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XM kicks off MLB season with Boston-Oakland game (in Japanese)

XM is starting off the regular 2008 MLB season next week with three live broadcasts of the Boston-Oakland game, including one broadcast in Japanese.

The Sox will play the A's in front of a sold-out crowd at the Tokyo Dome at 6:05am ET. XM will air both the Red Sox radio broadcast and the A's broadcast - as well as a Japanese-language broadcast - on three separate channels.

For Opening Night on March 30th, the Washington Nationals will play their first game at Nationals Park, their brand-new stadium near the U.S. Capitol. The Nationals will host the Atlanta Braves starting at 8:05pm ET. XM will air the Nationals broadcast, the Braves broadcast, and the ESPN Radio broadcast of the game. MLB Home Plate (ch 175) will also be live from Nationals Park throughout the day.

The traditional Opening Day on March 31th will bring 14 baseball games to the XM lineup, starting with the New York Yankees' season opener against the Toronto Blue Jays at 1:05pm ET. This will be the last Opening Day game at Yankee Stadium - as the Yank's new stadium is expected to be completed in 2009, and will subsequently demolish the old one - and XM's MLB Home Plate channel will also be reporting live from the site.

Check out the MLB on XM schedule for more details...


Your 2008 World Series champion, the Chicago Cubs. Because it's time. Good lord, it's time.

What channel will this be on for Sirius?

Oh, that's right... the Feds are still effing around...


Mat, settle down. Even after the merger a Sirius player won't receive MLB channels. It will be quite some time before dual receivers hit the shelves and you can get both subscriptions in one place.

Mario, what to stop them ( after the merger) from combining the content and shows from both and sending it to both platforms?

Well for one TOM C. I'm sure that the broadcasting contracts are written for MLB games to be only on XM, and not through a combination of both services. I'm sure MLB would want to re-write those deals so that they can be paid both money when and if the services are merged.