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XM getting smarter: XMU listeners refer friends for SXSW tickets


XMU SXSWA little while ago I suggested that XM and Sirius need to step up their referral programs to be more targeted (ok, I actually suggested it twice).

Instead of the broad offer of "refer a friend and get $20," I wanted to see something more vertical like "I'm a huge Stern fan, and I know you are, so sign up and I'll make $20." (You get the idea.) Additionally, I thought it would be great to have an embeddable link/widget for people to use on social networks or blogs.

And lo and behold it looks like XM was already working on such a program.

XM’s indie-rock channel XMU (ch 43) is giving listeners the chance to invite their friends to sign up for XM and get deals on XM radios. For every friend that becomes an XM subscriber before year’s end, you get an entry into the sweepstakes to win four VIP all-access passes to the South by Southwest Festival (SWSX), plus transportation and accommodations.

You can copy and paste your personalized invite link on your MySpace or Facebook page, personal web site, or a blog (if you happen to have such a ridiculous thing).

Check out xmu.experiencexm.com for the promo.

I'd still like to see a richer user experience - like a widget that gives a sampling of what XMU sounds like - but this is a step in the right direction.


XM lost my word of mouth a long time ago when Steve Kingston ruined Ethel.

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