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StarPlayr for Windows: Hands down the best Sirius/XM internet radio player to date

StarPlayr for WindowsOver the years there has been a slow, but fruitful, evolution of applications that play Sirius Internet Radio and XM Radio Online. From various widgets (Yahoo, Vista, you name it), to dedicated players (like XaMp), there has been a constant attempt to make Satellite Radio's internet-based offerings better.

But the public alpha release of StarPlayr for Windows has hit the ball out of the park. And yes, it's still in the alpha development phase, so with all the features it already packs, I can't wait to see what is coming.

This is, in my opinion, by far the best satellite radio online player to date.

First and foremost, it plays both Sirius Internet Radio (SIR) and XM Radio Online (XMRO), which for us dual-subscribers really is a gift from the gods. But it doesn't just play them, it integrates the services into a combined experience.

Keep reading for more screenshots and details.

If you noticed in the screenshot above, the StarPlayr for Windows client doesn't just play Sirius Internet Radio and XM Radio Online, but it also stores channels from both services into a single presets area.

Album art for songs that are playing get displayed right alongside the rest of the channel metadata (Channel Name, Number, Artist, and Song Title).

Plus, you get the option to purchase the song playing through Apple iTunes, or the Amazon MP3 service. Amazon MP3 has a smaller catalog of songs (for now), but tends to be cheaper than iTunes and its songs are provided in the DRM-free MP3 format. But for the majority of folks, iTunes is likely be the service of choice.

But wait, there's more...
StarPlayr for WindowsLyrics. Yes, lyrics. If available, the song lyrics can be displayed in leu of your presets - so you can sing along with true accuracy.

StarPlayr for WindowsThe channel listing (above) shows the full online offerings of both Sirius and XM, in that order, with channel logos, numbers and names. Once you've setup in your SIR/XMRO login infomation, switching between services is a seamless experience.

If "StarPlayr" sounds familiar, that's because it's from the same folks (GeeksToolBox and NiceMac) who are working on the iPhone satellite radio app. And they have plans for more applications, like the BlackBerry, PSP and the Xbox 360.

Incidentally, GeeksToolBox has actually merged with NiceMac and is now part of NiceMac LLC now. The major players in the StarPlayr/StreamSmart project - David Bressler, Joe Turner and Todd Bruss - all continue to be involved.

StarPlayr for Windows still has areas of improvement, of course, like the placement and size of the buttons. But that's all to be expected (did I mention it's in alpha?), and I'm sure they'll be addressing the whole UI thing in due time.

[Download StarPlayr for Windows (public alpha)]


This would defiantly be an app worth getting even if it was$20, which it could be. I would still pay it.

There is very bad background distortion that needs to be cleaned out.

This looks amazing. I am so happy that there is a new application that is being developed.

What a great application. This is so good for dual subscribers.

It's missing a desktop icon though.

StarPlayr for Windows works really well as it is. I have been using the same Mac application for Sirius and really enjoy it. I believe the speed of changing channels on the Windows version is a little quicker, both are great.

Wow, with such a cool piece of software that works flawlessly, I'm depressed they merged. Now I'll only need one set of channels.

I hope their radios, when they come out, work as flawlessly as this software.

Yes the StarPlayr is awesome and I cannot wait for it to become an official app

XM and Sirius need to upgrade their online sound quality. What they offer is pathetic. Sirius should not have their existing PAYING subscribers pay more for good sound quality, and XM's free feed (while better than Sirius' free feed) is embarrassing--especially when you consider that AOL, Pandora,, and Slacker all have FREE streaming at very good sound quality that blows away what XM and Sirius offer to PAYING subscribers.

Very good!

I have one pet peeve...I am a Sirius subscriber and love to listen to the online radio while I'm in my dorm at school. I upgraded to the CD-Premium Quality sound online. This sounds amazingly better then the Standard. But on the StarPlayr, the sound quality is not near as good as in the Sirius Online player, especially with the Premium service.

Anyone else notice the same thing? Or if you have a solution or suggestion that'd be great!

By the time it finishes beta, the two service offerings will be the same so it won't matter.

Based on using this for about 1/2 hour - you cannot go wrong by downloading. Way better than the online player from Sirius. My only qualm so far - wanting to be able to see what's playing on the other channels while listening to one channel.

Can't wait for the Iphone APP - that will be a gamechanger!!

Outstanding app, what would be great is to link to both and ILike. Or start your own music social network to bring together all of the XM and Sirius users.

cool but i prefer the sidebar players to these standalone ones that take up space.

Not a bad app, but it still has some bugs to be worked out. New song title sometimes displays after the song has begun. Iran it for a few hours. It crapped out and I have not been able to bring it back up since.

It seems the data base is corrupted, it was working earlier, then the application froze up, and one cannot even access the homepage anymore.

If this becomes available for the iTouch, as most such apps are, I will get the iTouch just for this.

Keep in mind that the developer is receiving $ for the clicks and purchases through the iTunes and Amazon affiliate links, so it's not all "warm and fuzzy".

Clicks don't earn cents through affiliate links, just purchases.

New site is up.

Currently SP2 for Mac is supported by its users through donations. Eventually all of our products, as new versions are out of beta, will be sold commercially for about $9.99 per seat. We decided to go that route rather than playing ads in our products. We'll see as we get more popular if the iTunes/Amazon business model holds water.

I just started using StarPlayr for Mac a few weeks ago and was wishing that it existed for PC. StreamOn is great but there hasn't been a significant update in two years. I'm glad there's finally a new alternative!

And so what if he is making money on links?? He worked on it and deserves something for it. So what if he gets a commission on a song sold?

This thing is tits.

I can not get the lyrics to work.

there is a support site for starplayr for windows. it can be found at There is also a forum link at David Bressler responds quickly to issues and usually resolves them within 24 hrs. or less.

there is a CD quality option in the login for starplayr for windows. It does cost $3.00 extra month for Sirius users. XM users get the CD quality for XM stations at no extra charge. Send feedback to Sirius about that issue.

I am sure packages will change as Sirius and XM are more integrated and their will be more options for users. We are striving to be the best player on all computing platforms. We're just getting started, and it's a great start.


NiceMac LLC

Here is what I posted on the nicemac forums...


I wanted to let the developers know that this app is basically unusable on netbooks (Acer Aspire One, Eee, MSI Wind). The reason is the 1024x600 resolution. It cuts off the bottom buttons (the most important) making it impossible to setup, login, etc.

I am able to set my resolution to 1024x768 on my Eee 1000H, but I don't normally use that "squished" resolution, and it's very annoying.

Is there any way you could make the player smaller so lower resolutions can operate the software? Given the explosive popularity of netbooks, this will become more and more of a problem for users.


Read my previous post. The sound is terrible and I hear a tinging sound in the background. I have tries the player on all three of my computers with the same poor sound quality. The setup is great but they have to work on the sound end.

This is all moot; the Apple announcement tomorrow will make this application a fringe deal.


Net radio can't even do that!

Sirius XM should be sinking their money into this program, because they really compete with Net radio with this thing. Much better than their own programs.

how do you install that thing??? i mean how long is the installation suppose to take?

This is ALPHA? Holy crap, it's really an excellent player, with lots of information. It's a bit slow to load a channel, but I expect that will change as they get closer to a beta release, and eventual production release. I just can't figure out how to delete a preset, otherwise, great!!

How so?

its not that it installs, so much as, it checks for the current build every time it loads. So opening the program every occasion could run an installation script that updates and reinstalls. If you cant deal with having to glare at its underbelly , then give it time; its an alpha....

great app. i've been looking for something since reickenbacker's player went down. i'm glad to see someone else did it, and running with practically no resource drain. awesome player. hope it stays free.

Did these guys go out of business? I can't connect to the site and my player no longer works??

Looks like their host got sold. They are working on a fix.
Check out their home page for more info:

this app is the best that is out
and it's only the alpha version

the frist couple days i had trouble listening online trough starplayr because there server where being moved
but now it works great
i listening to raw dog right now!!!!!!!!!

Wow, worked immediatly, displayed song lyrics. Finally I can dump yahoo widgets.

Love it

Excellent player - doesn't require (another) browser/window and minimizes to the system tray. I'm looking forward to the BlackBerry version; if it's anything like the Windows version, I will gladly pay for it!

The starplayr porject got discontinued or is on hold they just shut off the feed and nothing playing
i guess back to yahoo widgets!!

Another worthless Co. with a worthless product that sucks ass when they pull the plug on stuff that works. Why even bother putting it out or at least do it for free if you're not going to be able to keep funding it. Dumb.

Sirius shut them down, it wasn't their choice. They were also barred from talking about it.