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The official verdict on Howard Stern re-signing with Sirius XM

Howard Stern
...will be announced prior to November. That's when the Sirius XM Radio Inc. third quarter earnings call will occur, and when Mel Karmazin is hoping to have an announcement about Howard Stern's contract.

But with a timeline now put in place, what does that mean?
There's a lot of things it means, actually.

First off, understand that they waited until the end of the earnings call this morning to mention Stern. That's key. They were likely hoping that his contract negotiations would come up during the Q&A session, but it didn't - and so they offered the information themselves.

"There is one more question from inside the room. Scott Greenstein asked what about Howard Stern, so I thought I would take the opportunity to answer that one," said Mel Karmazin.

"We hope that prior to the third quarter earnings call, we will be able to have an announcement as to what is going on with Howard."

Offering up the information in itself is significant.

Because it means that Sirius XM's contract talks with Howard Stern have advanced to the point that Mel Karmazin is willing to put a timeline on it. If he wasn't confident about that timeline, they would never have brought it up.

Timing is also key.

Howard Stern re-signing within Sirius XM will be top of mind for every investor during the Q3 earnings call, and they know that. So Sirius XM and Howard Stern are likely already well into the conversation and will have settled on the contract negotiations with more than enough time to prepare for a positive announcement by that call.

There's no way, in my opinion, that Howard Stern will not renew his contract with Sirius XM. Mark my words, it's going to happen.


I do agree he will continue on Satellite Radio perhaps with a slightly different deal. Then the second wave of his fans that never came over the first time will increase the subscriber numbers for sirius xm. If he re-signs or doesn't people are getting close to truly knowing how much of an impact he has made on Satellite radio.

i hope he does also i hope they re-sign ferrall and bubba exclusively to sirius/xm if not ill go to listening to outlaw country and liquid metal in the mornings frak o & a


Damn shame, he needs to go

Ryan stated -

"Offering up the information in itself is significant.

"There's no way, in my opinion, that Howard Stern will not renew his contract with Sirius XM. Mark my words, it's going to happen."


Agreed. Like the theory. Just please tell them to put Howard on my Droid. Thanks!

Why is there a picture of an old woman with her horse accompanying this article?

My feeling is Howard will re-up his contract, though likely for not as much money. His purported return to terrestrial is not going to happen; changes to that side of the business do not make it much of a go for him.

Add to it, Howard will not have to alter his show, unless he chooses to. Which means he can say whatever he likes, and not have to worry about anyone complaining over it.

It likely will be another five-year deal, and Howard will keep the four-day workweek. Beyond that, changes to the show will be his decision.

Howard Stern needs to be offered as a super premium service. I have a two lifetime subs to Sirius and got more than my money back with Howard Stern for 5 years. In order to get more of the great Howard Stern I should be required to pay extra for that privilege. Indeed everyone should be required to pay for his presence, he really is just that good.

What a waste of money for such a foul-mouthed fool.

Wow there was a time where I would have cared, one way or the other. Now I just don't. I don't listen to Howard so it makes no difference to me either way whether he stays or goes. Before the merger I was so passionate about XM and would get so excited when new equipment would be released, new programming announced, etc. I had multiple subs, now just one. At this point I have XM solely for Opie and Anthony (yeah I know I am a loser, cunt). The music channels are so empty, the original programming stale, and the DJs awful. If Opie and Anthony left XM I am pretty sure that I'd drop it immediately.

Satellite radio still beats FM since there are no commercials, but I just don't feel passionate about it any more. I suppose I'd miss it if was gone, but I think I'd get over it quickly. The audio quality is worse than ever. Talk channels like SiriusXM Stars and SiriusXM Stars TOO sound so thin and robotic. The next new technology they are going to offer won't be available until the end of next year. Sirius/XM 2.0 - WTF is that and why should I care? Why bother teasing something that won't be available for over a year especially when you aren't going to reveal anything specific about it?

My concern about Howard would be that if the company puts EVERYTHING into him again, they'll be no money left to improve the other programming. If they are making money now then why would they bother making any changes. From a business standpoint, that makes perfect sense I suppose.

If Howard does not re-sign, would Sirius/XM go under? No way to know until that happens. Whatever.

Approved Response for Howard Stern Contract Status Questions
LCRs may receive questions from Subscribers regarding Howard Stern's contract status. Please use the included approved statement to respond.

Subscribers may have questions regarding Howard Stern's contract status after 2010. You may hear questions such as:

"Is Howard Stern's contract ending in 2010?"
"Will Howard Stern still be on SIRIUS XM after 2010?"
"I heard that Howard Stern will no longer be on SIRIUS XM after 2010, is this true?"
LCR Role:

LCRs should not speculate or create their own answer.
LCRs should ONLY use the following statement in response to questions about the status of Howard Stern's contract:
"Currently we have no comment or information about the status of Howard Stern's contract"

sorry howard still has dial up, he does not know what this droid is.

I hope he stays. It's the reason why I got satellite years ago. If he left I would still keep my subscription, because I love everything else that I can listen to after 10:30am. But it wouldn't be the same without him. And if he moves to another delivery service (internet radio, whatever) it means I have to forgo my satellite until 10:30am every day, jumping around to listen to what I want. Just keep him on Sirius.

Howard stern is a has been his show is the same as all the other radio shows but the only add in is cursing.
He is just a money sucking JEW get him off and done.

They should let him go and put all of their eggs in the O n A basket. They're much better!

Oh wait, didn't they try that on terrestrial radio when Stern left? How did that work out?


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I don't care if you don't like Stern, but being anti-semite makes you just sound STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

Stern will be back... maybe a lighter schedule, maybe less money but he'll be back. Not so sure about Bubba. Sirius-XM just doesn't seem to care if he is there or not. Stern always seems to swoop in and save the day at the 11th hour but it might be too late this time. Hope I'm wrong...

I really hope Stern Re-Signs. He is the best thing satellite radio has to offer. There's many better options out there to get music, most are free.

He is not relivent anymore, a whinning overpaid crybaby. What would Robin Quivers do? Howard should should retire, he gave us years of great stuff.



I had two Sirius subs and ended up canceling both of them. Howard Stern abdicated his throne as King of All Media and has basically been phoning it in since about three months into the Sirius/retirement phase of his career.

How someone like Howard Stern could turn his back on his own show and his fans remains beyond my comprehension.

Jesus Christ, he looks dumber than I do in my cowboy outfit and speaking of cowboys, what's he doing posing with my horse?

Like some other posters, I think he'll probably stay, if for no other reason than at this point in his career, Stern probably would rather take the huge money and freedom he has on Sirius rather than having to start rebuilding his terrestrial presence.

A few comments regarding other posts:

-Six million subscribers due to Stern? How do you figure that, when his ratings are nowhere near suggestive of that number. I would estimate that fewer than one million subscribers would leave if he left. A significant number, for certain, but not six million by any means.

-The "second wave" of his fans will come when Stern re-ups his contract? I doubt it. What have they been waiting for? He's been on satellite radio for more than four years, so what have they been waiting for. Moreover, with Sirius XM's near-exclusive focus on car radio installations as opposed to retail radios, how many people actually buy satellite radio for one certain personality or channel? I think something much nearer to the opposite of this "second wave" hypothesis is more likely: Sirius's big subscription boost from Stern has come and gone, and now he represents a dilemma: Keep him at his stifling salary, or let him go and risk losing subscribers.

-Offer Stern as a "super premium" extra cost service? I agree. Let the people who want to hear him pay for him. Charge $4 a month (or whatever) extra for him, and just give Stern all the money he generates. Let him promote his own show, recruit subscribers, and use Sirius simply as a delivery method. Stop making the vast majority of satellite radio listeners who do not listen to Howard Stern subsidize his salary.


who wants to listen to an old, cuckold whipped curmudgeon who desperately wants his gold digging, star crazed money hungry wife anyway?

"We both have hats!"

Nobody knows for sure what he's going to do.
Will he continue for a few more or just go away with his beautiful wife and buckets of cash.
She is hot she she ways heavy on his decision.
If it were me I'd go home and enjoy the wife and money. You know when they tried to replace Howard on terrestrial radio they all crashed and burned worse than the Hindenburg. If Sirius has that in mind they will crash and go under.
Howard isn't what he once was but how many of us over 55 are? He's still the best interview in entertainment bar none.
He is the Flagship and every single station he used to be on are all so low in the ratings as to barely make it above 20th.
Weather you like his style of humor or not he is still only near par with one person, Rush!

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Whaaaaaaaa.... No more Sirius for HS
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I originaly signed up 5 years ago due to Howard joining Sirius but cancelled my subscripions a year ago due to the price increase and to Howard loosing his edge. He should have retired when he was on top of his game. Listening to Robin was like finger nails on a chalk board. The show would have been better if she just kept her trap shut. I also got tired of that butt kissing horse toothed jack ass Bababooey butting in all the time. There where a couple of times when the show was really good when Robin was out sick and Bababooey was on vacation and it was just Howard, Fred and Artie when he was at his best and not all messed up on herion. His show had become the same thing over and over again.
In the past year Sirius has sent me letters begging me to come back, even lowering the price to $72.00 a year, no activation fee and a free new radio.
I wish Howard all the best and wish he would just retire and enjoy his life as he has all the money he will ever need.

I stumbled across Howard about 15 years ago, while channel surfing. I listened for a few minutes to hear that he was the most creative guy in radio and that most everyone in in the business was plagiarizing his intellectual property. I wondered, why had I never heard of this guy. So I continued to listen for a few days. I thought that his rant about everyone ripping him off was a response to something that just happened. So I waited and waited for him to drop the rant and give up some of his creative genius. I am embarrassed to say that I dialed him in for about two weeks before realizing that he is a one trick pony. Fast forward 15 years. Howard makes his killer deal with Sirius, Sirius takes over XM, I hear Howard on XM. Same old Howard, the one trick pony.

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Howard Stern is the greatest Morning Radio Show ever. Howard TV is the only thing to top that. Some people just don't get it. Even the several Hollywood Stars listen to him religiously every day. Why? Because he's the cool thing to listen to in the mornings. Period. Still waiting for Howard Stern on my Android based phone.