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XM Baseball on Facebook

XM on Facebook
XM is continuing its "Bobble Yourself" campaign with an application on the social networking site Facebook.

The Facebook page highlight's XM's "Bobble Yourself" app, which allows you to build an XM baseball bobblehead, share it via e-mail, post it as your profile picture, or download it to your desktop.

You can also watch XM baseball videos on the Facebook page, and it links to the larger XM Baseball site.

Check out the XM Baseball Facebook page here.

Note: If you've been following my profile on Facebook and previously installed the app back in May, you might want to try removing/installing it again. That was an early version and it has since been updated. You can also find the Bobble Yourself app on Orbitcast's Facebook page.


I HATE facebook

I give this post until noon to turn into a HD Radio debate..

XMs campaign to their subs should be "GO FUCK YOURSELF" Thats sure what the company is doing lately.

Perhaps comments should be moderated from now on...

Perhaps comments should be moderated from now on...

Could someone please start a thread about HD Radio? I need more spam, it is currently too easy to read everyone's comments.

Thank you in advance.

Need more spam.

Request granted.

HD Digital Radio. It's here. It's local. It's free. It sucks! DISCOVER IT!

Bobble Yourself?

At this point they should just put up a page that says Kill Yourself, since that's what most investors in SatRad are about to be forced to do.