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The Masters Tournament airing live on Sirius XM

2010 Masters Tournament
Play-by-play coverage of the 2010 Masters Tournament will air on Sirius XM with extensive live broadcasts direct from Augusta National, plus expert analysis leading up to and throughout the event.
Broadcasts direct from Augusta will begin at 12pm ET Thursday, April 8th, through Sunday, April 11th with The Masters Today, a daily preview show that will lead into each day's on-course play-by-play.

Live coverage will air from 2pm ET through the end of each day's play giving fans live reports from around the course and access to golfers on and off the leader board.

On-course coverage will be immediately followed by a nightly wrap-up show, Masters Replay, that will include a recap of the day's action with highlights, analysis and interviews with players.

In the wake of Tiger's announcement, speculation about the state of his game is high and Sirius XM's hosts will cover the discussion from every angle, monitoring Tiger's performance in practice and on the course, interviewing players, and offering a place for fans to call in and express their opinions on Woods' return.

The live hole-by-hole coverage of the 2010 Masters Tournament, plus golf talk and expert analysis, will all air on XM channel 146 and on Sirius channel 209 with the "Best of XM" package.


"The live hole-by-hole coverage of the 2010 Masters Tournament"

You mean each woman Tiger does? lol.....

I don't think that pic is from the Masters. With those palms on the right it looks more like Florida.
Nice pic though.