Spotted: Sirius SUBX2 Boombox - Orbitcast

Spotted: Sirius SUBX2 Boombox

Sirius Dock and Play SUBX2 BoomboxA little birdy has tipped Orbitcast with leaked photos of the upcoming Sirius SUB-X2 Boombox for Dock & Play radios.

According to our tipster, the new Sirius Boombox will be compatible with current Sirius radios (i.e., the Universal docking system). Judging by the photos, it will also feature a front-panel AUX input and headphone jack output, similar to the SUB-X1 Boombox.

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Sirius Boombox SUBX2

Sirius Boombox SUBX2


It's not exactly compatible with all the Universal Radios. The Universal Radios had 2 levels of thickness and only the newer thinner ones will fit.
The Sportster 3 (Streamer 3) and Sportster 4 will not fit. All the rest of the universal ones will including the Starmate 3, Starmate 4, Starmate 5, Sportster 5, Stratus, Stratus 4, Stratus 5.

Wow! That is lame. No sportster 4. No Stiletto. No ipod. Why can't they make something that accepts more devices. Why can't you mount an XM player, now that those are from the same company. Siri needs to work with other companies to create more versatile products. Get in touch with belkin or griffin or some other electronics maker.

They stopped making boomboxes for the thicker radios couple of years ago. The one they had was pretty stupid looking, but if it was available and I would have bought one. This is another instance of not being in touch with what the SUBSCRIBERS WANT. I know that they sold a ton of those older radios (2 1/2 - 3 years ago) because right after Stern came aboard, you couldn't get one antwhere for many weeks. That's a lot of potential boombox sales; who the hell is making these decisions at Sirius. Makes you wonder?!

I picked up one of these at my local Best Buy this week to replace my SUBX1 that broke(fell in to pool). The also had in stock the ST5,SV5, and Pioneer XMP3. The XMP3 looks AWESOME!!! It is so small. I wish I could add it for $6.99 to my SIRIUS account since all I listen to is Howard and the NFL.

I got at the new bombox at best buy this weekend. pick it up on Sat 11 of Oct. Went to go buy the older one and saw the new one. I said why not. Love Sirius.

This "boombox" looks cheesie!!! I would think, that the manufacture would add a clock or an am/fm tuner.

I would love my alarm clock to wake me up to octane 20 or Howard 100 in the morning ( just like college)

If you have a SP5 they have a built in Alarm with snooze and multiple alarms - should work just fine for you.

If you want alarm clock, ipod, or stilleto compatability you would want the soloist.