"St. Patty's Day Radio" launches on Sirius XM this Wednesday - Orbitcast

"St. Patty's Day Radio" launches on Sirius XM this Wednesday

St. Patrick's Day
Satellite Radio listeners will be treated with some luck of the Irish on Wednesday when St. Patty's Day Radio launches on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, starting at 6am ET on Sirius channel 18 and XM channel 45.
St. Patty's Day Radio will feature a blend of Irish music from rock acts including U2 and Van Morrison; traditional artists like the Chieftains and Clancy Bros; and contemporary Irish artists such as Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly.

The channel will also include special segments with various Irish and Irish-American celebrities playing their favorite Irish tunes and sharing St. Patrick's Day memories and traditions.

The day-long channel will be hosted by Larry Kirwan, the founder and frontman of the premier Celtic rock band Black 47.

Kirwan is also host of the weekly Celtic Crush show on Sirius XM's The Spectrum channel (Sirius channel 18 and XM channel 45). Celtic Crush, which airs on Sundays from 7am - 10am ET on The Spectrum, features music from Kirwan's private record collection of classic Irish music, including a mix of traditional and contemporary music from the Celtic countries and England.


As someone who's lived in Ireland for all 26 years of my life let me be the first to ask:

Who the fuck is St. 'Patty'?

Do you even get Sirius or XM on the Emerald Island?

Celtic Crush airs on Saturday morning, not Sunday. Also repeats Tuesday nights.


I get it through the online service, even though it's incredibly awkward to do so.

Oh no kidding. That's neat.

I'm enjoying this music right now. What an eclectic mix of music! Sláinte!

I miss the old XM Green format -- today's music has been dreadful so far. Where are the traditional Irish tunes that they used to play??

They didn't start playing the "St. Patrick's Day" music until 7am EST, not 6am as this site reported.

I wasted an hour of my pointless life this morning listening to pink-hippie garbage before the Irish music actually started.

@Drunken Irish Lad Sorry, that's the information I received from Sirius XM. I do my best to make sure the info posted here is as accurate as possible.

This channel is awful. What happened to the great Radio Ireland channel of the last couple years? NO traditional music at all. Domino from Van Morrison? He's Irish but the song has nothing to do with St Patricks Day. And the corny drinking toasts from a guy with a fake accent? LAME! What a terrible waste of a great holiday.