Source: Satellite Radio iPhone App going public soon - Orbitcast

Source: Satellite Radio iPhone App going public soon

Sirius XM on iPhone
Orbitcast has received word from multiple sources (one of which is extremely reliable) that the uSirius StarPlayr iPhone app - which will allow you to play Sirius XM Radio on your iPhone - will be going public soon.

According to these sources, the uSirius StarPlayr app will be submitted to the Apple Store by Saturday, January 31st. After submitting, Apple simply needs to approve the iPhone app, and it will go public.

It really needs to be highlighted that the developers have no control over how long the approval process takes. Apple sometimes will approve apps immediately, or sometimes will go back and forth with the developers until they're satisfied.

Bottom line: for many anxious iPhone users, the wait will soon be over and you'll be able to listen to Sirius XM on the iPhone.


how does this help Sirius? Is it free/ Or do Iphone owners have to subsribe?

Would have been a great deal if not for the internet price increase. A shame, but I'll still get the app until my subscription runs out in December.

Woohoo! Just in time to pay an extra $3/month for it

But seriously, this is a good thing, a bit late getting into the game, but a good thing.

This application might be the only thing that will keep me as a Sirius XM subscriber.

I am planning on dropping all my remaining radios except for 1 and also getting the online streaming.

I do wish they had more of the talk stations online, but all the talk shows I listen to are available online elsewhere.

There will be a one time licensing fee for Version 1.0 through the AppStore (provided the app is approved). Point updates will be free. Major upgrades to 2.0, 3.0 will be another fee.

The good news is you are paying for a license. You will still need a sub from Sirius and/or XM, but you will be paying a one time fee for the v1.x.x of iPhone App.

Final pricing TBD

NiceMac LLC has been in this game for 3 years.

i have read that sometimes submission to the App Store take pretty long to get approved without much rhyme or reason....

Either way, I am very excited about this.

I beta tested the app, and it works rather well. It is unfortunate that we will now be charged for online listening. I don't think I will pay for online, and therefore, I don't think I'll be paying for the app either.

I can't wait!!!

Wasn't there speculation that you would need the 128k upgrade to use the iPhone application? Am I delirious?

Vote Libertarian!

No thanks! Slacker already has an app for the iphone!

I month to month to pay......someones thinking....I like it!!!!!!!!

Great so pay for the software and the subscription and have less channels.

thanks but no thanks, I cancelled my subscription last week after trying out Slacker on the iPhone.

and the $30,000 oh wait... $3,000 in sirius stock will be dumped later today. Just waiting for an extra bump of 20% (2 cents) per share....

Any word when the Sirius Ipod App will be available?

Great news!!!!

If every cell tower has to deliver say 50-100 channels being listened
to by highway automobiles (simulataneously 24-7), how can the cell companies handle this bandwidth increase,
without significant dropouts?? Can someone in the cell phone business explain how this works?

(I never thought the huge complex cell tower infrastructure would ever compete with the more direct & simple
(single) satellite beam that hits every corner of the USA).

I think this will end up being a really big thing for Sirius XM. iPhones are everywhere, and with the recent Sirius pricing changes, this should start adding to the bottom line as soon as it becomes available.

There is no reason to purchase a hardware radio now because if you have an iPhone and a Sirius Internet Radio (SIR) account you can have Sirius everywhere you go. You could plug it (iPhone) into your home stereo, your car stereo, or listen to it using headphones anywhere you might happen to be.

Sirius subsidizes the cost of manufacturing hardware radios to keep the price affordable in hopes of gaining more subs, so now that we can start signing up subs without that cost it should help reduce SAC.

I’m really excited about this!

Not much cheaper than Slacker's Plus service (which can be used on multiple computers and devices), and Slacker will probably give better audio quality. It already gives much better programming quality.

the Stiletto is still the way to go, until they develop a way to Record and Pause Sirius online radio and offer all the channels.

this thing cant come any sooner.i hope it didnt take that nasty email nicemac got to push this through.take your time and get it right like you said you will.good job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AOL Radio, Slacker, and now SiriusXM will have iphone applications. Now I'm waiting for Live 365 to be approved for the iphone.

Once my cell phone contract is up (about a year and a half from now), I'll get a iphone (and pay the extra for unlimited internet access), cancel my XM subscription (provided it is still in business by then), and listen to all the internet radio I can listen to on my computer.

THIS IS REALLY BIG! SIRIUS is a great product that everyone loves. You can not go back to the old radio nonsense once you had a taste of SIRIUS! LOVE IT! Way to go SIRI! I bet the PPS will jump on the news. LOVE THIS COMPANY!

Everything I have seen suggests this program is NOT being pushed through for any reason than wanting to get on with the release. The 1st beta is good. Been using it for weeks. Honestly, it could be submitted as is, but they are dotting the i's and crossing their t's.

This story is 100% true about the date. You would know this if you were following the developers pages on Twitter.

Slacker gives me a chubby!

What will the sound quality be on WI-FI/3G/EDGE?

Very good news Ryan. When is the Starplayr Blackberry app coming?

It's real simple.

This is the test for me to keep my XM. I find myself listening to XM less and less, so I hope this encourages me to keep XM.

to bad sirius xm will be out of bussiness soon and they suc for charging to listen online.they are done when howard leaves if they make it that far

The comment about the cell site is a good observation, no the cell sites can not handle everyone driving to streaming radio. At some point the system blows up. Also cell sites are expensive to add, they typically pay sustantial rent to hang antennae off a building. These are the reasons that a cell phone setup with unlimited wifi is $60/mo minimum. They make a killing on text messaging but they know they are scruued if everyone starts streaming.

to bad sirius xm will be out of bussiness soon and they suc for charging to listen online.they are done when howard leaves if they make it that far

I have slacker on my iPhone (as well as about a half dozen other music/radio apps) and the talk content is available elsewhere. Too little, too late.

Can't Wait! Im upset about the price increase but that will not cause me to cancel any of my 3 subs just yet. If Howard leaves I may cancel one.

I don't understand all this hype for Slacker...aside from the portable unit it is just a knock off version that isn't any better then Pandora. I have tried both and prefer Pandora over Slacker but still love my sirius xm!

Sound quality is good. On par with any other internet stream. Don't know if I have listened over Edge, but 3G and Wifi are good to go.

And Ken is an idiot who does not understand technology. Hey Ken - HD Radio is doomed to failure. Nobody cares about it.

There are still lots of reasons to purchase hardware. The ability to tivo an hour, pause, save songs, better graphics, view what's playing on other stations, faster start up times, better quality sound. No, the iphone won't replace the better hardware solution.

Don't you get it. No one wants to pay for another device or pay for the activation fees.

If you have Sirius or XM, and have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can get Sirius on the device that you carry with you everywhere without having to pay for another device or its activation.

Even at 10¢ a day more (which many already pay for premium already and they will not be affected), it is cheap and well worth it.

Who says everyone will be streaming off Cellular? The iPhone does have WiFi too. I bet many will use Cellular when they are outside and WiFi when they are home.

Also 20 million subs are spread throughout the US and CA. I doubt any one cell tower will be hit super hard. If everyone is already on the iPhone talking, streaming is one way communication, not two way. They should be able to handle it.

Not sure about streaming SiriusXM but for Pandora and Slacker it's not streaming but caching. What they do is download a song, disconnect, play it and near the end of the song, connect and get another song.

For them the bandwidth isn't that bad at all.

However, for streaming, I do wonder how the cell companies will handle it.

So from what I remember being said previously this app is going to be add this still true or are we going to be seeing ads on top of having to pay for this app.

The fact it is so late getting into the game and with the online price increase makes me not want to even bother. Nice try guys, 6 months too late.

Wait till you see Palms Pre.....

Don't be a Slacker. Become a StarPlayr.

Streaming live radio in touch with the world is way better than Caching songs.

If I wanted to cache songs, I'd use the

If I want to stream, I use the Sirius XM beta app.


The Commercial apps such as uSirius StarPlayr will be Ad free.

Only our free desktop apps, StarPlayr for Windows (PC), and StarLightXM for Mac have a small amount of sponsorlinks which are given away as donationware.

We have a ton of interest in uSirius StarPlayr. The price increase is the same price as Sirius currently charges for the Premium 128 streams. Divide that by 30 days and it is only 10 cents a day more.

NiceMac LLC

I have never seen so much negativity from something that is absolutely positive and wonderful. These guys should be applauded for their dedication and efforts.

Jake the Snake

If a cell company can handle a phone call, it can handle a digital stream. It's the same thing.. actually better since the stream is one way, a phone call is two way.

Best news for this company in a long while. ALMOST makes me want to subscribe again. O&A on the iphone = win.

Good luck with that. sorry i don't want to stream sirius FM.

Apple/ATT have blocked high bitrate streaming on most apps - they will not let you stream a 128kb stream over 3g - Only over wifi. How is this going to work when sirius stops the low bit rate stream?

Who says Sirius is eliminating the Low Bandwidth streams? Please link to proof and documentation. There is no evidence the low bandwidth streams are in fact going to go away or if there will be not a medium 64k bitrate.

Sirius XM if they do decide to remove both the 32 and 64k bitrates are shooting themselves in the foot and will go into the graveyard in a hurry after 1-2 million subscribers dump Sirius for something else like Free Internet Radio.

There is there one chance to step it up a notch and if they go 128k only they are blowing it. I am a shareholder and StarPlayr supporter. I hope they come to their senses or its doomsday for them.

You may not want to Stream Sirius FM because the company is infact called Sirius XM. Over 2 million users want to Stream Sirius XM on an iPhone. Zero people want to Stream "Sirius FM." You must be in the Division by Zero error Group.

By the way, uSirius StarPlayr also runs on the iPod Touch. Got one and it blows any Stilleto out of the water for much less cost. A new Stiletto is like 300 bucks. Word has it the iPhone app will be between 15 and 20 dollars. What a great deal for iPod Touch users!

Slacker is not a streaming application but a poor progressive download app that takes 10-15 seconds between each and every song. If users want that on their iPhone they should just buy a much of used CDs off eBay, rip their own music at 256 MP3s then sell the CDs off eBay to recoup their cost. A hassle I know but it is better than being a Slacker.

If users want to stream Sirius Live from anywhere, even in a tunnel or under a tree, or inside an office building or in there own home where Sat. Signals can't go without a beefy antenna stuck out the window in plan sight, then this App is for you!

StarPlayr FTW
Slackers quit hijacking the thread

Sirius XM Subscribers. Speak now or forever hold your peace. They are making a big mistake. Streaming over Edge and 3G (Cellular) on the iPhone may go away:

We are investigating it now.

I will be dropping xm i refuse to pay an extra 35 dollars a year good luck with this failing business i have slacker radio pandora and cbs radio and the talk stuff can be found elsewhere and for freee

Clip of Stern speaking with stern speaking with Dave, one of the developers from NiceMac:

I believe the cost will be the same if not about 5 bucks more then there Windows Mobile app. So that would indicate 9.99 to 14.99. I believe 14.99 will be the pricepoint and for me personally that is fine. I would pay that to have my sirius subscription on my phone.

I have been waiting for this since I had the Iphone. This is awesome news. Howard stern all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell ya

The Touch application will not be as portable as a Stiletto or Xmp3 since the Touch only has wifi. You will only be able to listen to satrad if you are connected to a wifi network. No car, or tunnel, or anything like that.

Will this app be exclusive to iPhone or will iPod touch users be able to use it?

This is great news. Although I'm discouraged by the Internet streaming fees, I'm going to give this app a try. The screen shots look great - nice job, NiceMac!

One question: with the spread of Wi-Fi access and the huge cost to maintain satellites, how long can Sirius/XM remain a satellite company? At some point, will it have to abandon the satellite technology in order to stay in business?

Sirius XM is charging more so users can get CD Quality, but at the same time they are nixing 32 and 64 streams.

That is a Badddddd move.

Sirius XM upping the quality but at the same time is nixing low bandwith users such as dialup and users who have crappy Edge coverage. Some Edge areas are good but in Goat Boy land Edge can only handle 32k and lower.

Listeners need to write in to Sirius and ask then to not only add the 128k but keep the value added 32/64 bitrates for dialup and other low bitrate cell connections.

If users are paying now an arm and a leg. Give them back their other arms and legs that they already had and then give them some feet for the 128k.

32k, 64k, 128k should be the options.

not just 128k

Gooooat Boy!

Except that you don't get ALL the channels. Seriously, SirusXM what's the deal?

Why can't Apple & Adobe just fix It so Flash works on the iPhone? Seriously. Is that so difficult?

How the f*ck would Flash get you Sirius on your iPhone? You f*cking retard.

Sirius streams Windows Media, you dumb f*cking a**hole.


As a techie fascinated with gadgets, I say nice job to the NiceMac guys. It's about time someone brought this software to the broadband users in the iPhone community.

Of course, this is old news to the Windows Mobile user community.

For the past two years Windows Mobile users with Sirius subs have been enjoying an app called SiriuCE versions 1.0 & 2.0 that does the exact same thing as the NiceMac uSirius app - allow the user to log into the Sirius internet account and stream 64 kbps or the full 128 feed.

SiriuCE 2.0 was released in July 2008 and represented a complete rebuild for .NET CE 2.0 framework. Oh yeah, did I mention that SiriuCE 2.0 is FREE shareware?

In other words, Orbitcast and the gadget blogs are all praising this as some amazing advance, but the truth is there was a fully functional Sirius widget available for WINDOWS MOBILE 5.0 BASED PHONES (and a separate developer had released an XM widget, also for Windows) as early as 2005!

So once again Apple is last to the party yet everyone thinks they are somehow first and revolutionary. It never ceases to amaze me.

So the folks at Howard Stern's Show are regular readers of Orbitcast which is definitely a good thing (I love it myself), but Gary Dell'Abate who thinks he is some sort of authority on electronics and gadgets passes this story onto Howard who doesn't know any better and excitedly proclaims this is big news. And its not.

Sprint even attempted an alliance with Sirius in the pre-Stern era:

I can only wonder what Mel Karmazen, the Sirius CEO, had to say to Howard about praising and practically endorsing a competitors product on air, that will allow partial use of the Sirius service without Sirius seeing an extra penny.

This all goes back to a prediction I made several years ago . . . that was delayed by all the merger delay nonsense:

SiriusXM will soon either forge a strategic partnership with or eventually be bought out by a major mobile phone carrier. SiriusXM has great content people are willing to pay for. Phone companies have crappy content that no one will pay for.

Also, the final part of this everyone seems to forget, is internet accounts only get Stern and Music and almost nothing else (including NO sports).

So in conclusion, good to see at you at the finish line again Mac people, sometimes it gets lonely waiting for you all.

I'm not sure they will be much longer. Consider which would be cheaper in the long run, paying to maintain satellites and launch new ones when the old ones die? AND paying royalties to play music over the satellites? Or paying internet royalties (which are higher), dumping the satellites and the costs associated with them, just maintaining a room full of servers. But on the internet they would be just another internet radio service. Not that there is much differentiation between what they do now and your average terrestrial FM station, besides the no commercials (on most channels).

you have to sirius sub. now on march 11 it will cost 2.99 a month for online service

This is not any different that what the Premium account cost on Sirius. Basically everyone being upgraded to the CD quality grade on both services. It is not a huge deal. 10¢ a day. What can you buy these days for 10¢?

So where is the app already? This is killing me!

Not a big deal, only 10c/day, your getting CD quality!! blah blah blah. For me, with two radios and two users, that use both the hardware and internet streaming, it works out to a 40% increase in monthly charges for Sirius. Yes you heard that right 40% INCREASE

I was extremely excited about the Starplayr application as I have been a WM5 user for years, and I used SiriusWM5 which was another free application to stream Sirius at work through my Verizon data plan (using my XV6700) since my portable can't pick up a signal there.

Fast forward to today... I have an iPhone, StarPlayr is about to release (for $9.99 or $14.99 ?!?!) Seems a bit high for an iPhone application. And it's not a one time price? So I now need a 40% price increased Sirius subscription (based on my listening habits), AND a subscription to the iPhone player software?

I'm still not sure what my personal plans are, but I will not be continuing my subscription to Sirius "as is". If I decide to keep it at all, it will likely be a single radio w/internet streaming.

And depending on the actual price of StarPlayr, I may just continue to stream Sirius to my iPhone via ORB for FREE. not sure I need another subscription for a Software application. ORB can also stream via Safari and run in the background which is a nice feature.

I'm not knocking the application, it looks beautiful, and it completely SUCKS for the developers of StarPlayr. It's terrible timing of these price changes. I truly believe having to pay extra to use the internet stream IS going to affect StarPlayr's revenue negatively.

There are a lot of service companies that are all wanting larger and larger chunks of my wallet, yet my wallet is still the same size it was last year...


I'm not sure where the bad info is coming from, but it IS a one time purchase of the application. We won't be charging a monthly.

You can get all the talk you want and then some with Stitcher for the iPhone. I have it and listen to news, sports, whatever, streamed.I LOVE it and it was free. Between that and Pandora, who the needs satellite?

NiceMac pulled the plug on this. There will be no iPhone app (as of now) and because of the changes coming 3/11, there will be no other StarPlayr app.