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XM channel changes, and Howard Stern on channel pages

Howard Stern on XM 100
The latest XM Signal email newsletter revealed some upcoming channel changes to the XM dial, and a quick glance at some of the channel pages on the XM website shows Howard Stern in the lineup.

According to the XM Signal email:
"Beginning September 30th, the following channels will relocate on the XM dial: The Joint (XM 101) moves to XM 95, Air Musique (XM 100) moves to XM 96, and Sur La Route (XM 102) moves to XM 97. Additionally, Starbucks XM Cafe (XM 45) reverts back to XM Cafe (XM 45)."
So, it's safe to assume that Howard 100 and Howard 101 will retain the same channel designations on XM Satellite Radio.

If you need further proof, check out the XM channel 100 page (pictured above), where you can see "The Howard Stern Show" in the program list. The same holds true for XM channel 101,

Now here's the cool part: both the channel 100 and 101 channel guide pages also show Howard Stern programming starting on September 30th. Yes, that's tomorrow.

Thanks Ryan!


SPECULATION: Maybe a "Best of" preview starts tomorrow?

Interesting: www.xmradio.com/howard forwards to http://xmro.xmradio.com/xstream/api/show_trial_form.jsp?trialPromoCode=HOWARD14 , for a 14 day trial on XM Radio Online, promo code HOWARD14.

is this free until 10/6 or does this require subscribers sign up in order to receive.

XM Radio has not been all that forthcoming with information...

This just shows that Howard Stern has failed over at Sirius Radio and . . . . . ack ack ack - ack-ack . . .

I'm convinced that Sirius/XM should just allow Howard Stern on XM for no additional charge. The advertising bonus would be very beneficial.

so, do Sirius subs get O&A + ron and fez (noon-three) on 202?

Can't wait to sign up for the new "family friendly" plans so 2 of my subs don't count as Howard listeners (and I'll save a few bucks each month). Glad to see he's only going to be a "premium" channel. Not good enough for the basic lineup. Old woman.

The Virus 202 will be channel 197 on Sirius. That was mentioned last week on the Ron & Fez show.

@Brian: SIRIUS has not been forthcoming about any of this, either...I haven't seen ANYTHING about where XM's "Best of" will appear. And to make channel changes and let people know less than 24 hours before they move?? That's sad...they KNEW Howard 101 was going to be on 100/101. They could have let us know WEEKS ago.

leader of the pests, let us know how that family friendly plan works out since I can not see how O & A would be part of that either.

If you look at the program guide pages for XM channels 100 and 101, you will see that the Howard 100/101 programming is all listed right there.

Can we assume that there will be some sort of free preview of the "best-of" programming on both XM and Sirius?