Stiletto and Soloist - so happy together

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 3:59 PM

Oh sure we've seen the Sirius Stiletto, and we've seen the Sirius Soloist media dock... but we haven't seen them together, until now.

[UPDATE: Orbitcast has been told to remove the Stiletto/Soloist photo - so I have because I'm a nice guy. If you still want to see it though go ahead and check out Gizmodo and enjoy.]

This also appears to be the first "in the flesh" shot of the Stiletto. The menu system looks mighty slick.

The Soloist will come with three cradles: one for the Sportster 4, one of the iPod and as we suspected, one for the Stiletto. Hotness.

[via Sirius Backstage



One word: WOW.

The new Starmates won't connect to the Soloist??

Looks awesome! I'll take the first free giveaway set you have!

Rich: The Sportster 4 connection is the same as the Starmate 4's.

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