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Joe Namath joins Sirius XM for the NFL season

Joe Namath
While some shock jocks are in the midst of contract negotiations, it looks like there's money in the coffers for big-name sports talent. Case in point: NFL legend Joe Namath.

Sirius XM Kids Place Live covering Little League World Series

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Little League World Series
For the first time in a long time, Sirius XM Radio Inc. will be providing live coverage of the 2010 Little League World Series tomorrow on Sirius XM Kids Place Live.
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Fantasy Sports Radio channel to broadcast from 2010 Fantasy Football SUPERDRAFT in Las Vegas

Sirius XM Fantasy Football Draft
Sirius XM is really going strong with their Fantasy Sports channel. Rightfully so since it's the only major new channel that's been launched recently (though, rumor has it that this dry spell of new channels might be ended soon). 

The latest chapter in their Fantasy Sports endeavor? A live broadcast starting this Friday from the 2010 Fantasy Football SUPERDRAFT in Las Vegas with fantasy sports expert Nathan Zegura and actor Ashton Kutcher.

Rob Dibble takes two-day absence following comments on Sirius XM

Rob Dibble
Sirius XM Radio Inc. sports announcer Rob Dibble (pictured above, left) will be taking a two-day absence for unknown reasons following comments he made on his satellite radio show.

Sirius XM kicks off Fantasy Football video campaign that ALMOST is a winner

Fantasy Football Smacktalk
Sirius XM Radio Inc. recently launched a "viral" video campaign that nearly has all the components of a successful viral campaign. The concept is great - to send a "smack talk" video to your friend (afterall, what's Fantasy Football without talkin' smack?) that is customized to your friend's team.

But while the concept is great, the execution falls flat.

2010 PGA Championship tees off on Sirius XM Radio

PGA Championship
The 92nd PGA Championship, the season's final major championship, will air on Sirius XM Radio live from Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin starting this Thursday, August 12th through Sunday, August 15th.

Sirius XM hosts Gary Williams and Matt Adams will be joined alongside analysts John Maginnes and Dennis Paulson with hole-by-hole updates from roving reporters Fred Albers, Doug Bell and Michael Collins.

Summer X Games 16 recapped on Faction

Summer X-Games
Earlier today Sirius XM's action sports lifestyle/music channel Faction gave listeners a special behind-the-scenes recap of the Summer X Games 16 with special commentary from the likes of Tony Hawk, Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla and host Jason Ellis (red dragons!).

Missed it? No worries, because you can catch a snippet from the show after the jump and catch the replay again.

Fantasy Sports channel launches on Sirius XM today

Maurice Jones-Drew
Forget about getting a dedicated punk channel or finally signing MLB for the Sirius side of the satellite radio service. Nope, Sirius XM Radio Inc. are instead giving you what you've all been clamoring for - a channel entirely for fantasy sports!

Complete with live daily fantasy programming hosted by a slew of fantasy sports experts, and sports icons like Maurice Jones-Drew and Steve Phillips, this channel is sure to please.

Gooaaallll!!! The 2010 FIFA World Cup on your satellite radio

2010 FIFA World Cup
The photo you see above is the Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg. It's the stadium that'll host the opening match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament between Mexico and host South Africa, which (unless you've been living underneath a rock) starts tomorrow June 11th.

Soccer fans and regular folk alike are buzzing with excitement.over the World Cup. Unfortunately, thanks to the international schedule, there's not much opportunity to watch it live. That's where the beauty of satellite radio comes in.

Coach K interviews Bobby Knight and John Thompson Jr.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Legendary college basketball coaches Bobby Knight and John Thompson Jr. will sit down for in-depth interviews with the #1 seeded Duke Men's Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski on the next edition of Krzyzewski's Sirius XM Radio show, Basketball and Beyond with Coach K.

The weekly program airs tonight, March 24th at 8pm ET, on Mad Dog Radio.