Video: Sirius makes Countdown's "Worst Person"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at 3:08 PM

Ah there's nothing like political controversy to get your name in the media. Especially when it's something like a channel name that is causing the uproar.

Watch the video below to see where Sirius ranked in yesterday's Countdown with Keith Olbermann "Worst Person" segment:

[via Crooks and Liers]
Thanks Kevin!



Well, that was dumb,Sirius should be in the worst column.

Ha ha, funny man. Go back to reading sports scores you fucking hack.

Luckily Olbermann has pretty much the lowest ratings in all of news so nobody was watching anyway...

What does fascism mean?

LOL Spot On!

It must of been a slow news day, Keith is an asshole anyway...

Hooray, this site now has a 3rd category of trolls.

>> Hooray, this site now has a 3rd category of trolls.

if it pisses you off enough to write a fucking lame comment like your above example, why not come up with an intelligent response to combat the trollness you so despise?

Holy shit my brilliance is amazing.

He must have received the talking points. When did this name change happen again????? If KO and other far-lefties actually paid attention to talk radio, they would have noticed it when the change happened.

Oberman gets my vote for worst person. The lefty blogs got fired up over the weekend, he obviously gets his show content from them. I saw his rant last week comparing bush to nixon, it was way more wacked out then the stuff the rightwing nut jobs used to say about clinton. I'm ok with renaming patriot "facism" if they rename left "communist".

As much as I think the Patriot/Left flap is a big pile of nothing, Olbermann is still The Man so I'll give him a pass on this one.

I like how he sticks it to right wing stupidity every night. And now that I see that some of our resident idiot 0.0 sheep don't like him... bonus! I like him even more.

Keith who??

Let's punish the people at SIRIUS Patriot for coming up with a creative channel name and dumb them down to the creativity level of SIRIUS Left.

Gee, this sounds like a typical Democrat move; similar to our public school system or the little league rules where it is un-Democrat to win and everyone has to be equal except the rule makers (Communism).

Yeah, Keith really sticks it to the right wing very night. This is a man who made a name for himself reading sports scores off a teleprompter. Why anyone would give a fuck about his opinion on anything but the score of last nights game is beyond me.

"why not come up with an intelligent response to combat the trollness you so despise? "

Hmm... should I or should I not reply to this comment? Nah...

Obermann not have all the facts? What else is new.

No one names the right channel and the left channel left.

At the beginning there were both Sirius Right and Sirius Left.

Then Sirius added Air America.

Then Sirius added a Patriot.

Air America went to XM, then down the drain.

Sirius replaced Sirius Right with Fox News Talk.

Not that the facts matter to KO and his drones.

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