The mystery of i-Sirius, solved?

Monday, May 28, 2007 at 2:21 PM

Motorola FX-850PEarlier this month, the veiled FCC registration by "i-Sirius" caused many an eyebrow to be raised. Speculation had since ensued, with theories of potential products and partnerships (from an iPhone competitor, to a pending deal with Apple) began swimming around.

Luckily though, even though the FCC application asked for confidentiality, one of the test reports (PDF) apparently included a photo of the upcoming device (pictured).

And here's what we know:

  • The company is named "i-Sirius Co.,Ltd" and they're located in Seoul, Korea
  • The device will be a GSM 850/1900 phone
  • It will be branded as the Motorola FX-850P

Nothing in the test reports seem to indicate a satellite radio device. And looking at the photo, it doesn't appear that any audio controls are visible, so I would rule out any relations to Sirius here, other than the name.

[via Satellite Radio TechWorld]



Is that the ReGo I heard it was comming out soon. Looks cool if you ask me.

Man that doesn't look like any cell phone. Thanks for pointing out that pic. I missed that. I thought maybe i-Sirius would be a replacement for iRadio from Motorola. But that ain't no cell phone.

well 2 bad cause its smaller tham a serious unit

It is a cell phone. It's a desktop cell phone. Other companies sell them too.

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