Stiletto: More Pics and Product Sheet

Monday, August 28, 2006 at 9:31 AM

Satellite Standard Group got their hands on a criper image of the much anticipated Sirius Stiletto wearable. At least we get to see a different view other than the ugly blurry one. Compare the Stiletto to the prototype Zing (pictured below) and you can see where that "bump" on the top comes from.

Zing prototype

Additionally, thanks to GSI we now get to see the reseller product sheet which features the Sirius Stiletto 100, the Stiletto 10, as well as the Starmate 4 and the Stratus (the latter two have already been officially announced by Sirius).

Stiletto Sheet 

View a higher-resolution version of the product sheet. 



249.99 is pretty cheap.

When is this thing due out?

Before X-mas?


oops. 349.99 isn't.

I've heard shipping will start in September.

Definitely looks cool and all that. I probably won't get one until Xmas of 2007, as:

a) It's 1st Gen hardware. Let the bleeding edge types enjoy all the quirks and annoyances that'll hopefully be worked out by V2.

b) $350 is alot for a portable that might or might not get a decent signal in the sticks where I live. I guess the only way to find out is to buy it, try it, and return it for a cheaper model if it proves too frustrating to deal with. I'm not prepared for that aggravation.

c) My next big purchase will be a new Mac Book Pro (to replace my aging Powerbook). $350 will buy Applecare for said 'Book.

I hope I don't have as bad experience with this as the S50. (It's a different manufacturer so I hope it'll be different) Then again I've tried the Inno and just didn't like it.

add the sportster4 and the S50, and it looks like Sirius has a very nice looking hardware lineup going into the holiday season that will be appealing for everyones budget. even the Stratus looks like a nice radio and will work in the universal home kit and universal boombox.

The S50 all in all works the way it should, but it was a bumpy road for some. I haven't had any great problems with mine since I got it in November.

As for MikeHunt's B), don't forget that indoors it'll roam on your WiFi network should you have one.

As for C) I have a Macbook Pro 2.16 Glossy.. Unlike my PB G4 1.25ghz, it likes to panic pretty often. It might be taking a trip to Apple shortly. My PBG4 has only panic'd twice since I've owned it, due to bad 3rd party drivers. My MBP (about 2 months old or so) has exceeded over a dozen easily. It's just not the same.


So what's the deal exactly? The Stilleto 100 holds 100 hours of sirius programing, but how much space of it is destined for mp3 files and is the wiFi capability the only difference between the Stilleto 100 and the Stilleto 10 ? What about mp3 memory for the Stilleto 10 ?... Anybody?

Droo....internet radio doesn't include the full channel lineup as far as we know right now. Even then that feature still hasnt been talked about in detail either to know if it will be running off 32kbps or a specialized "Stiletto stream"(hopefully more than 48kbps also).

I fully understand and appreciate the problem with using the internet stream. I think you'll find we'll get the 32kbit on the unit unfortunately.

To me, it makes more sense that they'd just stream the same feeds that they are putting on the sats. There aren't any public codecs on computer for PAC, but also the feed is wrapped with encryption (the same reason why the S50 'loved' songs and shadow cache can't be ported from one unit to another). The Internet is a much more stable entity than the satellite feed probably is, so it'd work just fine and keep a consistent user experience.

The entire Sirius feed is something like 4mbit. A single channel would easily stream over pretty much any broadband link.

We'll have to see what happens. I'm hearing it will be able to upgrade its firmware over WiFi as well, so it's possible later in time we could see things change.


does anybody know if you would be able to record over wifi? I probably wouldnt want to do that with music, but talk could be a possibility.

File transfer of MP3s via wifi would be nice too, but im guessing that isnt possible.

I'm really not sure about recording over WiFi, that's a good question though.

I'm also not sure if the 'social networking' features of the ZING UI will be active, initially or at all. I think the idea behind the Zing UI is very cool, so I'm hoping they will be, but I've not heard it reported.

Some of the people doing comments over at Gizmodo on this device have it wrong though. The SL100 is a combination WiFi/Sat unit while the SL10 is a Sat only unit. Someone suggested the SL100 only does WiFi, which is incorrect.


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