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XM drops Tyra, Ellen and ABC


Ellen and Tyra gone from XMXM Satellite Radio will be making various changes to their News and Talk offerings, including dropping brand-name talent like Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks, within the next two weeks.

In addition, several shows will be moving channels, and ReachMD will be changing channel location.

Set to take effect on September 24th, XM will drop ABC News & Talk from its channel lineup. Not all the programming will be lost though, as Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Bob Brinker will shift to America Right (ch 166) instead. Hannity will air weekdays from 3-6pm ET, Levin from 6-8pm ET, and Brinker will air weekends from 5-8pm ET.

As a result, Dr. Laura will make the move from America Right to Take Five (ch 155). Take 5 will lose "Satellite Sisters," "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," and "The Tyra Banks Show" - while "Broadminded" moves to a new timeslot on weekdays at noon-3pm ET.

As for channel dancing, Reach MD will move from channel 233 to its new home on channel 157.

Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks, both of whom were signed on when Take 5 was formed nearly two years ago, served as prominent images in XM's marketing. My assumption is they likely didn't get much listenership as Ellen and Tyra were simply rebroadcasts of the TV shows.

Ellen's image is still used on XM's "What's On XM" page representing the Talk & Entertainment genre.

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Hey, I liked the satellite sisters! But I won't miss the rest of the bunch. BTW, Reach MD is one of the most fascinating radio stations ever broadcast.

Don't be surprised if Sirius drops ABC News & Talk as well.

I like the move away from name-brand talent that puts little to no effort into their content. Satrad subscribers deserve to listen to people who are passionate about what they're producing.

Well im canceling my xm those were the only 3 shows I listened to on xm

Kiss my fat ass!

So What !

Smort: they ARE dropping ABC News & Talk, too. I heard the "Fall Lineup" promo this morning.

nevermind...that was on XM, and it was already announced...sorry...

From Wikipedia:

The end of the channel

As of 2007-09-24, ABC News & Talk will no longer broadcast. In a cost-cutting measure, Citadel Broadcasting will be shutting down operations of, or selling off, its satellite networks. Popular hosts Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Bob Brinker will move to new homes at America Right on XM. Sirius has yet to announce what they plan to do with the existing ABC hosts.

Saw on looking at XM's lineup page that, in addition to all this, they're adding eight moe channels for college play-by-play sports...Wonder how they'll re-divide the college sports channels then to accomodate the various conferences.

Ellen: Who needs her? Tyra? A waste of time.

This is XM trimming the proverbial "fat" (Tyra, fat, get it? elbow elbow). Guess Tyra will be stuffing herself into the forged "same bikini" with fewer polka dots on it to make her look thin to get over the bruise to her ego.

What a vain Cee U Next Tuesday.

Good riddance to bad rubbish....

Odd. Nothing in the piece (or on the XM PR page) about how the new America Right lineup completely shakes down after the Great One's show.

Bumping Michael Reagan down two hours seems the obvious choice, except that puts both his and Rusty Humphries' program on delay, possibly causing issues with the syndicator.

Consigning Reagan to overnight delay would keep Humphries live -- and also cut the odious Roy Masters down to an hour (or possibly lead him to be dropped entirely?), but would necessitate one or two one-hour programs being found somewhere to pad the empty spaces. (Or maybe produced in-house?)

Why do I get the feeling there's another shoe to be dropped somewhere soon? Dennis Miller? Phil Hendrie? Heck, maybe even Penn Jillette?

It is very disappointing to me that you have taken Ellen away from me in the morning. It was the highlight of my day. And then you add Dr. Laura?/???? What is that about? Are the Republicans buying public radio media as well? They already own most of the NEWS????? I find it interesting how conservatives complain about the media when they are the owners of most of the big networks. News is no longer news but propaganda on some channels. XM radio was the one place where you could get the truth. Of course Ellen was just a fun time in the morning. I'm very very disappointed.

Well, that's the end of Take 5. Dr. Laura, the Ann Coulter, of self help? Is this what women want to listen to? Have some battery acid with your afternoon carpools. Anyone who dispenses inane and sometimes dangerous advise should always let the listeners know in their opening bio that:
A) they fired their own mother from their radio show staff, then proceeded to estrange her only to dicover that she had died alone and was not discovered for several days. "Thou shalt honor thy parents."
B) that "I am my kid's mom" pusher of all things motherly has a very disturbed son in the US military, serving in Iraq, who has threatened to go on a personal violence binge.
"Dr. Laura" is cruel and crude. Her advise does not serve to help, but only to judge, blame, and ultimately shame."
*tip - switch to OPRAH channel 156 - channel 155 is over.

Shirley stop being a dolt. It has to do with ratings and your tastes are, well.........rare. Oh and as far as Conservatives owning the media....your right!! I mean with ABC,CBS,NBC,MSNBC,CNN,BBC etc all lefty stations it is clear that righties own the media...chuckle chuckle. Now go sit down and watch Oprah cook something and leave this board for responsible adults.