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Steve Winwood to takeover on The Spectrum

Steve WinwoodSinger-songwriter Steve Winwood will take over Sirius' The Spectrum channel for an entire weekend to celebrate the upcoming release of his latest album, Nine Lives.

"The Spectrum of Steve Winwood" will air on Saturday, April 26th at 8am ET through Sunday, April 27th at 8pm ET on - wait for it - The Spectrum (ch 18).

Throughout the weekend, Winwood will give a personal track-by-track introduction to each of the nine songs that he recorded for his latest album, Nine Lives, which will be previewed on the channel before hitting stores on Tuesday, April 29th.

"The Spectrum of Steve Winwood" channel will showcase the music of Steve Winwood throughout the weekend, with Winwood also sharing stories about a his rock & roll career spanning over 40 years. Winwood will discuss his musical influences and improvisation, starting from his days as a 15-year old in the Spencer Davis Group, his work performing with Clapton in Blind Faith through Traffic and his acclaimed solo work.


Winwood is one of my favorite artists- and has been since oh, 1968. But since I don't subscribe to Sirius, I won't get a chance to hear this.

Ain't "diversity" great?

Speaking of diversity-

Steve Winwood is white!??