XM on the iPhone? Sorry, no.

Saturday, June 9, 2007 at 10:48 AM
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XM on the iPhone?Some hopefuls were praying that XM Radio Mobile, which provides 25 XM channels to AT&T wireless, would be an included application in the upcoming Apple iPhone. Details were shady on whether AT&T's MEdia Mall would be included which then left open the possibility of XM Radio Mobile being included. But...

It turns out that a (supposedly) leaked Sales Training Workbook reveals that MEdia Mall, MEdia Net, MobiTV and Cellular Video will not be included. So that closes the book on that one.

Hope you weren't surprised.  

Besides the fact that the iPhone is only EDGE enabled, and XM Radio Mobile requires a large amounts of bandwidth to be usable. That still leaves the door ajar for XM Radio Mobile inclusion in the next 3G enabled iPhone (which is rumored to already be in the works).




By the way XM/Sirius radio designers (Delphi et al).

This is what future SAT radios must look like to compete. Bright color displays with everything on it: channel number, channel color LOGO, artist name, album art, time, date etc.

And great software !

Like the old site better.

I have written a widget to stream xm radio, im sure its very simple to port it over to the iphone, i just got mine and i am already looking into it.


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