United's New First Class Suite with XM

Monday, December 18, 2006 at 2:15 PM
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United First Class with XM
United Airlines has a new upgrade to their first class suite for their international widebody fleet. The new "United First Suite" reclines in multiple angles and lays down to a totally flat 6-foot, 6-inch bed. But that's only where the goodness begins.

Each suite has a 15.4-inch widescreen flat panel monitor with digital on-demand video and music with different selections of movies, TV and video games. United also will offer 50 channels of XM-branded audio content, providing more than 3,000 songs and a jukebox to create customized play lists.

Other items in the new United First Suite include a 110-volt universal plug for laptop power (compatible with power outlets for 145 countries), a USB port, a set of noise-canceling headphones, an iPod connector, and multiple storage compartments to for your laptop bag and other personal items.

Check out another photo of this thing after the jump...


United First Class 

You'll start to see these new First Suites in the fourth quarter of 2007, and eventually in all of their 97-aircraft widebody international fleet.





forget flying, I want one of these in my bedroom.

This too will bring in 154 subscriptions.

blah, blah, airplanes, CFBE, Parsons, blah, blah, RIAA, blah, nate, blah, blah, reduce guidenace, blah, blah, Oprah, blah, blah.

Pockpie you are a douche. Reduce guidance? I could ski down Sirius's stock slide.

Good point PFreak. I would rather ski down Sirius' stock slide too! You wouldn't want to ski down the stock slide XM has gone through in the last two years. 90 degree downslope would kill you!

And yes...Reduce guidance...TWICE!!!

So caught up on Sirius reducing recently, everyone seems ot forget XM did it twice this year.

The suite is nice, too bad for the only problem xm.....

MarkS, I totally agree with you on that one...lol...or my living room...with a seperate one for the kids...lol...and as for the other comments posted here, aahhh, so what...we either like XM or Sirius...who cares about all that other BS...I sure as hell aint losing any sleep or breath over it. Personally, Ive tried XM and Sirius...I just prefer Sirius...and Im not a Stern fan...have a nice day :)

Yea this think is pretty sweet though. Answer if you are not biased to one company please...

1) How low you think Sirius stock will go and how high you think it will eventually go.

2) What about XM

3) And why doesnt Eminem do some kind of marketing and advertising for his channel. Hip Hop culture is very easily influenced. Maybe Sirius should bring in Jay-Z. He is well respected and a much better business man.

2 things:

1) I find it funny how two months ago all the SIRI fans were bragging that XMSR was down 50%+ over the past year and SIRI was only down 45% and now all of a sudden its, "well, look at the last two years... XM is worse" Shut up.

2) Dave I could not agree more with you on the Jay-Z thing. If either company could sign him it might actually make a difference unlike Snoop or Eminem's influences. (although i do enjoy welcome to da church)

Now all this thing needs is a built-in toilet and you would never have to leave your seat...


You have to dig back two years to comment poorly on XM. Fact is they had a pretty good year. Their stock's up and rated a solid buy and they're close to turning a profit. Sirius on the other hand is stuck sliding further back, nowhere near profitability with their stock rated junk.

pfreak, why is sirius' stock so low? i'm not looking for an insult, but a serious answer because i haven't done the research to know why. i thought both were spending way too much, i guess sirius is spending that much more? stern can't be the reason because of what he has brought sirius. do you think they are spending too much on new technology? xm went from around 12 a share to almost 16 in a few months and sirius has stayed in the high 3's.

-Xm had a head start and already faced problems Sirius has not.

-XM has a better image in the traders perspective.

-Sirius has another 2 years of debt, XM will be coming out of debt and making money soon.

-Sirius has alot more shares outstanding.

But people feel Sirius is a better service mainly because of its content. Thats why so many stick by it

Singapore Airlines First Class has a 35-inch leather seat width that can turn into a bed.

A 23-inch LCD monitor with surround sound.

Amenity kit from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Business panel equipped with USB ports, an in- seat, adaptor-free, power supply and new active noise reduction headsets. Also including inflight office application software.

Furnishings designed by fashion house, Givenchy.

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