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Spotted: Tony Kornheiser at XM studios in DC


Tony Kornheiser on XM

Tony Kornheiser, whose radio show returns to XM this Monday, stopped by the XM studios in Washington DC yesterday.

The ESPN analyst and Washington Post columnist is resuming his radio show after a seven-month hiatus to focus on his role on “Monday Night Football.”

Kornheiser does his radio show at terrestrial station WWWT-AM in Washington, and XM carries the show nationally on XM Sports Nation (ch 144) weekdays from 8:15am to 10am ET.

Kornheiser came to XM headquarters - lovingly referred to as "The Eck" - to do some production for the XM broadcast and tape an interview with Bob Edwards, who will air the interview on XM Public Radio (ch 133) this Monday at 8am ET.

Monday is Tony’s first day back on the air on both XM and WWWT. It’s also the first day that XM Sports Nation will start carrying Dan Patrick’s new show (which airs from 10am to 12 noon ET... right after Kornheiser).


Mistah Tony is back!

Between Kornheiser and Patrick, XM has put together a better AM lineup than ESPN. And how convenient that Patrick quits just as Ron and Fez are getting started.

I cannot stand this guy. I mute MNF because of him basically.

To appreciate why he stinks you must listen to his radio show.

by far the preferred forum for fans of TK.

TK's a douche. He's never played a sport in his life and douesn't have an athletic bone in his body but is somehow qualified to talk about sports. How about doing something about that fucking awful haircut if you want to show your face on my TV?