XM and MSNBC Part Ways

Monday, August 21, 2006 at 2:27 PM
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MSNBCMSNBC and XM Satellite Radio will be parting ways next month.

There's no word as to who dumped who or why the two are no longer together, only that MSNBC will no longer be on channel 130, effective September 4th.

Thanks Matt! 



I heard this on a XM promo last week and figured since no one watches MSNBC, who listenes to it either? I also wonder what CNBC's status is too?

IMUS will be Signed by Sirius.

Maybe this means I can hear Countdown on my Sirius? Yay?

i would like it if sirius could get msnbc i like watching countdown but if i'm away i could catch it on radio.

IMUS will be Signed by Sirius.

how great would that be.

This looks like a business decision to help XM get to CFBE.

They can always re-sign MSNBC in 2007/8 if needed.

Hugh Panero quit their board too. Something about XM going down the tubes.... had to pay attention to things...I didn't get it all.

Imus would never sign with Sirius, he has stated as such already. He hates Stern and he love Opie and Anthony just watch his show; he plugs Opie and Anthony a lot.

In almost 5 years, I've never listened to MSNBC.

[sarcasm]And if the I-Man goes to Sirius, he'll go to Howard 100. [/sarcasm]

It's the first move in the CBS takeover of XM...they don't want NBC programming on there.

imus has a seperate deal from MSNBC , his show was not broadcast on XM instead they replayed their early morning news . i think imus would prefer XM , being that his boys are there and that CBS already as relations with XM .

I read on another web site that supposedly,Microsoft wants to get out of the news business,and out of this partnership, and this was probably the start of things.

I didn't think Imus was rebroadcast on MSNBC. The few times that I have bothered to check, I've just heard a rerun of the news show that airs before Imus

>> I didn't think Imus was rebroadcast on MSNBC. >>

You're right - I tuned in a few mornings during an O&A commercial and always heard a news broadcast...

And if anyone doesn't think Imus would sign with XM to broadcast with O&A, you've obviously never heard the 'Brian Wilson' bit - ever.

>> [i]It's the first move in the CBS takeover of XM...they don't want NBC programming on there.[/i]

Eric, wouldn't they drop FOX support too and replace it with CBS news?

Is Imus still alive ? I thought he passed in 2004 ?

CBS isn't a 24/7 station, would be impossible to turn that into an entire channel....

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