XM Pulls FM-Enabled Radios from Kiosks & Online Store

Friday, May 26, 2006 at 6:42 PM
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Audiovox XpressEarlier today word came in that XM has stopped selling certain radio from their kiosks and from their online store. As further investigation showed that only satellite radio receivers with an FM-Modulator were the units being pulled. On XM's Online Store, most units were listed as "Out of Stock" with the exception of the Pioneer Inno.

Then Ryan from XM Fan made the said the following:

"official word from XM is they voluntarily stopped selling the radios with the wireless FM mod at their kiosks and online store until the FCC gives them a decision. This info is from a director of retail marketing at XM.

This is their company decision regarding their own stores, and does not affect radio sales at any other stores."

No doubt this is relating to FCC probes into the FM transmitter emission levels, which even went to far as to cause Audiovox to halt shipments of the Audiovox Xpress plug-and-play receiver.

(Note: at the time of writing this, the XM Online Store appears to be down for "site maintenance" - no word as to whether this is related.)

Thanks Bud and candlebougie!

UPDATE: The reason why the Inno was not pulled is because it has the benefit of allowing firmware updates. Apparently all the latest Inno / Helix receivers are shipping with (if I remember correctly) the v1.10 firmware which disables the FM Modulator when not plugged into the car kit. I believe - and please, correct me if I'm wrong - that v1.09 still as the FM Modulator activated when on-the-go. I can only assume that this is a proactive reaction to the FCC probes.


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