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The Morning Mash Up! debuts on XM 20on20

The Morning Mash UpStarting this morning, Sirius Hits 1's daily morning show, The Morning Mash Up!, started airing on XM's 20on20 channel.

The move effectively makes The Morning Mash Up! hosts Rich Davis, Nicole Biggins, Stanley T Evans and Ryan Sampson available to "over 20 million subscribers," according to Sirius XM Radio.

Every weekday, The Morning Mash Up! will chat about the biggest celebrity news and everything related to pop culture.

The crew has interviewed A-list celebrities and musicians, including Paula Abdul, Christina Aguilera , Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, Randy Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ashlee Simpson, Timbaland, Kanye West and many others.

The Morning Mash Up! airs Mondays through Fridays from 6am - 12pm ET, on Sirius Hits 1 (Sirius channel 1) and 20on20 (XM channel 20).

So I'm curious to hear from listeners who tuned into the show for the first time today - what do you think? Sound off in the comments below.


One word.... Awful

20 on 20 was my guilty pleasure station on XM. What I would turn to when O&A or Mad Dog or whoever was in commercial. I never wanted to hear talk on that station, let alone this hacky garbage. I flipped to it twice today and both times they were playing the same long ass clip from "Step Brothers." It wasn't even like an ironic or particularly funny little drop. It was like 30-45 seconds long for some contest I think.

I know that I won't be flipping to 20 on 20 as much anymore, that's for sure.

Stick to the music on music stations.

Good god, I'm going to vomit. I just deleted 20 on 20 from my presets.

heard it this morning - sounded like typical hack DJs found on nearly all of SIRI's music channels. just another reason why i hope satrad dies soon. the awful decisions SIRI made after the merger should not go unpunished.

Love these guys - hated to lose them after I switched to XM because of a factory pre-installed radio. Great to hear them again. Mindless banter before hitting the grind.

Had hoped this merger would produce such cross-branding. Really worth the wait. Also looking forward to Thursday's changes. Good work SIRI

If i wanted mindless chatter on my music station, i would have turned on my local clear channel or cbs radio station. I want music in the morning. Not a bunch of people talking about Britney Spears or American Idol.

available to over 20 million subscibers?

This implys 1.2 million net subs for Q4... Is this mis information or truth?

I lasted 4 minutes before I went back to another channel. It was too mindless for me. Agree with previous post, I can simply tune into the local FM for...blah...

@jeff Thank you for noticing that. :) I thought it was interesting myself.

That "20 million subscribers" statement comes directly from Sirius XM Radio.

I've noticed much more chatter on the music stations. There is a way to save some money, eliminate the talk and play music. We already have talk stations, we don't need morning zoo crap.

Why am i paying money to hear DJ blather? These 4 absolutely suck a$$

Worst station by far.

Like a few people above me, if I wanted to listen to people who like to hear themselves talk, I'd switch on my local FM-chatter.

The "morning-mash-up" crew are not funny or cute, they are irrelevant, and take away from my subscription's purpose; to hear music.

I used to have XM (I'm a Sirius subscriber now) and 20/20 was a great channel BECAUSE there was no chatter... just turn it on, hear the top songs of the moment, move on. Now, you have to listen to these hacks.


And that completes it. I no longer need to be a dual subscriber.

RIP Sirius. I just added "The Best of Sirius" to my XM subscription.

I'm content. Top 20 on 20 needed some life.

Thanks Ryan. I just sent a very long email to XM.

Just turned this channel on; I came very close to vomiting! I can get this shit on terrestrial - how dare these coniving shysters waste our time and money on this nonsense!

Again, Sirius/XM managment goes the extra mile to alienate the subscribers. These twisted jerf offs seem to have a death wish for this company !!!

Oh God, that publicity pic gives me douche chills. When I first saw it, I thought it was for a children's show.

Thatthat's terrible. I'm sorry.

And, of course no morning show is complete without a "hole".

I still like the music channels, but if it wasn't for O&A, Glenn Beck on XM 165, and Fox News Channel, I may have cancelled by now.

OMG, I think I'm gonna vomit...

There 100% commercial free. Not 100% music though.

They may not be, but the more they talk, the more they take away from the primary reason most of us switched, TO HEAR MUSIC. If you listen to any FM radio junk, you will hear 5 minutes of music, 45 minutes of blather, and 10 minutes of commercials. 20 on 20 was good because it can fit the "top 20 requested songs" in about an hour. Add useless talk and now you will lucky to get 10-15 minutes of music.

Well, 20 on 20 just dropped to the bottom of my list. The whole reason I bought XM was because I was tired of stupid morning shows. I want music, not talk radio. If I wanted to listen to talk, I have AM. If I want a mix of talk and music, I have FM. XM was all about music. I may not renew my subscription.

I'm not happy with all the talk on the so called “music channels”. Play the music and shut your hole. And now we get 17 CHANNELS to cover the first 1/2 white presidential inauguration, aren't we so lucky. Very unhappy with the merger.

I think they are on a loop? They were talking about talking on the phone and taking a dump at 8 am or so. I tuned in again and the dump talk was still going on. I think it was a replay. They played an Austin Powers clip. I hope they are not the type to do the same bit at different times...

Can you say Jocktober?

You don't know how long I've been waiting to rant about this!

Why in the hell do they have a morning zoo show on satellite radio?! I can tune to any Top 40 station in any city and get the same thing. What a stupid idea!

I turned it back on. They make "The View" seem like "Meet The Press!" Some of the most insufferable, trifling, absolutely frivolous bullshit being spewed from the mouths of retards that this subscriber has ever heard! It made me nauseous, and I thought I was going to heave!

What a pathetic situation; this is what we get for all the great ideas we submit for free for this companies perusal. What can we expect next, an afternoon talk show with Miley Cyrus? It just keeps getting worse.

It's the Teletubbies out of costume. Please no more banter, just play the damn music.

I want to express my extreme displeasure with the recent format change to XM Channel 20. The addition of a morning disc jockey format is something I can listen to for free on any FM channel. Hence why I chose to pay for satellite radio. If I wanted talk radio, XM offers many diverse channels for just such the need. I have found myself not wanting to listen to my favorite channel as much lately. Juvenile and adolescent behavior on the radio is an extreme deterrent to listening. Channel 20 is suppose to be the listners top 20 hits, not a bunch of non descript FM radio dropouts. Please loose the new format before XM/Sirius gets lost.

Worst mistake ever in my opinion. Won't be much longer till I cancel this stuff.

Has there been one positive, supportive comment of the Morning Mashup? Looks like it's almost 100% negative.

There's a reason for that. I don't know how Sirius XM management allow these blathering morons to continue. Save 12.95 a month and listen to terrestrial if you like this crap. I have Sirius, listen to channel 1 on the weekends when they're not on.


I think you people complain to much. Really.

Im a fan of the morning mash up and im glad their now on 20on20. Now since im going to switch to XM since im losing Pop2K and Cinemagic on Sirius, this would make switching a bit better.

Executives from Sirius really need to be reading this blog. It seems like the subscribers know more about running this company than they do.

No, we don't complain too much. Many of us have been with XM since the start. I've been a subscriber since August of 2002. A couple of years later, I subscribed to Sirius and I did not care for it. The content, personality, and technology were as different as night and day. XM had a great thing going.

Then, after Howard moved to Sirius, XM started to slowly go down hill in a desperate attempt to stay ahead of Sirius in terms of subscriber numbers.

XM has morphed into Sirius and only the original XMers can see this. Sirius subscribers, programmers, and managers don't understand what we're complaining about because they are completely blind to what has happened. They lack the ability. They want to appeal to the masses and they think the masses want FM style radio. They are wrong; they have lost a lot of subscribers because of it; and they will continue to lose more subscribers as they make more of these changes.

So we complain because we are bitter. We used to have a great thing and we would tell everyone we knew how awesome it was. It's not awesome any more, and those of us who are sticking around will complain in desperate hopes that someone important will hear us and make things right.

No thanks. I'll stick with O&A. If I want to listen to mindless hack drivel, I'll turn on a terrestrial morning show. I'm not paying to listen to that kind of crap.

Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon 'that this show sucks'. All I hear is former Xmers going blah, blah , blah.

You have to give it a chance - it really makes my day easier listening to the mashup.

If you want only music - tune to a different station between 6am - 12am EST.

It's a refreshing change (still commercial-free).


Give it a chance? Are you serious???!!! I tried to listen to this abomination, but after a couple of minutes I felt physically ill. The only refreshing change I noticed was when I turned this idiotic channel off!

You need to get your head examined, because if you think this crap is entertaining, you have some psychological issues - and you need professional help!

I am glad that the MMU is on 20 on 20, more steps in the right direction.

This coming from an XM fangirl of 7 years!

This drivel about what XM was or used to be is getting frickin old very quickly. I feel if you don't like it, drop it. I have to hack over 20 million entries about reminicing of what XM used to be and it will never be again.
At least they have been trying to listen to the subscribers by bringing back some popular channels and shows.
I finally realized this is RADIO, not a jukebox. There are other services such as Slacker that satisfy this need for no talk or DJ's. Realize again people this is RADIO, hence the name of the company. If you can't handle that, leave and don't let the door hit your asses on the way out. I will continue to listen to XM regardless as for me, it beats the alternative at least where I live.

So then cancel your subscription. It should be already clear to all the XM subscribers out there that soon there probably wont even be a XM since most of the channels you guys get now are Sirius's. If you guys are gonna complain every time XM gets a change then just cancel already

Do you seriously think this is a change for the better? Alot of the subscribers did so to get away from this cookie cutter fluff. This is just more proof that the nay-sayers are right about it slowly becoming FM minus the commercials.

Why are you complaining about the fact that if you wanted to hear morning blather on your radio, you would tune to FM. Here are a few things to think about here :

1. How many people can this show reach out to? It said so already.

2. Wouldn't that draw celebrities to that show?

YES. There are people that want to be in the know about what's going on in the entertainment business, and they can listen to that show in the mornings, if they are continually able to pull in guests to the show, and they will be, and have been.

Get over it.

I HATE THIS SHOW!!!! I don't want to hear talk on this show...just music!

I called to cancel my subscription in November, but they suggested I stick around for one more year at half price instead. Seemed like a good deal, so I took it. I don't complain to them every time they make a change, but it's my right as a customer and stock holder to complain to them, and I'll do that when they do something that I don't feel is right.

If it weren't for their customers complaints, they wouldn't be bringing back chrome and backspin tomorrow.

OK Macboy, I'll be your "Huckleberry". See, most of us who have actually been around SATRAD for more than five years, know what a good thing it was. Since the merger, we now have an attempt by a handful of corporate-types with dollars in their eyes, to make it into the very thing customers were trying to avoid in the first place: "nationalized" terrestrial radio. Things like standardized play-lists, music dumbed down to one or two genres that would appeal to the masses, and brain-dead DJ/Hosts that have the collective IQ's of small fur-bearing mammals, blathering on and on endlessly.
As a plank owner, so to speak, in BOTH companies; I have a right to complain about the shitty service we are now receiving (literally and figuratively). Sirius XM is the poster-child for all that is wrong with corporate America.
Sure, it would be really easy to just cancel my subscription, but that's not going to solve the real problem now is it?

these hacks are awful.. definitely jock-tober worthy.

regardless thank God for backspin tommorow ....hope they make it more xm the rhyme then old backspin....(MORE 90's HIP-HOP (not hatin' on 80's hip-hop), more mix shows and MORE B_SIDES)....

And what is the real problem? That you no longer like the programming your getting. So how about this, you STOP paying for what you don't want, and us Sirius subscribers (or some of the XMers out there that don't bitch and moan over everything) can continue to enjoy what we pay for.

Ever since the merger, every single time there is a change all the XMers start crying. "I want this back, I want that back. Sirius programming sucks, the sound quality sucks. I don't wanna hear DJs I WANT MUSIC" but meanwhile your still paying for it. If you think everything is so bad, buy a iPod. Get a Slacker. Use internet radio. Do something useful instead of coming here and bitching.

PS. Did you notice 20 on 20 has the WHATCHUWANT?'s now. I have a feeling 20 on 20 is gonna be replaced to something like Sirius XM Hits 1.

WHATCHUWANT... Sirius is so stupid, they can't even spell. I didn't notice that was on 20 on 20 because I haven't listened to it since last week. And I did stop paying for what I don't want. I get Sirius for free in my truck, and the $77/12 month XM subscription was paid for back in November in my car.

The morning mashup is the worst thing I have hear since IMUS. Please XM, TAKE THEM OFF and bring back our music - wouldn't it be a lot cheaper to get rid of ALL the DJs that seem to be popping up on all the channels since the merger???

The Morning Trash Up is an example of just how much this company cares about its subscribers; they don't care one single solitary bit, and I don't have much faith that they are going to care anytime soon!




Alright so I gave these guys a week to prove them selves. I'm so annoyed with this CRAP, if they don't return Priestly to his original timeslot, my 4 radios are all getting turned off. He was the perfect way to start my day, information that was short and sweet to the point, entertaining and genuine I don't care if they charge me for cancelling. Sirius XM SUCKS...way to kill a wonderful service.



Yeah, I agree. It was a great station before these dumb butts took over.

I agree!! This station use to be a great station. Until these dumb butts took over!! (that's me being nice)

WHY would SXM do this? These people are the absolute worst ever!!! They are not funny. They are not even entertaining. They have actually ruined my SXM service.
I am very thankful for my iPod and after 5 years of being an XM customer - today I quit. $20 back in my pocket = 20 songs to buy on iTunes. At least my iPod doesn't ruin my music with useless chatter.

20 on 20 was the station I listened to nonstop in the car and it didn't bother me that I heard the same songs over and over but if I wanted to listen to radio DJ crap I would just listen to the radio. I hate it and have to find a new morning station !!!

Everytime I those idiots come on I switch the channel to Pop2K.

"Then, after Howard moved to Sirius, XM started to slowly go down hill in a desperate attempt to stay ahead of Sirius in terms of subscriber numbers."

So, they changed to get subscribers ... and this was down hill?

Yeah, you DO complain too much. Lots of Pop channels. Don't like it? Switch to a different during that time slot. It's just 20 pop songs over and over again anyway. You can hear Britney's Womanizer a couple of times on your drive home.

You are missing the point. 20 on 20 is a MUSIC station. If they want to put this garbage morning mash up on, put it on a TALK channel.

ditto john! HORRIBLE

If I wanted to listen to talk radio I would tune in to my local stations, stick to music!

I like the Morning Mash-up.
Stop fucking complaining about it.
Just don't listen to it & that will be the end of it.

agreed bud what is this we pay money so we dont have to listen to people like you talk forver its fucking boring and i dont care how someones relationship is going...:) if i wanna know about that ill watch dr.phil stick to what we pay for thank you so much that wouold be just splended!!

take all these messages of anger and irritation into consideration we are the ones that hold your job by paying to listen.

haha me to! pointless and boring just simply pointless and boringgg and a waste of money stop talking we dont care your not interesting the music we paid to listen to theressss something interesting! ...oh but i guess thats why..we paid for it right..not to listen to you rant!!

haha me to! retardede just simply retarted and a waste of money stop talking we dont care

I think most of these useless djs need to be fired...honestly we don't need mindless blather & comments every few minutes from a DJ. Almost as bad as listening to commercials. Hire a few good music programmers to control the channels and get rid of the commercialized format that satellite radio is tuning into. What the hell is wrong with just playing some good tunes without the BS. I can hear that talk crap on any local station here in NY.

What is so hard to understand about that Sirius/XM?

Please change your platform Sirius/XM.

hmm still a morning mash up not impressed not one bit...not one bit..

It was nice to have XM 20 BEFORE the merger. The "Mash-up" crew are anything but funny. I pay money to XM for MUSIC - not insolent dolts and their proclivities towards stupidity.

Years ago this was the best station. Now after this merger it is by far the worst. I tried listening to it on the way to work and then realized within two hours I was hearing the same rambling over again. Yesterday it wasn't even these idiots it was all rap in the morning. Even in the afternoons you have to listen to some idiot DJ ramble on about something or some "live" crap like that thing they did with Katie Perry this past week. What the hell when did this become "MTV Unplugged"? Stop messing with it. For Christ's sake it is like when coke changed it's formula, remember that bomb. I am seriously ready to cancel my XM account at this point. Thanks Sirus for ruining a good thing!

Years ago this was the best station. Now after this merger it is by far the worst. I tried listening to it on the way to work and then realized within two hours I was hearing the same rambling over again. Yesterday it wasn't even these idiots it was all rap in the morning. Even in the afternoons you have to listen to some idiot DJ ramble on about something or some "live" crap like that thing they did with Katie Perry this past week. What the hell when did this become "MTV Unplugged"? Stop messing with it. For Christ's sake it is like when coke changed it's formula, remember that bomb. I am seriously ready to cancel my XM account at this point. Thanks Sirus for ruining a good thing!

This show is awful, the worst possible morning show. Their material is severly not funny and the only reason i nautiously listen is for the music.

I love the morning mash up. i listen to them through Direct TV every morning while getting ready. They are always having fun and in a good mood and that makes me a happy person in the morning and for the rest of the day, instead of being crabby and thinking like a regular teenager how much i hate school and people. They play the coolest music and they are so much fun to listen to. Thank you Morning Mash Up for making every morning of mine wonderful.

I actually enjoy them. They talk about just anything they want to talk about and nothing serious. Life is too seriously as it is!
Thanks guys for making radio fun!

I think that some talk in the morning is ok, but why do they have 4 people on? 2 would be fine. Half the time I don't know who is talking.

These guys are the worst. Nicole "Biggins (who is a slut with a big nose) and everyone else sucks. I'm almost positive that Ryan is a fag and Rich is the dumbest person I've ever listened to. I'm about to cancel my membership b/c these guys suck. Play some more miley cyrus and the other shitty 16 year olds...

Wow. Hope Chris cancelled his XM subscription. I wonder how he would do going on the radio and speaking to millions of people and keep them entertained. But you can't make every1 happy. They will talk about you if you get in the boat and they will talk about you if you get out. Part of the entertainment game. I enjoy and will continue to listen to the MMU crew. Take care and happy holidays.

I can't beleive enough people haven't complained to xm to get rid of the talk on the MUSIC channels. it makes me want to punch the radio when they get on there and start all the blah blah blah and i have to start searching for something else to listen to... and I also can't believe i'm paying for this... I keep thinking they will put things back the way they were before sirius screwed up xm.

I HATE, HATE, HATE the Morning Mash up! The whole reason I went to satelitte radio was to get rid of mindless DJ banner and commericals. Why should I pay to hear this ignorant crap! I've paid mucho $$$s including an expensive headphone antenna to be able to hear 20 on 20 as I jog in the mornings. the Morning Mash idiots blabber-mouths sucks big time! Get them off my favorite station or I'll cancel my subscription.

To the management of Sirius, putting DJ’s and a morning show on your “20on20” station is not a good idea and will probably cost you customers. As the people responsible for the growth of your business and increasing sales of your product, trying new things is important and the idea of creating a morning show with DJ’s was worth a try (you never know how your customers will react). However, you’re forgetting what your customer base is looking for. I won’t speak for anyone else, but I’m looking for “MUSIC”, and don’t want anyone talking about celebrities and pop culture news. I just want the top songs of the day and I’ve been willing to pay you for that ……… but I won’t continue paying you if you’re giving me DJ’s. I can get that for free on my local top pop music stations. Since you put the DJ’s on 20on20, I no longer listen to it. As I drive in to work each morning, I now flip to other stations. As I flip back to 20on20, I keep getting the DJ’s and find myself getting very frustrated. I listen to it for a couple of minutes and quickly change the station (IN FRUSTRATION). I’ve always liked 20on20 and it has been the primary station on my radio at all times. I now find myself flipping back to it irregularly because I don’t enjoy it anymore. I hope you re-think your decision. It’s important to you and to us …. Your customers.

LOVE THESE GUYS!! I think they have a great dynamic and give me a chuckle while sitting in traffic, waiting to start the daily grind. Keep up the great work MMU!!

I love listening to The Morning Mashup! Fun on the 20 2o in the morning.

These guys suck so fuckin much. I hate those four losers.

The Morning Mashup is horrible. I've stopped listening to 20on20 in the morning. The crew isn't funny in the least. Their constant stupid questions to the audience about irrelevant or "canned" topics makes me cringe. If you want a "talk-show", put the Mashup on another channel. Better yet, cancel them and bring in The Mike O'Meara Show.

I fuckin' hate the morning mash-up. I guess if you like the Jonas Fags and other 16 year-old losers you'd love the mash-up. Just play the music. They are NOT funny and I would love to kick shit out of Rich

I hope they get fired soon or I'm going to cancel my Sirius.

I would rather listen to regular radio with commercials than listen to these jerk-offs.

Why the fuck would I want to hear these losers talk?

The morning mash-up crew is one of the most amateur morning radio groups I have ever heard on the air. They are not funny or original. They sound like a community access group, rather than a national satelite radio group. I have lived in cities all over the country and have never heard such elementary comedy bits or mindless noise in my life. Find a better crew. For an example, look to WPLJ in NYC or WKSS in Boston.

I 100% agree. They talk about the dumbest, most irrelevant crap I have ever heard of. This "talk show" is an insult to anyone with even a quarter of a brain. Everytime they bring up a question asking people to call in, the question makes me ask, "who the hell cares?" Unfortunately, I work out at the gym in the morning and am subjected to this crap. Get them off now!

Agreed, they are really annoying and when they do their "funny" free styles over a song, it sucks.