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Talkers Heavy Hundred 2010: Bubba rockets past O&A; Stern remains steady

Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, Bubba the Love Sponge

It's that time of year again, when Talker's Magazine releases their subjective list of top talk radio talent based on "input from industry leaders." This year, we see Bubba the Love Sponge jump up in rankings, Opie & Anthony drop down significantly, and Howard Stern holds steady at the same position as last year.
In 2009's Talker's Heavy Hundred list, we saw Howard Stern ranked at #32 - the same position he holds this year for Talker's 2010 list. The magazine writes that Howard Stern "hosts satellite radio's most-listened-to show for 5th year in a row" adding that Stern is a "huge, iconic media figure."

Bubba the Love Sponge on the other hand made a huge leap upward in Talker's Top 100 list. In '09 he was ranked at #52, just behind Opie & Anthony. This year though, and likely due to his re-introduction to terrestrial radio, Bubba has moved up to #45 in the list. Talker's writes that Bubba's "return to AM drive brings big numbers in Tampa and other southern markets."

Opie and Anthony didn't fair as well. Last year they had just edged out Bubba, and ranked at the #51 spot in Talker's Heavy Hundred. This year, they dropped down to the #65 spot. Talker's doesn't have a very positive tone about O&A either, writing that the "legion of rabid fans keeps this hot talk duo going on satellite radio."

None of these numbers are what they used to be, and it definitely seems that Talker's has a significant bias against satellite radio (unsurprising considering the "industry leaders" who make the selections).

In 2006's Heavy Hundred, Howard Stern ranked at the top as #1. In 2007's Talker's list, Stern dropped to #12 while O&A made their debut at #6 on the list. Then 2008's list came out, and Howard fell one spot to #13 while Opie & Anthony came in at #17. The bias truly began to show.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Mancow (who was recently pink slipped from Chicago, again) somehow beats out Stern, Bubba and O&A - coming in at #14 on the 2010 Talker's list.

Bias? Nahh

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Why even go through all the trouble of making a list if it's just going be completely bias and innaccurate from the start.

This list has as much credibility as a Tiger Woods apology.

Oooo! What better way to earn website traffic and get people arguing about who has better taste than a LIST.

Oh boy.

This isn't going to end well.

As as O&A honk, I have to say that they are stronger than ever, and Howard is just going through the motions. How can you sustain a show that is about the show? I don't get it.

As for Bubba, I don't get it.

Talkers Magazine must be published in Mancowcounackcack


Wasn't he the one that sent a box of sh*t to Stern ?

Ryan, everyone knows this list means nothing and the only reason you post it is to get everyone riled up so your site gets traffic and your ads get impressions and clicks. We're not rubes...

I'll bet if Talkers had praised O&A and noted a significant drop for Bubba and/or Stern, Ryan's post would have been cheered and agreed with.

Ryan didn't write the article, Talkers did and he's reported on them many times in the past - there are far easier ways for him to "get traffic and ad clicks".

Well, they got the heavy part right about Bubba! Sorry, someone had to say it.

There's a surprise. O n A are falling down in ratings. There's a proven track record with these two clowns. They talk a big game but they're ratings and performance can't back it up.

Just two more hacks fading into obscurity. Where are Ron n Pez? Did they even get a mention? Or are they so far into obscurity that they're a lost cause?

i think if O and A were stil on terristal radio they would have not fallen down the list so far. But, they left that in March so i would vsay that hurt them allot in the list. When they get another chance to get bac on non sat radio they should take it. i really like there show it is fun to listen too.

Just goes to show how ridiculous this list is when they put talentless hacks like Mancow and Don Imus ahead of Howard Stern and Bubba.

And how did Todd Schnitt (MJ Kelly for the unwashed) make this list?

As a long-time (BAB days) O&A fan, it pains me to see their fall from grace but unlike some many of their jackass fans, I shan't be blaming it on an article in Talkers magazine. Those lazy schlubs haven't appeared to care about their show in months. Sure, Sirius treats them like crap, undoubtedly. But why not prove a point by putting on a great show and forcing Sirius to respect you rather than sinking into the turgid dogcrap of Ant's non-stop politic/racial ranting, toodley-doo, Bobo, Mustard and getting the hell out of the studio as fast as possible as soon as 10am comes around? Ant went from being the funniest guy in the business to a boring dullard in 2 years. Opie has the nerve to talk about being workhorses while he can't get out of there fast enough and is constantly relying on a bunch of retards like Bobo to fill up airspace so he doesn't need to do anything. You guys used to be incredibly funny. Now you're only worth listening when Burr, Louis CK, DeRosa, Colin or Patrice are in studio. Sad, sad, sad.

You do understand that this list has nothing to do with ratings right?

It's just a list and a pretty stupid one at that, designed to create discussion. It's also put together by people that don't like a lot of these jocks.

If Howard's only at #32 how can he possibly justify milking SiriusXM for 3/4 billion dollars?

And I guess how high "talkers" puts them is the validation you need to listen to something. I'm not a regular listener of Ron & Fez but it's a good show and they're funny. That's enough for me. Maybe next year they will show up higher then you can listen as "talkers" told you they're good.

If where a show lands on this list is that important to what you listen to, you shouldn't be spending any time listening to Howard, you should be listening to Rush, Hannity, Oprah, Mancow. Oh, wait, Mancow is high on the list but just lost his home market - again.

You really are a follower.

Just pointing out that your "Gods of radio" suck! It doesn't matter who mentions them (and that is a scare event) they are fading into obscurity mainly because they have no talent and think the world owes them a living.

When they can suck it up and prove themselves then they'll get some respect. Until then they're a bunch of washed up punks that SUCK!

I think you're the "follower" just hoping for that one article that has something positive to say about their failing careers. Like them, you're just hoping for a mention in any form of media.

Really? So just because we're fans of "failing" radio jocks, we're stupid and hoping for a mention in any form of media? WOW! I didn't realize that Mancow is that much better than Ron/Fez O/A Bubba and Howard... But if you listen to this list that has your fat florida reject highest out of the four mentioned, then Mancow is dominating all of them, when in fact he really isnt. Oh and if you really want to go on ratings, wait cause unfortunately for all the haters they're numbers have not gone down...

Howard and both O&A suck now. They got rich some time ago and quit caring. Never really listened to Bubba so it wouldn't be fair for me to criticize his show. It shouldn't come to a surprise for anyone that Rush is number one on that list given all that happened in Obama's first year.

Fat Florida reject? That is no way to talk about Ron Bennington. I think he's lost some weight mainly becuase his career has gone down the tubes but he's still fat.

You shouldn't criticize people for their weight.
You guzzle that much jizz and see if you don't gain some weight.

Magazine.... really...... do these things still exist? very out of touch, if your not on terrestrial radio (another dying medium) they don't care about you. I am a O/A ron and fez fan and I realize its not for everyone, but mancow cant even keep a show on the air, how is he higher than stern? and btls?? he is only on in Tampa and sirius one day a week?? it makes no sense. Ryan you should ask what they base this on, that would be enlightening the interesting comparison would be how many terrestrial listeners there are now compared to last year.


xcounrty cardholder #1

What is an ONA?

creative... can there be an I.Q check before comments get posted?

Where is Sam & Dave's Special Delivery on this list? Talkers is a joke!

Biased garbage!
Although I would think Sirus could get "#7" Dave ramsey for a quarter of "#32" Howards salary and then let Howard go. Just saying.

Who are my "gods of radio"? I didn't mention anyone I listen to other than mentioning that the occasional Ron & Fez show for me is enjoyable.

You're obviously ranting about O&A who I didn't even bring up.

Seems you have a the same fixation on them as the Howard haters that listen just because they hate him. Church going woman are you?


This list is a worse joke every year.
I'd sooner follow Billboard's music list then play most of these.

Both are jokes to say the least.

Ned Saint on here is a one trick pony. Attack O&A no matter what the topic of the story. The role of Ned on the show could give a rats ass about them or any other show.

You mean like the mention of Sharon Osborne calling Susan Boyle a "slapped ass" on the show? Or Jesse Ventura storming out? Opie's discovery of homeless Mustard singing Radiohead's "Creep" is a YouTube sensation. The problem is, YOU are not a fan. Fine. But your egomaniacle opinion that NO ONE likes what YOU don't like doesn't hold up. Try measuring the facts...O&A are popular, even if it isn't with you.

That was friendly fire, nubby. Ron Diaz? Of Ron (Diaz) and Ron (Bennington)? You failed the Virus history test, nube.

People don't mention that Opie and Anthony have aggressively extended themselves further into the mainstream media with regular appearances on television as well as viral videos on YouTube. Does that make them #1? No. But for them to plummet in the ratings shows how out of touch these guys are. And I find Stern to be an unbelievably bland show, but #32? He's got perhaps two million puddin' heads that listen to his show. Nevermind that fact that they're the same type of people that make Transformers the top box office movie or Two and a Half Men the number one television comedy; they pay money like anyone else, so you have to count them.

I'm assuming that was for my benefit, so I'll explain-I wasn't saying they "aggressively extended themselves into the mainstream media." I was simply telling the stain that claimed they disappeared from it that they didn't. And for the last time, Talkers isn't on-air ratings. It's an arbitrary rating by the people who run terrestrial radio. It's like caring who Perez Hilton thinks should win American Idol. It holds NO BEARING!

uhm...are you really that dumb? wow.....i am amazed

wow i can't believe how dumb you are. O and A will never have the clout of Howard. Never.

So correct! Whenever BOBO shows up, I bail. O & A were Gods, now the show over-promises and under-delivers. There are moments of comedy left but too few and far between. I don't care about any article, but truth be told Psycho Mark is 1000% on the money. Stop passing the blame for a poor show! The show is YOU. As a professional being handed a ton of cash, be happy, do a great show, get rid of asshole Bobo, and raise the level of the discussion. Stretch the moments of glory into a 4-hour show. I remember the days of K-ROCK and sitting in my car IN THE DRIVEWAY not going into the house because the boy was on. It's ALL about the show, boys. Be the Phoenix, come back from the ashes in the toilet bowl and make us proud and Sirius eat their crap!

whooo-whoo-whooo, tell em fred!