XM launches XM CommanderMT

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 10:59 AM
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XM CommanderMTXM has launched the XM CommanderMT, which we first saw earlier this year at CES 2007. The seamless in-dash XM radio will work with any car stereo and will be available at retail later this month.

Manufactured by Audiovox, the CommanderMT is an all-in-one package styled to seamlessly integrate into any vehicle's dash and will work with any car stereo, regardless of make, brand, or year. The clean and sleek unit seems generally targeted at people who wish to retain their current car stereo (be it a stock or aftermarket headunit), but who also want to maintain a "stock look" in their vehicle.

The CommanderMT features a large, easy to read, four-line display and easy to use tuning knob for selecting and changing channels. The radio offers quick channel navigation with up to 30 favorite channel presets, or you can just enter and move directly to the channel you want.

The "MT" part of course refers to the portable XM Mini-Tuner, which is a removable cartridge containing the XM subscription. So with the CommanderMT, you retain the clean look on your dash, but still have the portability of a Plug-and-Play.

CommanderMT will MSRP for $179.99, and XM has a product page up here.

Check out more pics after the jump... 

XM CommanderMT

XM CommanderMT 



Say it with me now- "Competition"

It has numbers!


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