash Howard, he obviously has his loyal fans too and will bring them to the platform, but to continue spending the cash on names like eminem and oprah, who don't bring unique content, but sop up the profit, is silliness. Sign O&A or watch me leave. Your music stations tanked after the merger and that is the ONLY reason I might stay aside from O&A. You cannot get my yearly revenue on only BPM and Margaritaville - My Ipod is far superior in both styles.

If O&A don't get renewed, I'm going to cancel my already paid for, extended channels subscription (my car came with Sirius, I have to pay for the XM channels), as well as my online listening.

To answer an earlier question, yes i WILL pay to listen to O&A on my smartphone. I'm a loyal (female) listener, and would pay for the app on both the bb and my iTouch -- it'd probably still be cheaper.

As it has been said a multitude of times before on these postings. If O&A go then so will my subscription, it is the only reason I have it in the first place.

Praise his name!

I didn't cancel when they were suspended because I didn't want to go through the hassle of having to subscribe again after they came back. However, I will cancel all of my radios (cars, Inno, computer) if they are gone for good. As mentioned, subscription radio is all about exclusive content. My iPod does a better job of playing music than Sirius XM. If they move to a different subscription service, it would probably wind up being cheaper anyway, since I'm currently paying a ton of money for stuff I don't listen to - the other Sirius XM channels. Hopefully I could subscribe to their broadcast and load up my iPod every week for less than I'm paying Sirius XM.

I would cancel my radios if o and a left.
Sirius xm has mediocre programming.

if they leave, i'm leaving too

if they leave, so will i.

but honestly, i don't think they will.

1.opie just had a kid and would be crazy to cut his only paycheck.

2.anthony's not funny without opie, so he's staying.

3.and jimmy has plenty of other irons in the fire. he can make money if he needs to, but he would be doing a huge disservice to his stand-up friends (bobby/rich/patrice) if they didn't have such a great place to come, plug their gigs, and be creative.

like i said, if they leave, so do i. and i will follow them wherever they go.

funniest show around.

I kind of like the idea that they would take the show on their own. I listen to 98% of my XM online while at work (and it regularly goes out now that the bastards started charging seperately for it). They can all huddle into Ant's basement (which is probably bigger than the studio Sirius gave them), and continue on the show. And after a year or so, bring over Ron n Fez again and bring back East Side Dave. Then my daily radio listening will be complete again.

OK, reading sme of these posts makes me wonder if anyone has any intelligence.

Maybe you like O&A, maybe you like Howard, OK we get it. There is a war on between Stern and O&A, except that the only people who keep that silly war alive are fans of Stern and O&A.

If anyone had any intelligence they would dicuss the facts. Howard at $100M per for 5 years was a bad deal then, real bad now, but you CAN understand why they did it. The last I looked, and I know I could be wrong, O&A at $5M per year, each. I have no ida if $5M a year is fair market pay for them but I think we can all agree that $100M is NOT fair market pay.

Both Stern and O&A have options. SXM needs to be aware of this. You know Stern and O&A are keenly aware. So SXM not re-upping Stern or O&A has nothing to do with SXM being stupid or uninformed, it has to do with a business risk, and whether they (SXM) are willing to take it.

More facts, for all you O&A bashers, let me please remind you, Stern off every Friday, and I think, what, 15 weeks throughout the year. O&A, everyday and reasonable vacation lengths.

O&A damaged goods when they signed at XM? Are you kidding? Not to their listeners. Make any argument you want about the gutless punks running radio, but those listening to and buying radio NEVER turned their backs on O&A, and for that matter, to be fair, Stern fans have never turned their backs on him either. (Before any boob tries to bring it up, a person not paying for a subscription for satellite does not equal turning your back on the artist).

I personally hope that SXM re-signs both shows, I don't listen to Howard but we can all agree that terrestrial radio is not relevant and both shows belong where they both can do their own thing.

But for God sake, "Stern sucks, O&A rules", or "O&A sucks, Stern rules" is garbage and makes everyone who says that look like a complete IDIOT.

Opie and Anthony (plus Jim Norton) are the best and most compelling radio that is on today. They are silly, obscene, and relevant. They are past the edge of radio and whether they are on satellite or just the internet, they are needed for the sanity of rationalists of the modern world. Lets hope they they are available for the real people of the world. Those who believe that every thought is valid, and that nothing is dismissed by critics. Life has critics, but opinion is still valid. Subjective thought is just that subjective, but still valid. Fuck the mainstream, let's support real life. O&A is unbiased hilarity. THE ESSENCE OF COMEDY.

If they go I go. Opie and Anthony are the true kings of all media. This is flowing evolution of radio and now they are king. THey paid dues to howard and imus and everything before that. They deserve a great contract from the company but if they don't I will follow them where ever they go.

I go where Opie and Anthony go.

I dont care about Sirius XM at all. I only care about Opie and Anthony, and Ron and Fez. It will hurt me to do so, because it will probably hurt Ron and Fez... But I WILL ABSOLUTELY CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION WITH SIRIUS XM IMMEDIATELY... IF Opie and Anthony are not on Sirius.

Again I do not care at all about Sirius. I only subscribe to it for Opie and Anthony and The Ron and Fez show.

I'll will torrent Ron and Fez.

Besides wherever Opie and Anthony go.... Ron and Fez go... History has proven the Golden Ticket is always extended to Ron and Fez...

Because unlike most of radio... Opie and Anthony, and the Ron and Fez Show... CARE about each other, and care about building a good product/brand/company. They give a shit about what they do.... and right now, ever since the Sirius XM merger... Sirius has continuously proven that they do not give a shit about what is good for their company.

IF Opie and Anthony do not return, There will be MILLIONS of subscriptions lost....

Again, more proof that Sirius has no interest in doing what is good for their company.

Opie and Anthony... and Ron and Fez will find a new home, and the millions will follow, money in hand. Hello internet! Radio is dead.

I have been a subscriber for eight years. I have four subs and will drop Sirius Xm like a rock if O and A are not resigned. I am seriously dissapointed with the company since the merger and the rate hikes but it is worth it for Op and Ant. Siriusly I am gone. Thanks O and A for the entertainment! !!

I have been a subscriber for eight years. I have four subs and will drop Sirius Xm like a rock if O and A are not resigned. I am seriously dissapointed with the company since the merger and the rate hikes but it is worth it for Op and Ant. Siriusly I am gone. Thanks O and A for the entertainment! !!

just about to dump it anyway fuck sirius so fucking sick of 15 minute commercial breaks,so fucking sick of sirius pc correctness,shitty sirius management getting way of show.opie sucks trying to be funny enough of trying to make shitting outside into something everyone thinks its stupid you asshole. used to love show until they got castrated after homeless charlie.sirius will fail and well deserved its all bullshit uncensored radio mel go fuck your mother

I was happy to suspend my service when they were suspended, I'll leave skid marks if they don't renew their contract. I held off on either Satelite company until I knew for sure where they would land after WNEW. I will follow them to the next platform if there is one. Howard who?

I agree. O&A is the best thing on Sirius/XM.

I will cancel 2 units.

I've had XM since 11/02 2 subs since O&A signed dropped them both after the Homelless Charlie and would again if they don't resign them

I won't hesitate to cancel XM if O&A don't resign. When I want to listen to music I use Pandora. I wouldn't have any use for XM if it wasn't for Opie and Anthony.

i will definitely dump XM if O&A go. not as a protest, simply because for me they're the only thing left worth listening to on the format (well, them and R&F). ever since the merger the music variety on XM has gone to shit. used to be i could go for days w/o hearing the same artist on any given channel. now, i hear the same five bands on the boneyard all the time (when they're not playing AC/DC, that is). ethyl (or whatever it's called now) might as well be a top 40 station from 1992. sure i like soundgarden, but they did record a bunch of songs that aren't "black hole sun".

i really hope O&A leave XM so i can too. it would suck if they went back to FM or were in a market i can't get, but i've been waiting soooo long for an excuse to call some savage in india and tell him i want to cancel. slacker radio is only $40 a year and the music selection makes XM look like, well, FM radio.

No O&A, no siriusxm subscription

Only keeping xm for talk, better music on phone. I will drop my account (3 units + online) if they lose Opie and Anthony.

Yes, i like the music, but i'm not paying for it. Without Opie and Anthony there is no reason to give them money every month. Music is free, original talk is what is worth paying for.

I'll be going also with my three subs.

If O&A are not renewed I will immediately cancel thr two subscriptions to the service that I have had since 2006

No O&A = 2 Cancelled XM subscriptions

I would have no interest in XM if O&A wenen't on it. It's too bad for Ron and Fez but I'm canceling my sub if the deal doesn't go through.

I have three subscriptions, only for Opie and Anthony, I will cancel immediately if they are gone, no reason to stay, with digital cable music, internet radio, and all of the other forms of listening choices, why bother to stay with a company that is third rate at best, except of course for XM 202

Dear Obama,

Are you still doing bailouts? Because Sirius/XM can sure use one right about now so Mel Karmazzy can keep O&A and make a extra billion for himself.


Some white dude that voted for you and now really regrets it.

They go, I go

Your mom's box.

If O&A go, so do I.

I've been a satellite radio subscriber for 6 years now. And the only reason is to listen to Opie and Anthony. If Opie and Anthony leave Sirius XM, I have no problem with canceling my subscription.

Go to Pandora. They got the loot.

I'll definitely leave, I have 3 radios. All of them will be disconnected immediately. My radios stay on 202, nothing else.

I agree. I wouldn't miss Opie, but I hope Ant and Jimmy stay together on sxm.

If they go, I go. I will cancel 8 subscriptions. I will just make more from Ted's Opie and Anthony Emporium

These stories kill me. O & A are in no way going to influence a change in radio. Come on, SiriusXM knows this and they are offering less for a reason. The only good thing about 202 is Ron and Fez.

These stories kill me. O & A are in no way going to influence a change in radio. Come on, SiriusXM knows this and they are offering less for a reason. The only good thing about 202 is Ron and Fez.

OnA go= I go. That simple

The music programming on satellite is abysmal. Awful yammering DJs, shallow playlists. There's nothing to listen to besides o&a. They go, I cancel.

I would like to know if all the people saying there numbers are in the shitter are speaking from knowledge or ignorance. From what i have heard the show is doing great audience. Let's remember SXM is a company that pays celebrities millions for very part time work(Howard in paticular), now they claim poverty? SXM is stupid! Be free my pretties! YAY NO MORE LAWYERS!!

What an idiot.

I have been a subscriber since 2004 and have had up to 4 subs at one time. Ever since the hostile take over of XM, I have seen the loss of content like channels and internet access to prices going up with less bang for buck, It doesn't surprise me that they would toss O & A away. One of the last things that keeps me paying is the O & A show, so if they go so do I. Everthing this "New company" offers I can get on Tunein on my phone.

They are worth whatever they are asking for and I will leave Sirius XM if they don't take care of them. I hope they take Ron and Fez with them and maybe they can then pay Dave who also deserves it.

O&A go, and my 3 radios + internet Sirius player (Which was FREE before the merger btw) will be gone too.

Stern lacks the humility to leave Sirius and be out of the spotlight, and doesn't have the balls to go to Internet Radio first. He had to copy O&A by coming to Satellite radio after all.

If O&A go to Inet, and Stern goes too, then Sirius will be in a world of hurt, but at least they'll then have the money to pay famous people for the use of their name with no content required from them.

W/O O&A, my XM's a friggin ipod that I can't control. Goooood-bye!

I agree!! O and A and Ron and fez are all I listen to. When their gone so am I.

2 subs gone if no renewal

If they don't sign O&A I will cancel all 17 of my corporate accounts, whether the employees like it or not!

If O&A aren't re-signed, Sirius/XM loses my two subscriptions!!!

I call Citation Needed for a lot of these facts some of you are spouting

I like my XM. I listen to several different things on it but O&A (and unmasked) is what I go out of my way for. I schedule my drive times and work breaks just so I can maximize my O&A listening time. I'll go home and sit in my car for 45 minutes just to hear the end of a segment or a bit. I like listening to them on XM and hope that they can remain there. Otherwise, I think it's done.

An online show has multiple problems. Listeners have to be in front of a "computer" to hear it. A mobile app of some sort would cover the need for a "computer" but with that you can incur potentially expensive data plan bills plus glitchy signal since it's dependent on cell towers.

There's no real money in online shows...yet. Sure they might pick up sponsors here and there but I don't believe that webcasts are reeling in the big bucks...which O&A deserve.

As much as I listen to podcasts I don't know how well that would work for the O&A Show. It would have to be broadcast live to include callers and as dull as many of them are, I always like hearing the boyz rip them. Advertisers don't like podcasts because commercials can be there's no money in that.

that's my 2 cents

How do you get Pandora on I-95? Get a decent phone! Pandora is available on Android & iPhones.

Talk/Comedy radio really sucks on XM. Ellis is an idiot camino and rick are lame and I really get sick of the political stuff. I find myself listening to O & A live in the morning and to the replay in the afternoon. Resign em dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree if they go sirus xm can kiss my
Ass good bye.

Maybe Sirius wants a different subscriber base than O&A fans. They've been losing market share since the lawyers took over the content of the show anyway. Some of this is a bit to keep people interested, but I think they already have other things lined up. Besides, only arrogant assholes would think that they are the anchors of the entire XM/Sirius platform...oh...right.

Been a listener since the '98 WNEW days and I've been happy to pay for 3 accounts to continue listening. The minute they're gone so am I. I will then follow them to the next medium. Satellite has such great potential yet they waste it by hiring BIG names(Oprah, Martha Stewart, Eminem, Rosie O'Donnel etc) for mega millions yet require them to contribute nothing but there name or in they do contribute it is minimum at best. I'd like to see the number of subs Oprah brings in next to actual radio talent.

I've had xm since day 1. If OnA left I'm gone with my 3 subs.

OK,,I HAVE HAD ANUFF,,,screw xm/sirius radio,,,all they do is bust balls on the guys anyway,,if they leave this time,,i will just get an i pod and put it in my truck,,,,,i got xm way back to here these guys and love it,,now these mother don,t want to give up the money,,screw them,,,if they had not payed that shit head stern so much,,we might have a chance,,,screw them

tss ststtsss phssst if dhey dont git resigned den imma unsign mah subscriptshun if yah no wat im sayin tsss sts

If O&A go, so do I!

O&A is the only reason I have an XM radio. I am absolutely going to cancel my subscription if they don't re-sign!

without O&A there's no reason to pay. although i will miss the liquid metal channel... oh well too bad

So, you all assume that Mel, the Negotiator, has not looked at every possible outcome if he does not sign the talent? He did not do market research? He does not have access to how many subscribers actually tune in to channels? He does not know how to negotiate contracts? He does not have a smart team to asses the different scenarios with probabilities?

I mean a lot of you come on here and say, "I have 2 subscriptions, I have 3 subs, I have 4 subs.....if they go I go!!

So what you are telling me is that essentially you pay $22 per month for O&A?? Howard Stern?? If that's the case, then you should cancel regardless because you are overpaying to access the talent.

I would never pay $22 a month to listen to Howard Stern. I've never even heard 3 seconds of O&A.

I am a subscriber and investor. In the end, I all for whatever makes business sense. And if cutting $105 million in annual content expenses at the expense of losing 750,000 listeners in ARPU at $11 or $99,000,000 a year (given of course that they are month-to-month subs), then they made $6,000,000 on the move.

I am no expert and these are just rough numbers, but if people cancel over this, Mel did them the favor.

Fidel Castro, is that you?? How can you dictate what your employees want to listen too? Give me a break.

You sound ridiculous.

If they are not re-signed, I will cancel my subscription. Guaranteed. Re-sign O&A.

Like most people I will be canceling my 4 radios and internet subscriptions if O&A are not resigned. I signed up back in 2003 and saw all the great things XM had to offer. There is nothing left on satellite for me except Opie, Anthony and Jimmy. Sirius has killed everything that was awesome about XM and this is the last piece left from the great XM. I'll take the $40+ a month I pay Sirius and follow the boys to whatever else they decide to do next.

F*%K Sirius XM!...I left XM the day it became Sirius. The content on XM was, no talking DJ's on the music channels! I get my Virus & RonFez fix on Audible these's cheaper, commercial free, & I can listen to it anywhere/anytime!

Amazing how many people have THREE radios to listen exclusively to O&A isn't it? Based on this logic, SiriusXM only have a third of their claimed subscriber base because everyone has 3 or more radios! Enough with the ridiculous claims. O&A are long since past their best. They still do a great show every now and then but they're only must listen when Burr/Patrice/Louis CK/Rogan/Colin/etc. are in studio. Even then Opie can't wait to say "Hey, (guy being funny), have you met Twatso the stupid internet/listener yet!?!?!?!?!?!?" and then completely ruin the last hour of the show with the same inane drivel that ruined the rest of the week. They'll sign a low-ball offer because they've got nowhere else to go. Failed in morning drive on FM. Failed to match Stern on satellite. Sign your contract and downgrade your lifestyles and then maybe you'll realize how important it was to entertain the entire listener base rather than a comparative handful of sycophants who lap at your balls now matter what kind of lazy YouTube watching garbage you put out, you pair of dummies.

No O&A means no XM for me. 202 is the only channel I care about.

Damn!! now i am going to have to get a smart phone????
ANT!!?? can i move in? i will shit outside, won't spill wine on the rugs, and promise not to bring people in to steal...

If o & a leave I am cancelling 6 subs and 2 Internet subs and going to be done with satellite radio. Their the reason I still have satellite radio.

Plain and simple. If they leave I am canceling IMMEDIATELY! I also work in finance and I can't see how this makes any sense for Sirius/xm

My xm just came up for renewal and I canceled. If they let Steve go it doesn't look good for O&A.

And the free trial siris offered me, I spent to hours working with support and gave up.

I got XM shortly after launch in 2001 for the music (Fred, Special X and more) and found O&A after they went off the premium sub. Now that the merger killed the variety and originality, the boys are the only thing worth listening too. If they are forced out, so am I.

I will leave the same day if O & A are gone.

Since year one for me and I only have two subs--but if O&A leave so do my subscriptions.

The only reason I have Siriusxm is for Opie and Anthony, and Ron and fez. They already ruined ron and fez by not paying Dave.. so hopefully they pull their head out there ass and pay o and a.

I'll cancel my subscription if O and A go. It's too bad because it gives me something to do for the hour commute I have to and from work.

I only listen to 202. If that channels goes away, so does my subscription.

If O&A go, so does my subscriptions. I pay a monthly fee just to hear O&A. If they are no longer part of Sirius there is no reason for me to continue to pay. If they land somewhere else, I'll gladly pay a fee once again to hear them.

I have a portable sub, a car sub, and an online sub. If Opie and Anthony are gone from XM Sirius, all three of my subs will be too.

I love Ron and Fez too, but if XM Sirius wants to take away half of the reason I have the service, they will have to take away half the price to keep me.

I got XM for their show in Sept 2004, and found I liked many other channels. Since the merger(acquisition) I find myself increasingly listening to their show and replays of it throughout the day rather than the watered-down and repetitive music channels SXM now offers.

My sub with 3 radios and the four subs of friends I know are a direct result of the O&A show. I know no one who signed up for Martha, Rosie or Oprah or would for Joe Nammath. SXM should pay the people who DO radio not the people who pretend they do. They are the ones people stick around and renew subs to hear, not the one-headline makers who do nothing to promote the platform.

I listened to O&A before XM and I'll follow them elsewhere, and if I have to pay for them there, I have no qualms canceling my SXM subs to cover the costs.

If O&A aren't offered a legitimate contract hopefully they go internet with mobile app available. Fuck sirius I would rather see my money go directly to them and their channel because its the only channel I listens to. Ron and fez will follow!

Refreaking sign them. I've been a happy customer for 6 years, simply because exclusive, unique content is well worth paying for. If Sirius xm is willing to let talent like o&a go, then there us little reason to justify continuing to pay for 3 subs. Without them and r&f, I would be fine with going to slacker, am talk radio, and podcasts to fill the void, while saving myself hundreds of dollars a year. And yes, I follow o&a wherever they end up.

I'm gone from XM if O and A leave. Period.

If they end up leaving, im dropping XM. Only reason I have it.

This is hilarious. Looks like about 5 guys decided to post under 20 names apiece. Nice attempt to create the image of an uproar. Good stuff!

No o/a = more sub for me.

Long time listner and couldn't imagine not listening to them. I'm a paying customer and I demand they stay. Roll the fuckin carpet out for them xm, give them what they want plus the respect they deserve. They made xm a shit load of money and I will do whatever it takes to listen to them

I will absolutely drop my sub to Sirius/XM if O & A are not resigned. It's the only reason I have the damn service!

I got satellite radio solely for O&A back when you had to pay the premium for them. I listen to two things in my car, O&A and Joe Rogan's podcast on my Ipod. I WILL follow O&A wherever they go. I have absolutely no loyalty to Sirius, my loyalty lies strictly with Opie and Anthony.

If O and A go, I'll cancel my SiriusXM and just follow them if and whenever where ever we were meant to be together then they decide to do some other stuff somewhere else at or between another time perhaps to whom it may concern of all the dramatic things frunkis show bit show bit show bit.

They go, then i go in April when my subscript is up..

I think sirrus just wants to get rid of them and just keep stern. Its all about the name at this point. But I understand, Howard is a bigger draw.. However, stern just isn’t stern anymore and anyone who thinks he is; isn’t being honest. Do we really care if the hot girls that come in get asked the same question about whether the would bang him or not? Or having him drag out of other people how important he is to them or how he did XYZ first and better and who is supposedly ripping him off etc.. the fame and money have changed him, from the hamptons to the plastic surgery, this isn’t the stern i grew up listening to on YSP in philly.
He’s become one of the people he always would rally against. His hamptons estate is his imus ranch..
O&A are just the better show.. The show would be really great if Opie didn’t try so hard and just embraced the things he does best. Maybe he feels overshadowed by ANT and Jimmy and the Comedian guests.. My advice to him as a fan, don’t be afraid to stay quiet and stop repeating the lines that get you a laugh. Cough (waterhead) cough. the show is great, so stop it!

Anyway, O&A let other people be the center of attention and it makes for a much better show. These guys the are on par with Conan and the original Letterman show..
Sirrus should be just that and make this work..

3 to 4 live shows a week and only 250 days a year isn’t worth 50 mill.. but i fear they will go for that before they give O&A a new deal…

See you guys on live stream or pandora in Jan of 2011..


I'm in Canada and I originally got XM Canada over Sirius Canada because of NHL Home Ice. I travelled lots in remote locations with zero terrestrial radio and finding O&A and R&F was the best thing that ever happenned to my radio experience. Now I don't travel to remote areas so much but I always have the Virus on. I can't stand it when O&A or R&F take holidays. If they're out, so am I as the rest of the XM package is not worth it to me...

Bye bye xm subscription. Both of them. O&A are the reason they have stayed on in this economy.

If they ain't renewed then I will cancel my lifetime sub tba t I signed up for in July after customer service said they were on board for the next 5 yrs. Id rather just listen to audiobooks or regular radio then Howard or another crud on there. They are the only reason I bought in to satellite radio 6 yrs ago. I know a lot of other truckers feel the same. They are the talk of the cb airwaves right now.

If O&A are gone, so will my 3 subs. Howard was good once... once.

I'm done with Sirius/Xm if O&A are not resigned!


If O&A are gone from SiriusXM I will cancel my 3 subscriptions. The only thing left would be Ron and Fez, guess I could always get for them. Does SiriusXM get a kickback from subscriptions?

It';s amazing how many times the same people post under different names trying to make it look like ONA have a huge following. But then again 200 comments isn't that much for such an enormous talent like them.

I'm sure you'll find them somewhere else - is AM still around?

fuck them they arent funny i hope siriusxm doesnt re-sign them they bombed on regulkar radio even david lee roth got higher rati ng then those assholes

To the few posters posting all of the bullshit here, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Sirius XM isn't kicking O&A out. They made an offer and O&A want more money than they are worth. It's clear the company realizes their value isn't that great. Why?

Because the subscribers they bring aren't worth it. Many of them stick around only by getting a $77 retention offer (which needs to go ASAP, since this was one of the reasons why XM lost to Sirius). These subs are also the biggest liability to the company. In other words, they are worthless TRASH and need to just go.

Get rid of O&A. Get rid of Stern. Get rid of Oprah. Get rid of Rosie.

Then you get rid of all of that spending, along the trash in the subscriber base.

O n A are the only thing keeping sirius xm going if they go sirius xm is done for.

I'm surprised at your comments Goodbye. Could you tell me what you would have a subscription to Sirius for at that point? The reason Sirius is getting paid is because of what it can offer that internet radio can't. Talk radio. Unless you support a sports team that isn't local for you, there doesn't seem to be any other reason to pay for the service.

I could just run Pandora on my iPhone for music, and sports games for that reason.

My subscription is GONE!!! if O and A are gone... but I only have one little subscription... nothing they would lose sleep over...

Just remember all those few listeners that help keep the services you listen to afloat are going to leave with these talk radio shows, and so will your service.

If they go, I will cancel my sub.

Tony from Milford - I commute I-95 daily and listen to Pandora via the free Blackberry app (iPhone too), plugged into my auxiliary jack to the car's audio system.

Are you really telling someone to take a journalism course, yet you can't figure out how to listen to the internet during your commute? Wow.

Looks like 1 or 2 O&A fans are just spamming these comments to make it appear they have a fanbase. It is pretty sad actually. I wouldn't doubt it if Opie or Anthony are actually posting these pathetic comments.

it's times like these i'm so glad i get O&A from and not from a sirius xm subscription.

You Sir (or Mam), are a cunt.

you poor, ignorant fool.

Bye Bye O & A, don't let the door hit you on the way out! Their quality has been slipping since their 2007 suspension for stomping on a homeless guy's cake and when Sirius & XM merged and Stern was under the same roof as O & A, oop, another gag order. Take what is offered to you or just leave. Sirius XM will still be valuable without the boys, you still have the uncensored comedy channels, you still have Playboy Radio, and you still have commercial free music! Where are you going to go to get all of this? not terrestrial radio that's for damn sure.

You can love the show or hate it. The fact that there are almost 300 posts on this thread, on a board that has been vacant for a few months shows both the popularity of the show and the passion of the fans. Most stories on Orbitcast get about 5 - 10 comments. When this many people are posting their support, it means that thousands of others feel the same way.

Sirius XM can't afford to lose O&A or Howard but if Howard wants to do 3 days a week, the company needs O&A more than ever.

Content is king and these shows are about the only content Sirius XM has that you can't get for free elsewhere.

So far the vote is 1700 - 55 for keeping O&A. I think that speaks volumes about their popularity. 55 Stern fans that don't want them and 1700 fans that will cancel tomorrow if they go.

If O&A leave I will drop my sub for my inno, the only way I can listen to them at work, and keep the one for my car for road trips. Howard doesn't relate to me any more. Opie and Anthony may be rich now but they still remember where they came from, makes me think hard work, perseverance and talent will get you somewhere. The Ron and Fez show is plus and Ron Bennington is twice the interviewer that Howard is anyway. 
  I liked it better before Sirius took over. I'll just makeup the difference at work with podcasts on my i-phone, a great pool of talent to draw on. 

Surius needs to keep o and a and give them the pay raise they deserve. Howard is so 1985.The only reason I got the best of surius is to hear NASCAR on the weekends. No I'm not gonna give up my subscription if they go but I would miss them.

If O&A go, my two receivers will make nice fire kindling and the mobile app will be electronically-ass-raped off of my iPhone. That's three more subs.....

Fuck you, Mel. Pay the guys.

I have let my xm serius X pire and will not renew
until they sign. i live in ny and the only thing i cant get in this media market is opie and anthony, that is why i pay for xm.

i had 4 subs when they got suspended, cancelled and only brought back 2 plus internet.

now with just a month left i have let my subs expire. i thought their contract was up sept 1.

once they leave i can park under trees again.

O @ A sheep

I've been a subscriber to XM since 2002. I even paid $3 more for ONA when they were premium. If they go, I'm gone.

I once enjoyed XM's music channels alot, but since the music channel merger, I haven't listened to Sirius music since (I've tried, but its just not the same). I was going to cancel months ago, but kept it to show support for, and listen to, Opie and Anthony. I didn't cancel my sub when they were suspended, but I did get 30 days of free service because of it.

If they go say goodbye to my 3 xm subs!!!

What else would I listen to on patrol. O&A replays keep me up on slow nights. Sirius XM needs to get their shit together if they want to keep a profitable business.

I'm currently building a satellite killing missile. I just need a few more pounds of Ammonium Perchlorate Composite. Might be launching soon. Look out Radiosat fleet.

Good luck using the unreliable bandwidth of wireless networks like AT&T and Verizon to access your precious Pandora with its advertisements. Good luck especially getting access in the boonies of upstate New York or Vermont where 3G networks aren't exactly the norm.

It would suck if Opie & Anthony aren't renewed, but there is no way I would cancel my XM. I still enjoy having access ANYWHERE in the 48 states to commercial free music and content I can't get on AM, FM, or internet radio. The technology is superior and reliable.

The heck with Stern or Opie and Anthony. If Sirius XM gets rid of Playboy Radio,I'm gone as a subscriber.

Not that they care but sirius xm would def lose my 3 subs. O & A and hardcore sports are the only 2 stations I listen to.

next to ron and fez they are the hardest working guys on satellite radio. they screwed up with eastside dave now this. i'll be cancelling my 4 radios... not interested in Howards "occasional" live shows>>.

Good to see all of the impassioned opinions -- reminds me of two years ago when they axed all of the decent music channels. It would really be ironic and stupid for Sirius XM to quibble over the comparative equivalent of pocket change when Stern is wringing this company nearly dry. Yes, Stern has more listeners than O&A, but not proportionately more.

What you really have here is a continuation of a Sirius vs. XM pissing match, in which the XM talent and customers have been abused to prove a point.

If A&O are forced to leave , I will cancel my XM subscription. Without them , XM is not worth paying for. Sign them back up you jerks!

I got XM for O&A. I can listen to my iPhone for music and I think I may even have more selection than some of these channels. F'n Highway played one song 4 times in the time it took to go from VA to RI. I don't care about Howard his fans deserve him too. Uncensored talk even when the management can't get it right, is important to America! I lost them when they left Boston and for the 2 years that Asshole Mel K caved in to a small uproar on terr radio. I'll go where they go, and save money dropping my sub and the Internet upgrade.

If they don't renew thier contract, XM will be dead to me. I will cancel both of my subscriptions and follow the bbbboys to whatever platform the go to.

Hey Mel. Are you really stupid enough to lose thousands of subscriptions over a few bucks after the $500,000,000 debacle that broke Sirius's back with Sterns contract? Worst CEO in the history of anything.

If they don't renew, I will drop Sirius XM. I would sooner pay for an OA mobile app.

If O&A are re-signed for more money I will cancel the 250,000 subs I personally have and my 3,000,000 friends who all have two subs each will all cancel too! So there!

I think everyone else has spoken for me. Like I said during the last untimely suspension,...The Only Reason I have XM is to Listen to Opie and Anthony... PERIOD! Take them off and I'm GONE!!!!


O&A are the only reason I kept my subscription.


Mel didn't sign the Sirius contract with Stern. Mel came on about a year after Stern moved over.

Facts are a wonderful thing but you can't make them up. You have to find them.

Sirius doesn't need to waste money on O and A. Their show is not funny, and has not been for some time. Fear not though fans, I have a perfect idea for their future.
O and A should be able to get a gig on a small market HD2 radio channel. That's where they belong given their level of talent and the current desperation of station owners.
Sure, the HD signal will only travel a few miles, but that should be suitable for their ten listeners saying they'd follow the boys anywhere.

It's a jew thing and ONA are not Jews

Hey Ed Baxter, glad to see the truth makes me a "cunt". Your trivial and sophomoric use of obscene name calling exposes you as the worthless subscriber which XM needs to shed themselves of.

By the way my message isn't limited to O&A fans. We need to get rid of the worthless Stern trash as well.

Lose the garbage and Sirius XM will prosper!

Not only should SXM pay O&A their dues. They should look into expanding a comedy talk platform.

Can anyone tell me if the guy on the right was in Men in Black? I think he's the one that had the jewelry and weapons store.

Amen Brotha.

I will cancel XM ($54.50/month) if O&A leave.

Sirius XM made a big mistake letting Dave from R&F leave, love them but he was funny as shit. The suspension, and the rules they have to follow considering we pay for the service is getting rediculous. Can get music anywhere. Dought s-xm cares what is being said until the subs leave, I'm taking my 4 plus premium online subs with me, plus any future equipment purchases as well (update regularly ) if O&A go!!!!!!

I grew up on, quote-unquote, Sirius XM rules, which are different from hood rules per se. If you want to give them a, quote-unquote, pay decrease, that's a Sirius XM rule, not a hood rule. You see what I'm sayin? Where is Egypt? It's in Africa.

Bill Clinton said in an interview he is VEGAN now.

It is amazing the passion people can have. "If they cancel '____' I'm going to cancel and so will everyone else putting the company out of business." Seriously they wont put the company out of business. There will be an impact as any change would. SiriusXM is doing better but they still heavy debt load to address and managing costs just makes sense. As for the O&A/Stern type of programming SiriusXM provides them the freedom they need from the FCC. Sure they could go to the internet and do the same but the internet is not everywhere and more importantly for them in the car. It is getting better but it drops too much. Likewise any of the services (pandora, slacker,...) out there aren't in position to match the contract dollars most likely. It is interesting to see the claims of Pandora having a large listener base but how many of those accounts are active listeners and not one time curiosity sign ups or extreme infrequent listening. I hope all the O&A and Sterns fans will consider listening to all the other channels and thinking about your options before canceling. SiriusXM provides reception almost anywhere between the satellites, terrestrial, internet(majority of channels) sources of signal with a variety of content.

I got XM in 2004, about four months before O&A came on the air, and about a year and a half before Stern was on Sirius. While I wouldn't leave if they don't resign, I would be disappointed that the only monring show I can listen to is off the air. Not saying I don't like Stern, since I'm not part of the "if I like one I have to hate the other" that most fans on either side take. But I would rather listen to a show live on weekdays instead of Mon-Thurs with Master Tape Theater Friday. I still say if they all would put their egos aside they could mop up. One channel with Stern in the morning, Ron & Fez mid-morning, and O&A during the afternoon drivetime, then find other programming in the evening and overnight hours.

Screw O&A and Stern. Poach Paul & Young Ron from terrestrial radio.

First. To each their own. Some people like Howard, some like O&A, some like neither. But that doesn't mean that we should throw insults at each other, or say how much better pepsi is than coke. that's just a waste of time. We all have personal tastes, and as long as there are choices, everyone can be happy.

I agree with a lot of others, if O&A go, I'll drop my subscriptions.

What all XM Sirius (and other sat/cable providers) is that we are the customers, why not ask us what we want. And we as customers, who are paying for a service, if we are not happy - then we need to remember that there are choices and we need to make those choices to send a message.

Frankly, XM Sirius show what they thought about real talent when every thing went down with East Side Dave. Really? I know it's been covered to death, but I lost a lot of respect for them after all that.

First. To each their own. Some people like Howard, some like O&A, some like neither. But that doesn't mean that we should throw insults at each other, or say how much better pepsi is than coke. that's just a waste of time. We all have personal tastes, and as long as there are choices, everyone can be happy.

I agree with a lot of others, if O&A go, I'll drop my subscriptions.

What all XM Sirius (and other sat/cable providers) is that we are the customers, why not ask us what we want. And we as customers, who are paying for a service, if we are not happy - then we need to remember that there are choices and we need to make those choices to send a message.

Frankly, XM Sirius show what they thought about real talent when every thing went down with East Side Dave. Really? I know it's been covered to death, but I lost a lot of respect for them after all that.

>>>It would really be ironic and stupid for Sirius XM to quibble over the
>>>comparative equivalent of pocket change when Stern is wringing this
>>>company nearly dry

xcountry, I don't know where you get the nonsense that you post here, but Stern is hardly wringing the company dry. Their problem isn't the 100 million dollars per year that Stern's contract costs them, it's the 3 billion dollars of debt that they have outside of any current or future cost of Stern, which they will still have to service if Stern leaves.

If Stern were to leave Sirius XM and they somehow managed to not lose a single subscriber as a result, and therefore not lose a single dollar in subscription revenues.... under that unlikely scenario, if Sirius XM passed the entire 100 million per year savings on to their subscribers, it would come out to about 1.5 cents per day per subscriber... which even under that improbably rosy scenario is still not an amount that could be characterized as something that is wringing the company dry. Then there's the fact that when you actually consider the reality of the situation that under a very likely worst case scenario, if only about 5% of the total subscribers are exclusively attributable to Stern, the existence of his 100 million dollar contract is actually responsible for a net revenue gain for the company. None of the above is even considering how much of the 50 million dollars per year in advertising revenue that SIRI takes in is because of the Stern show. We know that $0 of it is attributable to the commercial free music channels regardless of how popular they are.

If they go I go.

If XM don't resign Opie & Anthony I will take my XM & flush it down the toilet, video it and upload it on YOUTUBE.

Outside of you and a dozen people in S FL no one knows who the hell they are. They have even less talent than O n A - if that's possible.

Shit why don't you try to reunite Herman and McBean.

I just spoke to my cousin and if O&A are given a bigger contract offer he's going to cancel his 700,053 subs too! Tread carefully SXM! Tread carefully indeed!!!!!!!!

Ned won't have anything to listen to on his player. During bubba's show if they go.

No that's a threat! As an OnA listener I'm surprised you have indoor plumbing, or will you be going to someone else's trailer to do this

I am so transparent, Waaaaaa.Waaaaa.

Like most people I am looking to make cuts to the budget. I can't justify the $$ if 1 of the 2 shows I listen to are cut. I really like Ron and Fez and hope they do well, but their show lost something when Eastside Dave left.

Nice one Ving, that made me laugh.

If they don't sign O n A I will cancel, more time to hang around the playground

They are the number 1 show on sat radio..and they have huge influence across the comedy circuit and get mentioned everywhere by every comic they promote.
This is a no-brainer. Sign them, give them the money and while you're at it, take the cuffs off their bits, let them do what they want.

So today they played worst of, any new news about their contract?

On the plus side, there's always the competition...

...oh wait, the FTC said there didn't need to be.

>>>On the plus side, there's always the competition...
>>>...oh wait, the FTC said there didn't need to be.

You haven't been paying attention. Opie and Anthony were working for the competition up until a little over a year ago... on more than 20 different radio stations. Unfortunately their ratings were so poor that the competition fired them... slowly but surely from each and every station that they were on until there were none left.

So on the negative side... when you go to work for the competition and then fail there and get fired, the FTC can't help you.

It's really odd that they'd sign Kevin Smith's SModcasts to air on their channel yet they won't resign the headliners. Maybe if they weren't paying the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Eminem, and Oprah millions of dollars to do next to nothing on Sirius XM aside from lending their names to channels, then they'd have more money to give to a couple of guys who actually provide live content five days a week. Or maybe they'd rather lowball O&A, increasing the likelihood that they wouldn't re-sign with the company and sign Kevin Smith a lot less so they'd have something to air in O&A's place.

As much as I enjoy Ron & Fez and the SModcasts, I got XM for O&A. So if O&A go, then I go, and I will be certain to let the Sirius XM custmoer service rep know it. IF O&A GO, I GO.

Nonsense? In previous postings, I've said most of the things you posted here.

Howard Stern probably saved Sirius from extinction when he came on board, and, based on his ratings and Sirius's subscriber numbers before and after he arrived, your estimation that five percent of the company's subscribers might have signed up based on him is probably reasonable.

But, here are a few problems with your financial analysis:

1. There are a variety of costs associated with servicing customers, so it's not valid to attempt to put a value on Stern's presence simply by estimating the number of subscribers he may have brought and multiplying it by the monthly service fee.

2. The "1.5 cents a day" per customer comment is irrelevant. Anything can look cheap when you divide it out that way, as evidenced by the infomercial producers who use the "just pennies a day" come on to sell all kinds of junk. An entire satellite radio subscription costs less than 50 cents a day. In reality, if Stern were dropped, I would suggest not refunding the money to customers but using it to improve the rest of the company's programming and its financial standing.

3. The biggest problem with Stern's $100 million salary is the lack of a reasonable expectation of further growth attributable to him. When he joined satellite radio, Stern and Sirius expected listeners to run out in droves and buy retail radios so they could hear him, but for the most part they didn't, as evidenced by the continually low number of retail subscribers. How many Stern fans are left who don't yet know how they can hear him, or who are waiting for the right time to take the plunge into satellite radio?

4. I'm certainly not privy to the details of whether the company is currently making or losing money off of him, and I think either situation is possible, but if his show were making the money you suggest, why would there be any problem in re-negotiating his contract? If you have a cash cow, you don't risk killing it.

Uh, if it's worth it to someone to spend sixty cents a day to listen to something, who are you to tell them they shouldn't?

An "investor" who thinks $22 is a significant monthly expense can't be a very good one.

>>>The biggest problem with Stern's $100 million
>>salary is the lack of a reasonable expectation of
>>further growth attributable to him.

xcountry, this is proof that you don't have a clue what the value of Stern is or that you simply choose to hide your head in the sand and ignore the obvious.

As I said in my previous response to your lack of understanding of what makes Stern valuable... his value has nothing to do with convincing large numbers of his old fan base to go out and get Sirius to hear him... everyone knows that that ship sailed a long time ago and is no longer a significant factor in future growth. I conceded that in my previous post so it's bizarre that you are still trying to argue that irrelevant point with me.

I detailed what makes Stern worth his pay, but you rather pretend that I didn't say it and continue setting up and knocking down straw man arguments rather than responding to what I said.

>>I'm certainly not privy to the details of whether
>>the company is currently making or losing money
>>off of him, and I think either situation is possible,
>>but if his show were making the money you
>>suggest, why would there be any problem in
>>re-negotiating his contract?

xcountry, the above paragraph is further proof of how absolutely clueless you are and/or how nonsensical your arguments are.

It's a business negotiation where Sirius XM's job is to retain Stern for the lowest possible price and Stern's agent's job is to get the highest possible price.

You implying that there would be no negotiation necessary if Stern was making money for the company is beyond idiotic.

I signed up to xmradio on October 2, 2004. O&A have a great show. If SXM don't renew their contract, I will cancel all 3 of my subs and use my innos as mp3 players. Time is short. Do the right thing. Later, D.

i'm tapping if they're out. no need to have 2 subs to hear the same 40 songs on the only 2 channels i listen to anyways. things were bound to change, but when it was good, it was really goot!

Your opinion of Stern's value was disputed by my first and second points. As I said then, multiplying your guesses as to the extent of Stern's appeal by the total monthly service fee of each of these hypothetical subscribers might not yield an accurate picture of his value to the company. Even less relevant is dividing his cost down to a daily rate for each subscriber.

Despite your claim that you said in your first post that Stern's value was not related to future growth in his appeal, you never said anything even remotely related to this. I do, however, find your current claim that "everyone knows that that ship sailed a long time ago" to be questionable given that the company puts Stern's name and image on so many of its promotions. Sirius XM apparently does not share your opinion that this "ship has sailed," and they're looking for him to bring new subscribers in. My opinion, based on the close relationship between subscription growth and car sales, is that it's hard to argue that any one personality, whether it would be Stern, O&A or anyone else, is a significant factor driving subscriber growth or retention at this point, and that people are signing up or staying on based on the whole package. This might make it hard to justify a $100 million salary for one show, given the possibility for using such a large sum of money to buy other programming that might, in fact, elicit more growth.

Finally, if your arguments are so good, why the necessity to rely on insults such as calling me "clueless" or "idiotic"? This only weakens what you say and negates the value of any points you make. Do you actually want to discuss this with a true interest in satellite radio, or are you simply interested in furthering the "my guy's better than your guys" Stern/O&A silliness?

A cheap investment in servers? Anthony has a better studio in his basement than the Sirius XM studio.

these guys suck..who cares

Good. He should get used to broadcasting from there.

I own a trucking company with 41 active XM accounts in my vehicles, and only so I can hear O&A no matter which of my trucks I may be in that day. My employees enjoy XM as well. If O&A go, I'm done, there's not enough content, to include Stern, to justify the cost. I shudder to think what will happen to all the XM/Sirrius stock I bought cheap...but eh, as Bob Kelley says, fu*k it till it don't matter!

Get rid of Opie, he kills the show. Ant and Jimmy are the real talent. A four person round table (with Colin, Voss, Bobby, etc.) could be great. Just please lose Opie. He'd be doing the afternoon drive on Buffalo if Ant hadn't come along...

I agree. But I wonder how many headlining comedians will show up on air to plug their gigs w/ only 20,000 or so paying pairs of ears. I hope XM/Sirius does the right thing but since when do coorporations do the right thing? I never knew who these guys were until XM. If they're no longer on XM, I hope there will be a way to listen that's as convenient as starting my car.