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The Players Championship on XM

The Players ChampionshipOne of the most coveted titles in golf is The Players Championship - with its winners ranging from golf's most famous player, Tiger Woods (pictured) to one of its least known, Craig Perks, (ranked 1,253th).

XM will broadcast The Players, Thursday May 8th - Saturday May 11th, live from the Players Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass in the ridiculously beautiful town of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  Pre-tournament coverage begins Tuesday, May 6 on the PGA TOUR Network (ch 146).

The world's best golfers will compete on one of the world's toughest courses, labeled as an architectural marvel and "a golfing monstrosity" with its giant mounds and railroad ties. The Players Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass also boasts the most famous hole in golf: The 17th hole, known simply as the "Island Green" with a great reputation for sending golf balls into the water.

XM will have two channels devoted The Players: the PGA TOUR Network for the overall event, and a second channel - XM channel 148 - devoted solely to the 17th hole, taking the audio from the popular web page "Live @ THE PLAYERS."

And yes, sports fans, Marie's crew will be there. XM's fan enhancement program will be in full effect, handing out portable XM radios to spectators to use for the day, and selling radios, too.


It took me a while, but I now understanding watching golf on TV. I don't do it, but I do understand why some people might. But listening to golf on the radio, I may never get that.

clap, clap, clap

I thought golf on the radio was a joke. But when the Masters was on, Bloomberg radio actually pre-empted post market coverage to broadcast it. I couldn't believe it- the financial channel of record pre-empting coverage for a golf match. Apparently, it sells.

Saying The Players Championship is one of the most coveted titles in golf is kind of a stretch. Just because you invite players from around the world doesn't make it a great tournament. In addition to the Majors, I would place the Memorial title as more coveted. Falling just a couple of weeks after the Masters doesn't help its lack of prestige.

Now don't get all upset Ryan, but this post is up there with your post about the regular season contest between Duke and North Carolina...

rjr --
The field at the Players is the best by a mile. Sports freaking Illustrated put out an extra edition this week devoted solely to the Players. It's not called the "fifth major" for nothing.

Craig Perks should be a great addition to XM. Great guy, good golfer, good radio voice. He has many loyal fans. We WILL be listening.

Doug (a loyal fan)