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XM (finally) makes MLB Home Plate available online


MLB Homeplate goes online!Forget the DOJ, this is truly a sign that the sky is falling:
XM will be adding the MLB Home Plate channel (ch 175) to its XM Radio Online internet radio service, starting this Saturday (March 29th).

This marks the first time that the popular baseball talk channel will be available on the internet. XM launched the channel on the sats in 2005.

The move is welcome news for Home Plate fans who have been begging XM (and posting comments on Orbitcast) about adding the channel to XM Radio Online. Combined with the fact that Play Ball will have an exclusive online presence for one day, signals that XM is finally ready to utilize one of its big draws to drive usage of its internet radio service.

And that's a great thing.

If you're already an XM subscriber, you (hopefully) already know that you can listen to XMRO for no charge. Not an XM subscriber? Grab a free, 14-day trial at xmradio.com/mlb, and remember, XM is offering new users of its online radio service an introductory rate of $2.99/month for the first six months.


Excellent! Now, here's hoping XM's next-gen portable(s) offers WiFi access to XMRO like the Stiletto's SIR access. That, along with post-merger a la carte support and more storage than the Inno, would make it a must-have for me - with no terrestrial signal near me, i need some way to listen indoors...

this is big news. very excited!

This is great news...Love XM 175 and now I can hear it online when I'm on the computer. Thank you XM.

YESSSS!!!! I can listen during work finally.


Who's the guy in the photo, btw?

Nice,but is this the end of the overnight "classic" games? MLB is notorious for keeping its proprietary online content as close to the vest as possible -- moreso when that content directly competes with a pay service the league site already provides.

But, hey, maybe XM'll just replace those games in their online stream with another rebroadcast of the previous day's Dibble and Kennedy fiasco...

I had assumed they couldn't put it online since they sometimes simulcasted live play-by-play and things of that nature. I'm kinda mad that's not the case and they've just been putting it off. Oh well, more for me to listen to at work now.

This is definitely great news. How did you find this out Ryan?