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WSJ: Clear Channel deal is near collapse

Clear Channel
Ouch, that's got to hurt. Just as Sirius and XM edge closer to finalizing their own merger, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Clear Channel Communications Inc. is having trouble closing their own.

Indeed, they're saying it's nearing a complete "collapse."

According to WSJ sources, the private equity firms behind the deal (Thomas H. Lee and Bain Capital Partners LLC) and the banks financing it have failed to resolve their differences over the terms of the credit agreement. Those banks are Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, RBS and Wachovia.

"The sponsors do not want to do this deal," said one person involved, referring to the private equity firms. "No one wants to do this deal except for the seller."

Aw shucks.

[Wall Street Journal]


Stock is down 20% in after hours.

Oh dear...

Hope these losers are partly funding iNiquity.

I have absolutely no symphony for Clear Channel. None. Their a low piece of sh!t company who profits from annoying people like you and me by drowning us with their ads and their biased messages. They can take their billboards, radio ads etc, and place them up their asses because companies like them can go to hell.
Fck them: low pieces of shit.
Go back to hell CCU asswhipes
HA 28% in one day. Fcks

ok I'm done..

I'm astonished!

The League of Radio Kickback Organizers is Outraged!

Paybacks a bitch aint it?

Paybacks a bitch aint it?

Man, talk about having a rough week!

Bain lost the Presidency and now they lost the blockage of XM/Sirius which caused the CCU deal not to look real good. Tough year for them.

Suck it, ClearCriminal.

I am astonished!

Revenge of the Dixie Chicks!

just to many old fashion stations in many operate at a profit....

It's great that a company that tried to block the merger is now introuble themselves. They tried to by-pass laws on media ownership, thinking that they are above the law, so look at them now.

Too bad they just finished their sale of the television station business to Newport Television. Now a large collection of TV stations (56 +/-) is headquartered here in Kansas City (MO). Maybe the new owners will be smart and throw the NAB membership renewal notice (and those damn return address labels) in the trash.

Slowly the Clear Channel empire falls apart like a cheap pair of shoes from Wal-Mart.