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Volvo offers free Sirius on Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

2010 Volvo S80It's a recent trend we're seeing more and more of: first Mercedes and BMW, then Audi and now Volvo will be offering a 3-month free trial of Sirius Satellite Radio with every properly equipped Certified Pre-Owned vehicle sold.

The 3-month free trial offer is for the "Sirius Everything" package, and it goes into effect starting September 1st.
In addition to the offering for CPO vehicles, a 6-month trial of the "Sirius Everything" package is available on all new Sirius-equipped Volvo vehicles for Model Year 2010.

Sirius is also a standard feature on the new XC60 and S80 V8 (the Volvo S80 is pictured above).


I hate the rear of the new S80. I have an 02.

In other news just got a bill for XM. Canceling first thing tomorrow. Last thing i want is for them to auto renew my contract early. I dont ever recall signing up for auto renew by the way. Take this bill and shove it up your ass Sirius/XM/Mel/FM.

You may not miss it, I find my local FM stations to be better than the Sirius crap. This is coming from someone who was a big advocate for XM (pre-merger). It's sad what Mel has done, F-Mel!!!!

Not that it's bad to get into used cars but again, this reeks of adding parking lot subs to pad sub numbers. With all the used car deals they've announced recently, they'll probably count 1 million new subs when all are unsold used cars. Not to mention the mounting unsold new cars they already count as paying subs. Subtract all these subs and how many have they truly lost?

I agree w/themadcap, local FM is better where I live for music and I loved XM pre-merger. I couldn't tell enough people about it or buy radios for enough people. Now I'm down to one radio for O&A.

Exactly - they're bringing on more fake subscriptions to balance against all the of the paying customers who are canceling.

On another level, when I read this, I'm astonished at the abysmal marketing practiced by this company. They're telling us it's a big deal worthy of making an announcement when they decide to give someone three months of free service (total retail value of $40) when they buy a used vehicle with an OEM satellite radio? They should have been doing that all along, as well as marketing long-term subscriptions to be packed into the price of the car/monthly payments. This way, when the buyer is sitting in the dealership's F&I office signing all the papers, they would be asked, "So, did you want us to just put your satellite radio subscription into your car payment -- we can save you quite a bit of money by doing it that way." Give the dealership a percentage to encourage them to offer it.

Hyundai and Volkswagen also

While it's a slow time here at Orbitcast, how about this debate:

When XM offered 2 free weeks of Howard they did it when he was on vacation for one of the weeks, not to mention he didn't even do Friday the one week we did get the show.

Now, I get a trial of NFL on Sirius for two weeks that starts in the preseason and ends after the first weekend of the regular season. Why not begin the first week of the season?

Who makes these decisions and does anyone else see them as asinine?

Maybe their theory is "less is more" -- don't give the people much for free, so they still want more when the preview ends. But I agree with you that it's a dumb way to go. When HBO and the other movie channels have free preview weekends, they load the schedule with every decent movie that's been on there for the past year. Logic says you want to put your best foot forward, but I don't think logic plays a big role in most of what Sirius XM does.

And, over the last two months or so, Sirius XM has started to look ever more irrelevant. In the months following the "channel merger," I was like a stray dog that might keep returning to a house where a family once fed it -- even though the family has since moved away. The XM radios I have still look the same, and a few of the channels even have the same names, but the friendly family is gone, and I'm visiting less and less.

As you said in a previous post, terrestrial radio now has better programming in many genres, and I'd rather listen to some commercials than suffer through the monotonous playlists and grating announcing on so many of the Sirius channels. Right now I have not listened to satellite radio for over a week, and I can't see continuing to pay for it when my "incentive" free period ends next month.

Asinine would be an apt description, for sure. Some others: detatched, disinterested, indifferent, passive, aloof, arrogant, disloyal, stupid, incompetent, inept.... and completely RETARDED and DYSFUNCTIONAL !

Everytime an opportunity stares them right in the face, these idiots refuse to take advantage of it. My question is this: Why is this company afraid to succeed? I have some advice for these morons, but of course they will choose to ignore it... just like they have ignored all the other GREAT ADVICE FROM THE SUBSCRIBERS for the past three years plus.

Nothing earth shaking here, but it is the answer: 1. Tweak the programming to restore it to pre merger quality. It has gotten so bad, people are starting to return to FM - I have an FM rock station in my area that is programmed better than any rock channel on Sirius/XM. 2. Lower the prices like you PROMISED YOU WOULD and get rid of all the bullshit packages/price plans. Simple = better. 3. Accept and embrace - even though it contradicts your business plan and the essence of everything you believe - the idea that the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT. Listen to what we have to say. We are paying you to SERVE US. By giving us what we want, their will be reciprocity, and you will get the one thing you need above all else. The thing that your own stupidity has denied you for many, many months now. You will get SUBSCRIBERS. Way more than you ever dreamed you could get. The reason you will get subscribers is because you finally stopped coniving and nickle and dime-ing our asses, and started giving a shit about us. The entire management of this company should be ashamed of themselves for the way they have treated their own customers. Disgraceful!

It is very simple - so simple that the geniuses that run this company just don't get it. Sirius/XM steadfastly adheres to the principle of NEVER giving the subscribers what they want, and over the past couple of years have continually offered less each month while asking for more money. People are cancelling the service because they no longer feel they are getting fair value in return for money spent. Sirius/XM knows how high they can raise prices before there is subscriber fallout, and they have decided to throw caution to the wind and surge right past the breaking point. It is pure greed!

If they would ever adopt the philosophy of actually caring about the subscribers, instead of treating us like random, ignorant chumps who are only significant because we stuff money into their pockets once a month, then the fortunes of this company would begin to reverse themselves. They have screwed us over for a long time now, and they are feeling the affects of their shit attitude and total disregard for people. If they dont change their attitude, they will never get over the hump - and it is one enormous hump. To get over this hump - they better remember one thing: giving us our monies worth will bring in subscribers. Giving us MORE THAN OUR MONIES WORTH will bring in millions of subcribers. People naturally gravitate to those who have shown loyalty. Sirius so far has shown nothing but complete disdain and repulsion towards the subscribers. It is time for a change, and they have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Is being nice.... asking for too much? It is a sad state of affairs that the question has to even be raised.

Ryan, where are you? Is it over? There has not been a post in TWO WEEKS!

Hello.... Hello.... anybody here? I want to pay my respects - where can I send flowers?