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XM Canada raises prices to match Sirius Canada's

XM CanadaXM Canada will be raising their monthly price from $12.99 to $14.99 starting on Septermber 1st. Anyone subscribing to XM Canada before September 1, 2006, will  get the $12.99 monthly rate until September 2007.

Sirius Canada's monthly subscription price has been $14.99 since their launch, however, Sirius Canada offers more channels than its competitor XM.

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XM should count 25% of XM Canada's (XM owns 25% of XM Canada) subscribers for their own. This is how telecome companies like Vodafone count for subscribers in companies they are partial owners of.

This wouldn't be that signifigant, but would add another 35-40,000 by year end, which could help avoid another guidance near-miss.

We need all the help we can get reaching 8.5 Million.

-Lord Westfall

I really don't understand the mentality - why wouldn't you want your service to be *cheaper* than the competition..?

Having it cheaoer meant two things to XM Canada...1) they lost a hellava lot of money this year, and 2) being lower priced than your competitor in a two competitor race can bring the thought that they are not as good as the competiton, that they are the poor man's choice in a luxury item category. Who wants to be the poor man? When they get to the size of cell phones and cable TV, and are no longer just luxury items, but must haves, then price can make a difference.