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The NBA on XM Satellite Radio

NBA on XMWhen Sirius XM Radio Inc. first announced the full lineup for the Best of packages, a lot of readers noticed that the NBA was to be part of the Best of XM service. So what gives?

Well, apparently Sirius and the NBA parted ways, and the basketball league will now become part of the base package for XM subscribers. XM now has a teaser page up touting live play-by-play games "all season long and through the NBA Finals."

And as we learned yesterday, the company is doing what it can to make the NBA games available to both services, by offering the NBA on the Best of XM package now.

This is pretty much the same situation as when XM lost NASCAR to Sirius, but now it's back through the Best of Sirius service. Instead of needing to pay an extra $13 a month (plus new equipment), the programming is available for $4/month.

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Who cares if you say Nascar is not on XM anymore and now on Sirius or the NBA is not on Sirius anymore and now on XM. It's all one company now (good or bad). Yes, technically, there are still two separate services that you can sign up for but it's still one company now.

Ok I can see why they did that then I am just hoping that because it's almost the end of the baseball season thats why MLB isn't a part of it cause that really has to be the "Best" of XM probably one of their most popular channels.

I hope next spring will bring MLB to my sirius radio in some sort of fashion

Nascar on the radio is the" worst of" content. Vroom. Vroom. Vroom.

I love reading half a news piece ...

Please fix this !!!

So why would anyone still want Sirius? With XM plus Sirius, you get NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Nascar, Howard Stern, Playboy Radio, Opie and Anthony and the rest of the XM lineup.

Are they trying to phase out Sirius?



XM has three of the major sports now . I'd say the XM subscribers are getting the better deal .

and i am sure this is coming from someone who listens to oprah and friends.

Although this is great news for NBA fans, one question does come to mind. Where is the additional bandwith going to come from to air the NBA games? Has anyone else thought about that? Could we lose channels we already have to make room for it?

So Ryan ,

No mention of the NHL season starting tomorrow , or the baseball playoffs ?

I too occasionally get the stories cut off but if you hit the "Home" tab at the top of the page several times, it will correct the problem. Kind of annoying to have to do this but it's a temporary work around until the problem is fixed.

Baseball is going to end in three weeks and that is about the time that the NBA is going to start up. So maybe bandwidth won't be a problem.

Usually when games are aired they put them on various channels that normally don't have live programming during the game. When NFL games are on Sirius they air them on Bloomberg, CNBC, Indie Talk, Roaddog Trucking, Traffic channels, etc. So it's not like they need additional bandwidth they just put them on existing channels.

This how the merger starts to stick it to subscribers. For the past four years as Sirius subscriber I received the NFL, NBA and SEC college sports which is what I like. Now unless I upgrade, I no longer get SEC games or the NBA. What a load of crap!

If I am reading this right, it seems like you would be missing the NBA on sirius even if there wasnt a merger so instead of having to pay another 13 a month if you wanted NBA you only have to pay 4 more now...

Screwed br Sirius - I agree. I am a big NBA fan, and now I have to pay more for what used to be part of my plan! If anything, channels should be added to what we have, not eliminated. Give less and charge more - just like what everybody else does to the American consumer these days. If they keep screwing with the subscribers and treating them like shit, the day of reckoning will soon be at hand; CANCELLATIONS ! Don't bite the hand that feeds you, Sirius. You too XM. (It still seems like two seperate companies to me). You will see CHURN like you never imagined !!!

Yes, Sirius customers are getting screwed, the NBA is being taken away and we are charged $4 more if you want it back, and I was told today by Sirius that I can't get it because I have a sportster that I purchased just months before Howard started on Sirius, so now because of the merger I have to pay $4 more a month and upgrade my equipment, I told the rep I will wait till March when XM baseball may be available to us and then I will upgrade my equipment so I won't have to do again next month. We are getting ripped off at Sirius, so much for the merger?